Mobile Checkbook 4.0: Review and Giveaway!

By Ryan Blundell on 18 Dec 2009 02:22 pm EST
Mobile Checkbook

These days, you wonder where your paycheck has gone. I'm not only talking about monthly bills, but also special purchases, such as shopping for the holidays. Has everyone finished their holiday shopping? If you answered no, I have two things to say to you; Stop talking to yourself and stop reading so you can go out and buy something. No! Wait! Maybe you should have a read, as this application may help out. In December, you can always feel the energy in the air as the masses hit the malls and shops to stock up on supplies, food and presents. Receipts pile up or stuffed in pockets. You either use online or telephone banking to check your balances. You keep buying things for yourself, rather than for others. These are just added stresses for this time of year. 

Mobile Checkbook, which was updated just recently, allows you to easily record transactions on the go, as well as perform reconciliation of your balances. I've wanted to review this application for months, but was asked to hold off until the new version was released. I had the chance to try out this version for the past couple of weeks and I can say it was well worth the wait.

About Mobile Checkbook 4.0

Mobile Checkbook 4.0 has been made possible by Mobatech, LLC. The company has also developed the previously reviewed Mobile Bartender and Datepedia. As I said before, I've actually been sitting patiently for this update before I was able to review the application. As their website states, "the wait is over…".  According to the CrackBerry App Store, the application supports BlackBerrys running OS 4.0 and up (look near the bottom of the page). The application, which is the #1 ranked personal accounting app in the BlackBerry App World, will require 556.4 KB of space.

What was incredibly impressive was the rapid response time the application possessed. The menus seemed to snap into place quite well. The UI was very well laid out and required little effort to operate. It was as though Mobile Checkbook wanted me to focus less on inputting information and more on spending all of my money. Upon opening the application, you are given four options to choose from;

Managing your savings account

Managing your checking account

Transfer funds

Manage your account tools
Mobile Checkbook
Main Menu

The application allows you to create new accounts, edit accounts or remove them. When editing, you are able to change its name, as well as the currency in use. The following currencies are supported; Dollar, Pound Sterling, Indian Rupee, Euro and Krona. As with accounts, currencies can also be added or removed.

Mobile Checkbook
add or delete currencies

Following through onto account management - By clicking on an account, you are directed to an account management page, where you can perform the following actions;

Withdrawal and Deposit

The two actions above share the same commands. The only difference is that one will give a negative result and the other, a positive one. With either action, your first step will be to enter in the transaction amount in question.  The next screen allows you to choose the transaction time, check # (if applicable), Payee and any memos. The date and time field will automatically show the current time, but can be modified if necessary. If you make an error, not to worry, you can easily move back to the previous screen. Let's move on to the other commands.
Mobile Checkbook
Account Management

Available Balance

This option kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it? Besides that, you can see what has cleared and what is pending.

Mobile Checkbook
Hmm, I can still pick up a few things...

Transaction List

This option gives you a look at transactions that you have entered, or have occurred. It will not show future dated transactions. At the top, you can find the available balance. By clicking the available balance, you will see additional information - including the amount that has cleared and the amount that is pending. On top of this, you will see the total value of your withdrawals and deposits. Below this, will be a list of transactions detailing the time/date of the transaction, value (+/-) and payee. There is an option to reconcile transactions, marking them with a green checkmark. You can also choose to hide these cleared transactions, if need be. Additionally, you can purge your history of all transactions occurring prior to a date of your choice. It will give you the good ol' feeling you get when you clean out your 2-inch thick wallet that has been stuffed with receipts.

Mobile Checkbook
Transaction List


This action gives you two options; create new recurring transactions or view/edit/delete them. The first screen allows you to swiftly modify start dates, transaction type and interval (choose from weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, quarterly and annually). The next 2 screens allow you to input a value, check, payee and a memo. 

Mobile Checkbook
Schedule recurring transactions

Send List

If your boss, or wife, asks to see how your checkbook is adding up, you can send off either a QIF or CSV file. Unfortunately, you cannot access your native address book; therefore you will have to enter email addresses manually.

