Mobile computing in the BlackBerry 10 Bentley

BlackBerry 10 Bentley
By James Richardson on 14 May 2013 10:01 am EDT

The QNX Bentley has just taken to the stage at BlackBerry Live and the whole OS is actually running BlackBerry 10. A perfect demo of this was the car receiving a BBM video call from Vivek - clearly this doesn't work while driving!

The car software is actually built into the BlackBerry Hub on your smartphone so if the Bentley gets a software update this would show up as a notification in the BlackBerry 10 smartphone Hub - clever stuff!

We'll try to get some hands on time with the car later so keep your eyes peeled. The future for BlackBerry 10 is looking sweet.

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Mobile computing in the BlackBerry 10 Bentley


You should definitely get some hands-on time with this car. May I suggest a drive around town?

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There is no profit to make in Auto industry. RIM's vision of mobile computing is really too narrow, sitting at the bottom of a deep well and looking up and see the "wHole" sky.

The QNX's capability is way beyond cars. Think big, think about big data centers, think about putting the entire Apple new data center into a car instead of building huge buildings and burn energy; think about putting all Google search computers into one truck; think about running thousands of low energy CPUs and hundreds of peta byte data storage with ONE QNX OS. Thinking about mobile sensors beyond cars, thinking about homes. Think about a standard JVM on QNX to bring in all existing Java client and server applications. Why can you only think cars? Narrow vision. It is time for RIM to move out of the well (Waterloo). RIM needs to globalize its workforce.

And of cause the most important and the real reason of RIM's fall - Execution. Otherwise, QNX will live BB will go down.

I wouldn't say there's no money, I mean more then 11 million cars shipped with QNX last year, and the QNX kits are 150-300 each so, I'm sure they came out good.

Scrolling on the map looks laggy. Those details matter, I know BB10 can do it smoothly, the devs who worked on that app need to fix it ASAP. Makes BB look bad.

I have an idea for BlackBerry and QNX, as soon as you drive, the video disappears and you just get the sound right? And when you stop, the video re-appears, so you have to keep switching back and forth - looking at the person your talking too, and then checking the stop light. What if there was a sensor in the car that could read what colour the light was, and display it on your dash? so when the light turns green, the screen tells you that the light has turned.

Hopefully this will also be coming to the grand cherokee as an update to the 2012 model. Please please please. I love BlackBerry and OS10 with qnx has amazing potential. Built to keep you moving #Team_Blackberry

Kramberry z10

I LOVE how quickly the integration is advancing...compared to the first announcement at BlackBerry Live two or three years ago, this is absolutely amazing. The future of BB is so exciting!