Mobile Checkbook 4.0 Now Available

By Adam Zeis on 16 Dec 2009 10:16 am EST

Mobile Checkbook

We got word today that Mobile Checkbook 4.0 is now available in BlackBerry App World. If you're not familiar with the app, it essentially is what the name implies, a mobile checkbook. With the application you can record transactions, reconcile balances and access other information. Anywhere you go, you can instantly update your checkbook so your records are always up to date. You can then export the data send it via email as an XLS or QIF file. New features include:

  • Mark Transactions as 'Cleared' and quickly view your Available Balance vs.
  • Cleared Balance
  • Schedule Recurring Transactions for any account
  • Easily 'Transfer Funds' between two Mobile Checkbook accounts
  • Enable PIN Code Protection for additional security
  • Choose from multiple currencies or add new currencies at any time

Mobile Checkbook 4.0 is available for $7.99 in BlackBerry App World.

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Reader comments

Mobile Checkbook 4.0 Now Available


Looks like some nice new features. This is my most used app. Helps me keep track of my available funds when i'm out and about. I recommend this app because it is so easy to use :)

Edit: i see it hasnt been updated on mobihand yet and thats where i purchased mine from :(

me too! heading to grab it now :)

Edit: It says my special upgrade price is 9.95 and its only 7.99 on sale right now. Whats up with that?

The upgrade price issue should be resolved now as we are currently offering a free upgrade to our existing customers. Please feel free to contact us directly at support(at)mobatech(dot)com if that issue persists (and thank you for bringing that issue to our attention)!

Mobile Checkbook 4.0 will be going live on Mobihand and in the CrackBerry App Store within 24 hours (hopefully sooner). Thanks for the posts!

I've tried JabpLite before and while it's ok, it acts like you'd expect for a free app. The Mobile Checkbook app is easier to use, which means I use it every day. The new features look great, can't wait to upgrade.

I am unable to upgrade through Blackberry App world. It shows the update and gives the option to upgrade, once clicked, it shows that it is starting, then a pop up says that "mobile checkbook is not available for download from app world". Anybody else having this issue?

This issue occurs if you are not logged into your App World / PayPal account when trying to download the update. To login to your App World account, select the 'My World' icon and then press MENU->Login. You should then be good to go!

However, when I log into My Account Page, the software does not appear on my list of purchased software. I had the same exact problem with You Got Blocked and the developer had to send me the link by email. I hope the developer will see my post here and help me resolve this.

We can definitely help you out here! Please shoot an e-mail to support(at)mobatech(dot)com and we'll be able to assist you further.

reading this post, i cant help but notice how on top of their game the developers are with problems. mobatech took all of 2 mins. to respond to the last upgrade issue!!! great job. Just might pickup this app.

Yeah I have had to email mobatech a few times to swap versions when I switched devices and they have always gotten back to me within an hour. Their support to me has always been top notch! :)

Are you guys going to try to have the new "upgrade" that will retain the transaction and balance history? I forgot to write down my balance again and upgraded. It is frustrating for someone with 5 accounts to re-setup and try to remember the last balance.

This is something that we are definitely looking into for our next release. This will likely be a remote/hosted back-up/restore as we've found that BlackBerry, unfortunately, does not handle third-party app upgrades very well natively. We appreciate the feedback and will continue to focus on this as a top priority!

Didn't even stop to think about writing down my transaction history that hasn't cleared my bank yet...everything was lost with the upgrade. Downloading was quick and painless though. I use this app obsessively, but still wish it had a few more options such as: the ability to mark which transactions have cleared your account, the ability to set up reoccuring transactions, and something that would recognize previous entry names so I dont always have to retype them. However, this is the best checkbook app that I have found!

kallyb -- Thank you for the comment/feedback -- The new version (4.0) does include some of the features that you noted (e.g. marking transactions as 'Cleared' and recurring transactions). You can also export your Transaction Lists at any time using the 'Send List' feature to keep a permanent copy stored off of your phone. If you have any questions about these features, shoot us an e-mail any time at support(at)mobatech(dot)com and we can help you out!

As mobatech said above, you can email yourself a list of the transactions on your phone for those that aren't writing down your balance before upgrading. Its a good thing I read these comments before upgrading because I definitely would have lost the history stored in my phone. But I just emailed myself the file and should be good to go. I personally love that feature because I keep a permanent copy on my home computer and use this to keep track on the go. Looking forward to upgrading and checking out the new features!

Version 4 looks better and the new functionality are great, but why can't I select the transaction date in the latest versions? I don't always enter a transaction the same day I make it!

Thanks for the positive feedback -- glad to hear that you're liking the new version! You should be able to edit the date/time by simply typing in the new date/time when the date field is highlighted. If this does not work for you for any resaon, please contact us at support(at)mobatech(dot)com and we'll help you to get this resolved!

Personal Assistant (free) is uh... free, and does more. I should have done more research before I purchased this app... that's my error. I thought it actually LOGGED INTO my accounts. No it's an old rudimentary checkbook that YOU keep track of. This should be free or taken off of appworld

Jf -- we appreciate the comment and are sorry to hear that Mobile Checkbook did not meet your needs. Unfortunately, online bank balances often do not reflect a customer's true balance (e.g. recently written check, restaurant tip that has not yet posted, etc). This often results in overdraft fees or difficulty managing which entries have not yet cleared across multiple accounts. With Mobile Checkbook, we’ve worked to make the transaction entry process as quick, easy and convenient as possible so that you always know that true available balance while on the go (without having to disclose your bank account numbers and passwords). We appreciate the comment and will continue to enhance this application based on the feedback.

Thanks for the positive feedback! To enable PIN Code Protection press MENU->PIN Code from Mobile Checkbook's Main Menu screen.

i have the new version and the send list in the app doesnt work it always says unable to send , please verify that yo have available network coverage...what gives i have coverage, and still get this error messgae when i try to send the email?????

This is likely a network setting issue and we can definitely help you get this straightened out. Please e-mail support(at)mobatech(dot).com and we'll be able to assist you further!

I had the older version of mobile checkbook on my curve 8330, i downloaded the new version just last week for my new curve 8530 and every time i enter a number it enters (2) numbers for me. For example - if I wanted to enter 42.55, it would enter 44.22. When i backup it deletes (2) numbers at a time. Any solution to this problem?

Your new 8530 actually requires a slightly different version of Mobile Checkbook 4.0 than the 8330. Please shoot us a note at support(at)mobatech(dot)com and we'll be able to get you the correct version asap!