Mobile Checkbook has the ability to transfer funds between your accounts as well. These fund transfers are also recorded/viewed in the previously mentioned Transaction list. The Account tools section is where you can manage accounts and currencies. For security, the application includes an option to create a 4 digit PIN, in order to ensure your financial information is for your eyes only. While scrolling through the menus, I did find a bug. Open up the Transaction list, then highlight and select a transaction. In the next screen, press the menu button and select options. The next screen allows you to modify/delete the entry or purge history. Press the menu button on this screen and the menu pop up will display Select, Back and Select again. Despite this minor flaw, the application appears otherwise spotless.

Mobile Checkbook
Transfer funds between accounts

Conclusion and Giveaway

The only thing you'll have to worry about with this application is your spending habits. Keeping track of transactions, while on the move, is amazingly easy. Mobile Checkbook will help you handle multiple transactions, accounts and currencies, all without sitting down at your computer or stepping one foot in your bank. This latest version is leaps and bounds above previous ones. Until December 31st , you can pick up Mobile Checkbook from the CrackBerry App Store for only $7.99.

Mobatech must be in the Christmas spirit, as they are offering 10 licences for giveaway to you, the users and abusers of the CrackBerry nation. To become eligible, leave a comment explaining how Mobile Checkbook would benefit you. Contest closes Sunday at Midnight.


  • Ultra smooth interface
  • Ability to manage multiple accounts
  • Effortless financial management


  • One teeny tiny bug found
  • Unable to access native address book

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Reader comments

Mobile Checkbook 4.0: Review and Giveaway!



Since before I even knew what BB I wanted. I belong to a small bank & online banking doesn't offer immediate balances. Can't tell u how many times a day I wish I knew how much $$ I had

I am definitely going to need an app like this soon, as I am the person who brings the "bread" into the house, and I have twin girls on the way. This would help out budgeting out what I need for bills, groceries, diapers, and medication and the rest!

I use my blackbery to check my credit card accounts,this would be a much needed application to use on my pearl.

Having this app would enable me to stop using memopad to keep track of my checking account. Tracking using memopad is a pain in the assets.

As a new Realtor, working on commissions during a recession can be a challenge. Desk fees, franchise fees, advertising costs, insurance, gas, etc. etc., all without a regular paycheck. A handy little app like this might just be the difference between me becoming a millionaire, or ending up on the streets homeless :D

this would totally change my wife's life. she is continually forgetting to write transactions down, which leads to the fight when i find it and point it out!

Becuase I have many transactions on the go, and money is tight. I usually keep the balances in my head, but that method results in problems. This would make balance checking much easier!

I keep track of all of my banking on my laptop in excel. I am always on the go and have to set aside time every week to sit down with all my receipts, put them in excel, and balance it online. I would love to be able to update my banking on the go! Sounds like a great app. Thanks for the contest!

I have been looking for an app like this for a long time. I always have my BlackBerry with me, but I usually leave the checkbook at home. This would be the perfect app for me.

i need this for my fiance. she overdraws atleast 4 times a month because she doesnt keep track. please. this would make a world of difference

I live, eat and breath my Curve! My memory sucks, so I rely heavily on it for things I would normally keep in my purse wallet or my Dayplanner (when I used to carry one). I use Assistant for reminders about credit card and utility payments that I need to make..this app would BE PERFECT for me to keep track of my primary bank account because the bank itself doesn't have a BB app (yet). Every since I saw this app, the first thing that came to mind was how easy it would be to log my gas station purchases because I always forget to get the reciept from the pump and end up forgetting to register it in my checkbook. I NEED THIS APP!!!

This would lighten the load of my purse:) Right now I have my checkbook and register with me always-one less thing to carry means more room for my BB to feel comfy in my purse (When its not in my pocket!)

I am always trying to keep up with my bank account. As a member of a bancorp (Sovereign Bank; if you need to verify) that does not have support for the native BB or Opera browsers, I find myself rushing to a nearby cyber cafe or friend's computer when I need to check my balances. has been useful, but the loading times and the long updating process tend to leave me forgetful.

Thanks CB and Mobatech!

never carry my checkbook with me would love to start writing stuff down but a blackberry would be even better to use

never carry my checkbook with me would love to start writing stuff down but a blackberry would be even better to use

never carry my checkbook with me would love to start writing stuff down but a blackberry would be even better to use

This is just what I was looking for in an app. I am in CA. and constantly send money to my sons in Arizona using Western Union...which is costly! With this app. I can do it all on my prescious BB. I'm crossing my fingers to win. Thanks for offering this free giveaway.

