Mobile Devices Safe From Pwn2Own Visitors This Time!

By Bla1ze on 22 Mar 2009 01:12 pm EDT

CanSecWest was held this weekend in Vancouver, British Columbia, for those who are unaware of what exactly CanSecWest is, it's a conference focused on modern security where the most skilled White hat hackers get together in efforts to reveal security exploits in computers and operating systems to companies and assist them with "patching" those holes.

This year, with the ever growing presence of mobile devices in the technology world saw the inclusion of iPhone , Nokia/Symbian , BlackBerry, Android and of course Windows Mobile operating systems up for testing with the winner being offered $10,000 if any of said operating systems were able to be hacked.

At the end of this years conference though it was revealed by Tipping Point that none of the devices entered into the contest were able to be hacked, which is a good thing but members also stated next year they will come more prepared to breach the security of these devices.

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Mobile Devices Safe From Pwn2Own Visitors This Time!


I agree...but, the fact that their are people out there that actually spend money (lots of it) on anti virus software etc..etc..and the top hackers of the world cant even exploit the phones is amazing, makes me wonder why are people spending money on AV for their phones then?

In this context, pwned means to overtake and seize; to rule or make something subservient to you. Master and a slave. Or you got "one up" on something.

Why didn't they just jailbreak the iPhone, then you can do whatever you want.

Also the root password for the iPhone is on the web.

Maybe I should read the link now - :\