Mobile business card app DUB revamped and renamed CircleBack

By Ryan Blundell on 18 Mar 2012 03:57 pm EDT

Going back in time, roughly 3 ½ years ago, we reviewed a virtual rolodex application called DUB. More specifically, DUB offered users a way to receive and send virtual business card through email or SMS. They also ensured that your contact list was consistently updated in case details had been changed. Dub Labs reached out to us recently to let us know that they have “been hibernating for the past couple of years and just woke up”. Rather than waking up sluggish and grumpy like I usually do, they came out swinging with a brand new name: CircleBack. The CircleBack app wraps up all of your contacts and puts them into a neat little package. What’s neat about it is that it combines your contacts from your BlackBerry Address Book, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and creates a contact card for each one of them. It fills in the missing information for you and, like DUB did, it keeps the details of your contacts current.

Features of CircleBack:

  • Automatically pull together all the contacts you have scattered across different sources
  • Provide full contact details, even if you enter just as little as a phone number or email
  • Fills in your missing and out-of-date contact info by leveraging our new SharedIQ feature, our crowd-sourcing engine
  • Lets you see directories of other employees at your Contacts' company
  • Let you see all your contacts organized by company (a BlackBerry exclusive)

It looks at though Dub Labs woke up on the right side of the bed with CircleBack. You can grab a free basic account, or check out their site for several Premium account options to choose from. Through CircleBack Premium, you can benefit from expanded records, detailed data and other features that “turn your contacts into capital”. It’s been a while since I used the original app DUB, but I can remember how it worked and how amazing CircleBack is. Whether or not you used DUB in the past, I recommend you take a look at CircleBack. You can grab the CircleBack app, for free, from BlackBerry App World. Check out the product video after the jump, but don't mind the iPhone in the shot.

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Reader comments

Mobile business card app DUB revamped and renamed CircleBack


Gist was recently purchased by RIM and it does not auto-populate business contact information or keep it up to date. It's more of a lightweight CRM tool that aggregates your contacts and appends related information to them.

BlackBerry Gist Kicks A$$!!


I would LOVE to see Gist fully integrated into BBOS / PBOS.
(I'm sure the unified contacts is PB2.0 uses this tech)

Get Gist!

And it also compiles our information and the information pertaining to our contacts and sells it to spammers/marketeers.
Be warned!!!!

Gist FINDS info for you. Like if the person has a personal webpage, twitter, likedin, whatever.

It makes your BlackBerry a BatBerry - cause only Batman would look for the info it finds for you.

The only b!t@hing I have about it is:
The initial merging cleanup is TEDIOUS
The website isn't optimized for mobile / tablet, so you have to do the cleanup at the desktop.

Agree with the website does needs a automatic merging system. Like if the contact has the same email address in all the sources, just merge it.

I just use the site to read tweets and facebook posts since those sites are blocked by the employer.

PB contacts uses that Gist system to link contacts from all the sources with a better process.

Just they would make it work with OS 7.1, so the contact pictures would populate automatically.

Just read this in AppWorld Reviews by marek777:

"Too bad they don't mention that you have to register and spam your friends to download the program and register and share all your info as well as all you contacts with them. Great idea, I just imagined it would go through my contact's emails and update all social data and locations based on number. I do not recommend this app whatsoever, worth a try if you're willing to spam you contacts though. +alot of features+functions are external. 1star for "effort"."

Thanks, but no thanks.

Gist doesn't contact your contacts.

They'll ask you how you found out about their MySpace page!


I saw the same review which has me as far from considering this app as possible. I just hope it isn't someone trying to make CircleBack look bad and the facts are wrong in his review, but its not worth the chance. Good thinking to cut/paste the review text here to hopefully warn some who might download it.

Hi Stewie6666,
I was going to post the same thing which you wrote up there.
No way i am going to use this app.

This review was ill-informed and we're working with RIM to get this review off the store. We DO NOT spam your friends/contacts. To get value out of the app, you upload your contacts and we automatically organize them for you, add missing business data to them, etc. We DO NOT send emails out to any of contacts unless YOU decide to send your profile to a contact in your list (which is an entirely manual process that you control).


Stephen, CTO

Thank you soo much, but there are already alot of services and apps who are mooching on our information and contact list. Do not want to add another to the list.

Promises from the vendor aside, I will simply NOT give all of my address book data to some third party I do not know. Even if I trust them for some reason, I have no reason to extend that blind trust to the unnamed organization that someday purchases the vendor, and then is not legally obliged to honor those promises.

That's just me though; y'all do as you please.

Thanks for the great review and to everyone who's downloaded the app! We're excited to see so many people using it and getting feedback.

Just to clarify. There's no spamming of your contacts or address book. You can upload all your contacts to CircleBack, but we don't message any of them at any time.

We take privacy extremely seriously and don't see any value in making the same mistakes Plaxo and others made in the past.

Gist does a good job at consolidating your contacts. We do that plus provide full contact details, even if you enter just as little as a phone number or email.
And we keep all your contacts up-to-date by automatically filling in your missing and out-of-date contact info.

Feel free to reach out to discuss the app and provide more feedback. Thanks for all the support!

Chris Hopkinson

This doesn't work at all on my 9900. Of my 50+ contacts I have on my phone, It did not load or find any of my contacts. The only contact it found is the one I put in manually. I think I'll be deleting this.