This app would allow me to stay within my means. No longer will I be paying overdraft fees. Please help me MobileCheckbook! I need to be right with the world.


Every year come tax time I spend the month of Feb/Mar going through and updating Quicken with the last years checks, deposits, withdrawls, etc., so that I can get it to the accountant and in the mail on time, and of course he always gives me dirty looks. Since I never leave home without my BB and my checkbook, and this will work with QIF files I might actually get my 10 pounds of stuff in a 5 pound bag with this program.

this is definitely an app that i can use when on the go, especially since i don't want to sit and listen thru telebanking or having my bank's webpage slowly load. would love to have this app as i know this will make my life just a little simpler.

It's the perfect christmas gift as I promised myself for the new year to cut down on expenses :) Getting it for free is also a step towards that goal :)

I have had my share of overdraft. This app would save me hundreds of dollars each year. I have all these bills to pay and this would make things so easy for me. Hope I win. :)

Mobilecheckbook is easy to use and it helps me to quickly find where my money has gone to. It gives me an inside look in my finance wherever i go and whenever i want. All because my checkbook is mobile now! It really save you (and me) money.

My wife and I are always out and about; she takes care of the checkbook while I take care of providing the funds. She's constantly asking me to look up our balances on our home computer. This app would allow me to immediately input data and show balances while we're away from the house. Seems to me it would be quite handy.

I've been researching apps that can help me make "difficult" financial decisions like buying diapers for the twins vs buying a new power tool. I cannot link to my financial institution with any app so this would definitely help me stay on top of things.

I sure hope I get this one. I don't always have my checkbook with me when I use my debit/credit card and this would help as my BB is always with me!!!

I actually have a Sheet of Excel where I manage my accounts; but, with this application it easier to manage it.

I hope I win but if I don't, I'll buy it!

Thank you! :-)

I haven't written in my real checkbook log in many, many years. I'd love a way to start tracking my money and spending better. I can't get off my crackberry, so this just might be the thing to make it happen for me.

I would love to have this app. I have the hardest time finding time to balance my checkbook. I have a mound of receipts in my checkbook register to log. I try to keep a running tally in my head, but sometimes my math gets a little off. Having this app would be such a blessing! O how I hope I win one!!!!

I drive down the street to the atm at least three times a week to check my account balances and print off transactions... this app would be great

This would be a great addition to my new blackberry. Being able to track our spending right from the BB, genius! No more excel spreadsheets and hours w/ the online banking trying to reconcile the account!

I don't carry a checkbook in my back pocket, wallet, etc. I would use it daily to track my account balances, which I often seem to forget how low it often is. :-(

This would be perfect for me. My wife can finally stop hounding me to round up all the finances... and after hours tell her where they are!

This would be great for me because I hate getting on the computer at home since I'm on one all day at work and I also keep all my receipts in my checkbook until I balance my checkbook and they get in the way and fall out all the time!!

I always seem to have difficulty in making sure I don't overdraft when I make my purchases. Trying to remember when items are cleared and if tips have been calculated is a real pain. I saw this app in the app world but I was reluctant to buy it because it did not have recurring transactions, which I always forgot about when making purchases, thus causing overdraft fees. But now that it does have recurring transactions this app is a godsend. winning this app will make me very happy this holiday season.

I have a ton of loans and medical bills to pay off and keeping track of them has been a nightmare. I'm also trying to start a business and I'm not the best with money so I really need something to keep me disciplined. Hope I get one

This application would help the wife and I finance our budget and save the most so we can buy the house that we would want. This app is def the right step to take to get your finances in check !! keeping my fingers crossed !

I usually have to keep calling the bank or looking up online to find out how much I have because I don't keep a check register. I always managed to screw it up because I always forget to write things in it especially when I grab money from the ATM. Since I keep my phone on my at all times I could immediately put the deductions in.

I would love this app. Right now I use Google Doc's as a check book register, but for that to work I have to be at a computer. I would love to be able to reconcile my expenses right from my Blackberry. I mean I do use my Blackberry for everything else now.

