Mobile Checkbook on sale for 50% off until May 31st

By Ryan Blundell on 24 May 2010 12:44 pm EDT

One of my favorite BlackBerry financial applications has to be Mobile Checkbook from Mobatech. It helps you keep a tighter grip on your finances, by allowing you to capture every transaction as they occur; regardless if it’s a withdrawal or deposit. Recurring transactions can also be managed as well. Your records can then be exported as an attachment, via email, in XLS or QIF format. It’s also the #1 Personal Accounting Application in BlackBerry App World!

Mobile Checkbook is currently on sale for 50% off, bringing the application down to its lowest price ever: $4.99. Hurry up and head over to the CrackBerry App Store, this promotion ends May 31st.

Reader comments

Mobile Checkbook on sale for 50% off until May 31st


Paid $7.99 for this in app world. This a great price! This is one of my most used apps. I got it for my girlfriend. She told me that out of all the useless apps that I've given her, this is the only 1 made sense, lol.

I know you can pretty easily extract CSV in Excel, but it's not the exactly the out of the box XLS support they had in the previous version of Mobile Checkbook.

I think I'll purchase this as my local credit union doesn't have a bank app.. this seems like it would make things quite easy.

Edit: Well I guess I was having a blonde moment as I thought this would automatically show what I have in the bank. Guess it's just a digital registry. Should have RTFM lol ah well still a smooth app guess I'll use it now instead of the guess and check method and hoping I have money in the account.

I have this app for a long time and love it. It is one of my favorite apps. Works like a charm. I belong to a credit union also and they aren't on line so this sure beats carrying around a check register and having to write everything in it.

Terrible product. It's a pain in the ass to manually input every expense on this program. It doesn't auto save your debit account names or anything for easy repeat expense tracking. It's annoying and cumbersome.

If you look at the iPod Touch/iPhone App called "Accounts", it stores all your debiting account companies, and more allowing you to easily store every expense you've made, and organize them per category to get a look at what you monthly expenses are in a chart. And the accounts you make are reusable over and over again without having to manually input the expense again. It can even repeat an expense if you have a credit card payment, and stuff like that.

This BB app is a pain in the ass. Waste of $4.99 when the Accounts app was half that with more functionality.

We appreciate everyone's excellent feedback and comments! Fabuloso - you may not have the latest version of Mobile Checkbook installed since this application does include features such as the ability to schedule recurring/repeating transaction entries. Stay tuned for several new features and enhancements that will be part of the next version of Mobile Checkbook which is due out later this year and will be available to current customers at no additional charge. If questions/comments come up in the meantime, please shoot us a note any time at support(at)mobatech(dot)com

Best app I've found to help keep my spending in check. Super simple entry, multiple account functionality. Highly recommended.