Mobile Checkbook 4.0: Review and Giveaway!

By Ryan Blundell on 18 Dec 2009 02:22 pm EST
Mobile Checkbook

These days, you wonder where your paycheck has gone. I'm not only talking about monthly bills, but also special purchases, such as shopping for the holidays. Has everyone finished their holiday shopping? If you answered no, I have two things to say to you; Stop talking to yourself and stop reading so you can go out and buy something. No! Wait! Maybe you should have a read, as this application may help out. In December, you can always feel the energy in the air as the masses hit the malls and shops to stock up on supplies, food and presents. Receipts pile up or stuffed in pockets. You either use online or telephone banking to check your balances. You keep buying things for yourself, rather than for others. These are just added stresses for this time of year. 

Mobile Checkbook, which was updated just recently, allows you to easily record transactions on the go, as well as perform reconciliation of your balances. I've wanted to review this application for months, but was asked to hold off until the new version was released. I had the chance to try out this version for the past couple of weeks and I can say it was well worth the wait.

About Mobile Checkbook 4.0

Mobile Checkbook 4.0 has been made possible by Mobatech, LLC. The company has also developed the previously reviewed Mobile Bartender and Datepedia. As I said before, I've actually been sitting patiently for this update before I was able to review the application. As their website states, "the wait is over…".  According to the CrackBerry App Store, the application supports BlackBerrys running OS 4.0 and up (look near the bottom of the page). The application, which is the #1 ranked personal accounting app in the BlackBerry App World, will require 556.4 KB of space.

What was incredibly impressive was the rapid response time the application possessed. The menus seemed to snap into place quite well. The UI was very well laid out and required little effort to operate. It was as though Mobile Checkbook wanted me to focus less on inputting information and more on spending all of my money. Upon opening the application, you are given four options to choose from;

Managing your savings account

Managing your checking account

Transfer funds

Manage your account tools
Mobile Checkbook
Main Menu

The application allows you to create new accounts, edit accounts or remove them. When editing, you are able to change its name, as well as the currency in use. The following currencies are supported; Dollar, Pound Sterling, Indian Rupee, Euro and Krona. As with accounts, currencies can also be added or removed.

Mobile Checkbook
add or delete currencies

Following through onto account management - By clicking on an account, you are directed to an account management page, where you can perform the following actions;

Withdrawal and Deposit

The two actions above share the same commands. The only difference is that one will give a negative result and the other, a positive one. With either action, your first step will be to enter in the transaction amount in question.  The next screen allows you to choose the transaction time, check # (if applicable), Payee and any memos. The date and time field will automatically show the current time, but can be modified if necessary. If you make an error, not to worry, you can easily move back to the previous screen. Let's move on to the other commands.
Mobile Checkbook
Account Management

Available Balance

This option kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it? Besides that, you can see what has cleared and what is pending.

Mobile Checkbook
Hmm, I can still pick up a few things...

Transaction List

This option gives you a look at transactions that you have entered, or have occurred. It will not show future dated transactions. At the top, you can find the available balance. By clicking the available balance, you will see additional information - including the amount that has cleared and the amount that is pending. On top of this, you will see the total value of your withdrawals and deposits. Below this, will be a list of transactions detailing the time/date of the transaction, value (+/-) and payee. There is an option to reconcile transactions, marking them with a green checkmark. You can also choose to hide these cleared transactions, if need be. Additionally, you can purge your history of all transactions occurring prior to a date of your choice. It will give you the good ol' feeling you get when you clean out your 2-inch thick wallet that has been stuffed with receipts.

Mobile Checkbook
Transaction List


This action gives you two options; create new recurring transactions or view/edit/delete them. The first screen allows you to swiftly modify start dates, transaction type and interval (choose from weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, quarterly and annually). The next 2 screens allow you to input a value, check, payee and a memo. 

Mobile Checkbook
Schedule recurring transactions

Send List

If your boss, or wife, asks to see how your checkbook is adding up, you can send off either a QIF or CSV file. Unfortunately, you cannot access your native address book; therefore you will have to enter email addresses manually.