I have multiple accounts that I need to keep up with, and unfortunatly one of the institutions does not have or offer mobile banking which makes it impossiable to check my balance while on the go and doing other things. Having the ability to just track it all would make my life so much easier!

It would benifit me in helping me keep track of where all my money is going and help me figure out how to better save my money.

I've recently not kept up with logging my checkbook deductions on my computer. Having the capability available on my Blackberry would be a big plus.

I am always loosing my registry cause I try and take it with me and update it all the time. I never loose my phone. This would be a prime application to have.

my gf is constantly keeping her track of her checkbook on a very small notebook... this would make her life so much easier...

My Wife and I were just commenting on how we needed to keep track of our finances so we can plan our budget better, looks like this would be a perfect app for doing that and allowing me to make transfers and credit card payments online.

This sounds like the GREATEST money management app I have seen. Iconstantly forget to enter withdrawals and we (me) are stuck with overdraft fees.
Thank you for this app.

Working 2 jobs and not always being able to get to my desktop to update my checking account on Money, this would be a great app to always have current bank info. And getting it for free would be a great bonus.

I would like to give this to my wife since she does all the bills. This may make up for me buying too many themes, the great berryweather, and other apps. Or at least now she can track my crackberry spending better.

well i could sure use this :-) there are two things you can count on when it comes to me. that im either on my berry or will be very shortly. and that my account will be overdrawn at any given time any week.. if i had this app this will just be the latest installment of "what has my berry done for me lately"

but I do access my checking account. However, I am not good about keeping track of transactions. As a result, I'm frequently in trouble with my bank. I don't carry pen and paper around with me all the time, but do always have my BB. This would be a great tool for me.

I am soooo glad this is available. As a parent I am always trying to teach my kids responsibility and how to keep track of their money. It is pretty pathetic when I have to go digging for debit card receipts to balance my checking account. Please, have pity on an overworked, single mom who spends way too much time having to go online and figure out where that $12.97 went. Make me a hero to my kids (OK, that was a little lame and over the top). How about "I want them to quit laughing at me every time I have to balance my account!"

As a student I have to care about the money I spend per week/month etc. With Mobile Checkbook I can control myself and my spendings.

I hope I can finally be blessed with some good luck in these holidays and win this I could use it and I'd be happy again for a while at least

This app's exactly what I need! I've used $$ apps for pc in the past & tho helpful, many r cluttered w too many choices. I'm on a fixed income, in hosp @ least 2 x's a month, for up to 8 days @ a time, don't hav a pc but DO hav lots of bills! From hosp bed it's hard 2 budget/pay/track bills & med expenses; this app looks perfect 4 my needs! What a treat it'd be to get the app free!

Not having a solid system to keep good track of daily spending and transactions puts a little cloud over my head every time I look at my bank account and wonder where my money went. This app would give me a kick in the youknowwhat to keep better track of my finances and feel more in control over that which makes the world turn... Many thanks for the review!

I would really like to check this app out. It sure would make my wife happy to keep all our finances organized in one place. Thanks Crackberry for all the opportunities to win free software! Merry Christmas!!!

Right now Im using ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader ,because I liked the idea of taking a pic of a receipt.This app is ok ,not quite what I expected and there are some bugs which I can't quite figureout.So I'm still looking for THAT magic app to help me keep up with expenditures.I think this just mightbe the "one" from the screen shots/review.

Right now Im using ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader ,because I liked the idea of taking a pic of a receipt.This app is ok ,not quite what I expected and there are some bugs which I can't quite figureout.So I'm still looking for THAT magic app to help me keep up with expenditures.I think this just mightbe the "one" from the screen shots/review.

Been using Excel to keep track of my checking account and there's no easy way to get that sort of "access" on the BlackBerry, but this app looks to be a solution to this.

wow this a great app finally something i can use to keep track of my funds on the go..... trying to move out of the outlaws house so i need to to keep an eye out of what i dont need to buy :)

I am admittedly a careless spender and have several accounts to work with. A utility on my crackberry would be brilliant to sort out my spending habits and generally make me more organised.

I could really use this because I don't always have my checkbook with me when I use my bankcard. Then I forget to enter it into my register (guess who gets overdrawn cause of that). With this I'd be able to enter on the go cause I always have my BB with me


Pleaseee pick meee as I urgently need this kind of program!
what would be a better gift than to get this app for me =)

I'm forever forgetting to log things in my checkbook. And I'm forever using my BB while in the checkout line. So this would be perfect for me in keeping accurate track of my purchases!

I have been looking for an app that will help me keep track of my finances, because I stink at it. I know this will help me out a lot,my wife will be happy also!!!

Thanks for making this app Mobatech...

I would LOVE to get a program like this, you don't even know! I not only migrated to BB for the full qwerty and push e-mail, but for ORGANIZING. An app like this would rock my freakishly neat-organized world. Lol

But in all seriousness, consider me for winning one and you'd have a happy cracker.

This would be great. Im really bad about knowing exactly how much i have in my bank account. This can keep me back on track....pick me!!

with this app i would be able to find out why i am broke in the middle of the month itself. go Crackberry!!

As I travel frequently, I have to deal with multiple currencies... and need to track my spending. This will be awesome.

I have tried another product and had hard time keeping up with it's interface. This looks silky smooth... would love to win one.

Going to Grad school, working 50-60 hrs/wk, taking care of family and home keeps me so busy that it is difficult to make time for managing finances. This app would DEFINITELY make my life easier, especially since my BLACKBERRY Curve 8330 is ALWAYS with me. I NEED THIS APP!

Going to Grad school, working 50-60 hrs/wk, taking care of family and home keeps me so busy that it is difficult to make time for managing finances. This app would DEFINITELY make my life easier, especially since my BLACKBERRY Curve 8330 is ALWAYS with me. I NEED THIS APP!

Going to Grad school, working 50-60 hrs/wk, taking care of family and home keeps me so busy that it is difficult to make time for managing finances. This app would DEFINITELY make my life easier, especially since my BLACKBERRY Curve 8330 is ALWAYS with me. I NEED THIS APP!

This would be extremely helpful to see how much I have in my account! No more "Not Enough Funds" messages!

As a counselor/operator of a non-profit addiction center we are frequently routing funds to assist clients and their families. Most of the time it requires access and transfers at not so convenient times such as when on the road with no access to a computer thus making it difficult to see how much money is in checking or need to transfer money from savings to cover the payment of an electric bill via phone using debit card. In this case, generally write the amount down on an envelope or napkin to be entered when home. This program would be very beneficial. I would love to win a license but must say if not so fortunate to do so, will definitely buy it. Thanks for the opportunity.

I would love to win a copy! I use alot of different creditcards and my checkcard on a daily basis to make various purchases. My problem is i never have a check book with me where i can right down my expenses. I also tend to loose my recipts which make it harder to track untill the transaction shows up on my account in a few days. This would help a great deal in keeping my money in order



I would love to win a copy! I use alot of different creditcards and my checkcard on a daily basis to make various purchases. My problem is i never have a check book with me where i can right down my expenses. I also tend to loose my recipts which make it harder to track untill the transaction shows up on my account in a few days. This would help a great deal in keeping my money in order.



I get paid. I deposit my money and poof, next thing I know it's gone. I need help in understanding this mystery!


something that i can really use.

tracking my money is a really big deal for me.

this seems like a great application.

OMG, I've been waiting for an app like this for soo long. It looks sooo useful and I'm surprised on how much it can do. Please sign me up!!

It would seem that this would be the perfect app for me I seem to get overdraftd alot and this would allow me to keep better track of it!

I own Ascendo Money and it is a little complex sometimes, I have been looking at Mobile Checkbook and I like what I see so far, just paid $30 for Ascendo and was waiting before I spent more on another program, if I won it would be awesome to not to have to drop more money just to see where my money is going.....weird hugh? lol

I'm terrible at keeping track of my finances! My blackberry keeps track of every other aspect of my life, so why not my banking as well!

This would rock for me! Typical male, I just have piles of receipts I ignore til I'm overdrawn! Thanks for the giveaway!

I have been looking for an app like this everywhere and have not been able to find something I like. This app would help me out so much, as I am horrible at keeping receipts. I want to get a better handle on my finances, but it's just so hard. If I could do it all from my beloved BB, life would be easier.