Mobile Checkbook has the ability to transfer funds between your accounts as well. These fund transfers are also recorded/viewed in the previously mentioned Transaction list. The Account tools section is where you can manage accounts and currencies. For security, the application includes an option to create a 4 digit PIN, in order to ensure your financial information is for your eyes only. While scrolling through the menus, I did find a bug. Open up the Transaction list, then highlight and select a transaction. In the next screen, press the menu button and select options. The next screen allows you to modify/delete the entry or purge history. Press the menu button on this screen and the menu pop up will display Select, Back and Select again. Despite this minor flaw, the application appears otherwise spotless.

Mobile Checkbook
Transfer funds between accounts

Conclusion and Giveaway

The only thing you'll have to worry about with this application is your spending habits. Keeping track of transactions, while on the move, is amazingly easy. Mobile Checkbook will help you handle multiple transactions, accounts and currencies, all without sitting down at your computer or stepping one foot in your bank. This latest version is leaps and bounds above previous ones. Until December 31st , you can pick up Mobile Checkbook from the CrackBerry App Store for only $7.99.

Mobatech must be in the Christmas spirit, as they are offering 10 licences for giveaway to you, the users and abusers of the CrackBerry nation. To become eligible, leave a comment explaining how Mobile Checkbook would benefit you. Contest closes Sunday at Midnight.


  • Ultra smooth interface
  • Ability to manage multiple accounts
  • Effortless financial management


  • One teeny tiny bug found
  • Unable to access native address book

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Reader comments

Mobile Checkbook 4.0: Review and Giveaway!



I've been looking for a "Money" type applications to keep my finances at my finger tips. This looks like it would work perfectly.

I could use my banks website, but with the security I've got to go through about 5 pages to just get logged in.

If I had this software on my BB, I would never forget to write down a transaction - since I ALWAYS have my BB with me every where I shop!!

This application seems amazing and this is just what I need, I can never seem to keep up with my account balances. It always seems to be some sort of discrepancy.

I am constantly running to my laptop to check my balance on my checking account. Being able to keep up with that on my bb would be awesome!!

The mobile checkbook app looks like a neat addition to my wife's blackberry!

I'm sure this will benefit our marriage.

Given I'm a student, taking fine control of my finances (if it can classify as any...) is one of my top priorities besides grades and beer. Also, given my mobility - if I'm not at a lab bench, I'm running around somewhere - the access that Mobile Checkbook would give me for managing my finances on the run would take a load of my shoulders allowing other priorities to creep up. Like where my next $1 beer is coming from.

I do online banking - but my Tour's browser doesn't access/depict the bank's website very well. This would be a HUGE help to me. PLEASE give me a license!!

- - jnn

This is easily my most used (purchased) app. No more carrying around a bulky checkbook. It's well worth the $7.99 price tag!


Great App and I hope I win a copy! Kudos to Crackberry dot come and to Mobatech, LLC for the chance to win a copy of this great app that will help me keep my business fianances together!

I have a terrible habit of constantly overdrawing my account. Having something on my BBerry, which is always attached to my hip, would greatly improve my chances of not giving the bank any more of my money! I also have to track expenses for my freelance work, and I have to keep it separate from my personal expenses. I would LOVE to use this.

Looks like a great app. I certainly hope I can win a copy. Either my wife or myself would make good use of it. Most likely my wife will be using it more than I will.

As a single dad, I'm not only juggling my accounts, checking saving, 401k, etc, I'm juggling the savings accounts for three others.

Holy hell, that would help me immensely. Too many log-ins and passwords to keep up anymore.

This is definitely a better apps than a linked to mobile banking site, since it can record your purchase and track your spending habit. Another notch would be tracking the category so you can see the portion of your spending habit. Definitely would love to win one.

This is a great app that help me to keep track for my daily transactions, is amazingly easy. Mobile Checkbook just a simple & nice. I'm lovin it. Please gv me a free copie. Thank crackberry, I love u too. :D

This app would benefit me in that I would not have to stuff receipts in my wallet (pending entry into Quicken) until the wallet cannot fit in my back pocket any longer, or I am overdrawn, whichever comes first (overdrawn, of course, I don't have that much money or I'd pay for this app myself). Ha!

As a law student living on my own and out of state, it is paramount for me to keep a keen eye on my finances. Having a mobile checkbook will just that, letting me access all I need right at my fingertips. Not only will mobile checkbook be convenient in helping me manage my limited means while IN law school, but will also help me well beyond law school, paying back loans and managing life in general with new sources of income (hopefully! Haha!).

I started dating a girl and I find myself constantly logging into my online bank account and then accessing my phone's calculator, trying to make sure I have enough money for that day's date.

My spouse has a huge spening problem and to help her understand her issues this app would be of greatful help!

I have been looking for an app like this to manage the family budget. This app would allow me to keep track of all those transactions right at my finger tips. Please pick me to help make my life

I am a checkbook balancing junkie, I balance my checkbook at work, in the car and at home. I would love to be able to do it on my Blackberry!

There is the story of a preacher who got up one Sunday and announced to his congregation: "I have good news and bad news. The good news is, we have enough money to pay for our new building program. The bad news is, it's still out there in your pockets."

ya so anyway, a check book would really help.

This would really help so that I wouldn't have to drag the kids kicking and screaming to the bank bribing them to be quiet with a sucker after waiting in the 30 minute or more long line. A true holiday blessing to any mother with children~

This would come in handy. Being on the road all the time and not having the time to check my online bank is a pain. With this app, I will be able to keep track of what I spend and have open to use.

I often find myself recording my expenses in memopad (poor man's "mobile checkbook". THis would be exactly what I would need to keep my finances in check.

Thanks Crackberry!

I'm a working college student and I carry my BB and my Visa everywhere I go. This would make things so much easier if I could just keep track of my balance on my BB without having to consult my online banking or keeping an old fashioned ledger!

I have been using JabpLite and the ability to not easily transfer this to a Quicken or whatever, is killing. Plus the interface looks like it is from the 80s. I travel a bunch and an application like this is just what I need to keep track of accounts and expenditures.

I guess you get what you pay for with apps.

I'm an ex-college student working at a law firm until I depart for the US Navy. I have some good debt and a good job to help me clear it. I am in the process of paying off student loans and have an issue with keeping track of what my financial plans are. One minute I'll be planning to buy this or that and put this away until I get the other half, but if I don't remind myself of the importance of whatever it is I'm storing extra funds for, I'll easily forget. I am trying to manage my financial well being, the best way that I can but I have struggles. I recently started saving money(pay yourself before you pay others) and it is beginning to look bright but, I still have those bad thoughts of, "oh...that looks nice..." or "I could use another one of those..." and at the end of the day, I don't need much of anything. I make money, save money and spend money. I am always on the go(I commute 2 hours, to and from work, daily) and I currently use my memo pad to track receipts and budgets but I often forget to check that for what's important. My main bills are: Cell phone(about $70.00/month), 2 CC's (about $400.00/month), Current loan payments($200.00/month)...add rent food and travel(commuter) expenses. I often forget what I bought 1 week ago, or how much money I still have, forgetting about automatic payments and scheduled deadlines. I just need something to compliment a busy lifestyle that I can easily access without much effort or hassle. I believe this application would suit me very well in helping me achieve my financial goals.

Thank You

No more recording my expenses on excel sheet or paper, if I can win a copy!
Thank @crackberry for this giveaway!

I currently use the eCheckRegister and it does what I need it to do, but I think development on that one has stopped. It has a few minor issues with OS 5.0 on my storm. I want to check out the this one, but I don't want to have to pay for it first. It needs a free trial! But I can't not live without my check register on my BB. I have used a paper once since I moved everything to it.

for this app since I can never account for all my spending and I get into it with my wife everytime. Please LORD let me win.

I've been interested in this app, since I don't have access to my laptop as often as I before. Would love to be able to keep up with this info while on the move...