I hope I win!

I sooo need this! Instead of constantly logging into my computer to check balances and transactions, I could track it on my Blackberry. Sweet!

Holy god. I need this app. I can't balance my checkbook worth a damn, because I always lose receipts or forget about ATM withdrawals. With this... I could just put 'em right in my trusty CrackBerry and continue on with my day! Awesome!

I'm a single father and someone who works all the time, to manage care for my children. Occassionally I forget to write down transactions in my checkbook. I rarely ever have my checkbook with me. However I always have my blackberry with me and would have access to all my transactions using this app! I love the write up and think that this is an awesome program from the review. It would greatly simplify my life. I would appreciate a copy of this program if you so choose to award me as one of your winners!
Thank you in advance for your consideration

I need this so I stop getting those annoying $35 overdraft fees!! It's such an effort at the end of the day to go sit at the computer to balance the account...I would LOVE to have the convienence of having it on my phone

This is an application that looks like it would fit the basic needs of money tracking perfect for me!

Having been hit with 3 overdraft fees in the last month because the darn chase bank website says i have more money then i really do, I can manually track how much I have and will be able to rely on myself...not chase!

help! =)

Our wedding date is fast approaching and as the expenses rear their ugly heads, it would be great to have a better handle on where all my money is going, as well as know when I should start exploring selling everything but my Blackberry so I can afford to give my favourite people a real good time. My current BB finance software is turning out to be a real pain to deal with due to its clumsy interface and eye-straining colour theme.

I'd love the chance to see if this software will help me keep track of my dwindling cash flow so I can try to survive the coming onslaught of fees paid and pending, dinners, and of course gifts without getting a pounding headache from straining to see what's on my screen. I hope you pick me, thanks!!!

And it would probably be more usefull than the Timberland North American expedition app I downloaded, seeing as I live in the'll also help in keeping tabs on my spending for apps.

I've also been waiting for an app like this! I think this will help me keep tabs on my accounts all the time! I always forget to record stuff, but if it's on my BlackBerry, I'll never forget because my phone is with me 24/7!!

If I don't win this, for sure I'm buying it! Great contest!

This app is coming at a great time. Merry christmas. Nothing worse than when out shopping or going to dinner and the wife says not sure how much we have left before the end of the month, lets not spend too much. This would help eliminate that worry. Thanks

I have always kept two checks in my billfold for quick use but it has always been a problem to make a note of the check info and then enter it into my checkbook before the note is lost. Mobile Checkbook would solve that problem and add so many extras!

Thanks for the opportunity to win a license.

Jerry Jacobson

This would be great for me since I am always late with my bills....I am always with my blackberry, ALWAYS!!!!. So I would always have mobile checkbook by my side....I would definetely get good positive use out of this and would keep my account from overdraft fee's...

Man I really need this one guy's, I'm horrible at managing my finances. Maybe I could finally give my wife a break and start managing it myself. Thanks

This would be perfect for me! I never carry cash on me, so im constantly abusing my checkcard, perhaps even more than my curve. And sometimes I dont really remember the next day how many transactions I had or the amount when I'm checking my account online.

If I win this giveaway I will be able to balance my checkbook and never have to try and remember what I have remaining in my checking or savings account. This is a great app for anyone to have on their phone.

I could really use an app like this! Always on the go and the other bank apps seem to take forever since you have to give them all your information every time you log on. This would be so much easier! Sounds like a great app

I have been using Money for years on my desktop. Since I have my BB with me everywhere, it would help me to keep track on all those small transactions. I tend to lose those small receipts and this would help me to record them right away. I will definately buy if I don't win. Thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas to all at Crackberry!

Working full time, going to school at night, being a parent, and a wife leaves no time to check account balances. I think this app is a must have for me. If I don't win,I will be probably be purchasing!

Recfently seperated with three kids, going from 2 incomes to one is hard enough but trying to ballance a checkbook on top of kids schedules, my work schedule and college is a bit overwhelming. And it seems I always forget to record something costing me even more when I really do not have anything to spare to begin with is hard. If it comes down to it, the small fee to buy this is much better than a 35$ check fee but even $7 at times may as well be a million!!!!!