I have been looking for an app like this for a long time... my reasoning behind wanting this so badly is the fact thatmy wife typically handles all of our finances... and i am left wondering where the hell all my money went. And with this application there is no way that I wont be able to know every aspect of our baking information. I think she really likes me not knowing and being in total control of our money...and i dont mind her doing all that stuff, but i just want to know where my money is going!!!

please please please you have no idea how greatful I would be to recieve a copy of this application!

p.s. if i knew where my money was going i would just as easily pay for this myself! lol

the app looks much smother than anything i have seen or tried and i would love to have a mobile checkbook i hate carrying a checkbook around and this would just be fantastic

Please oh please oh please let me win this. I really need this kind of app. Thx for giving us all a chance to get this app for free.

I recently bought this app at the discounted price, and I must say it sure beats carrying around a checkbook I never use...What made me doubt it at first was the price, but since it was half off, I decided to go for the plunge. However, I also think my wife would benefit from this app, as we are newly weds and are still figuring out how to work with our combined income. and free for an app is a ridiculously good price to pay for this great app!

to me since I always keep my check register up to date daily and to have this app would really make it easier and convenient to do so esp on the go.

This app would so help me balance my accounts more effectively and hopefully eliminate overdrafts of which I get at least 4 a month. Dang!

This would help me keep track of my wifes uncontrollable need to wipe out my checking acct each week. Plus it would eliminate the need to carry around a checkbook. OHHH PLEASE PLEASE Pick me... Please!

im in need of a goo app that has to do with money management, i cant keep adding and subtracting in my head......

I think having the ability to track finances on the go is a great option. You can enter things as you purchase and make deposits.

I used to do this with my Dell Axim all the time. When I got my 8830, it is one of the apps I really wanted to put on there, but the low memory space made it a lower priority. Now that I am on a Tour, I need to get back in the habit of tracking finances while on the go again!

I haven't used a checkbook in year(I haven't written a check in just as long), and my finances have been a mess since. This may just help a whole bunch. I hope I win!

I actually would give this as a gift to my wife if I won. It would help her keep track of the little things she spends on and give me a lil sanity lol.

I purchased this product yesterday and it looks great. Has an issue running on 5.0 OS on my Curve 8330 but they are working on a solution for me. Great customer service.

Will be nice to have all my information at my fingertips .

I could really use this app because my fiancee seems to enjoy paying over draft charges to our bank. It would be very helpful in preventing that from happening.

Defenetly great app to keep track of my purchases while on the move. Also great to catch those banks trying to takee money away from you. count me in for one copy ;)

I am constantly juggling our family finances and would find this app incredibly helpful. Thanks for the contest!

I have been wanting this app since the moment I first saw it on App World. Unfortunately, I am a very poor student and the app is too expensive for me to afford on my little wages. Please Crackberry and Mobile Checkbook, make my Christmas wish come true!

Ah the pessimist in me is calling out! But then again if you don't ask you don't get (the chance at least). So here I am on my knees hoping that i get picked to win!

It definitely does beat hogging all those receipts with you. Enter the info as the debit or credit is happening and you're always aware of the balances!

Good review by the way, looking forward to using it if i win!)

I'd love this app since my wife never puts the checkbook back where I need it on bill pay day. I would use this for my reference when doing the budget.

Now, this is something that I could see myself using on a regular basis. I am pretty strapped for cash, and I believe this could help with budgeting.

I have looked for this type of app for a long time. Seeing that the world rarely carries only cash on them for the expensive items we purchase these days, we all use debit or credit cards...right? This would help me carry a "bank book" in my phone. I can debit my account easily and so i can manage my savings better then being without something like now!


I would love to have this app. Since we are a two debit card family...having this would allow my wife (Tour) and me (Storm 2) to be aware of each others purchases without a lot of drama. I hope I win.

I am always out and about and don't always have my laptop handy. I use MSMoney Plus and keep track of everything on there. If I had Mobile Checkbook I would be able to tell my wife exactly what she can spend without having to start up my laptop. And her not getting angry with me for having to wait while dragging 3 kids along would be priceless.

This would just make things so much easier for me during my day-to-day spending.

Hook me up please... and thank you

This app would definitely benefit me. It was not long ago I did my banking online until I had someone access my account taking out large amounts of money each day. Since that time I have been afraid to do my banking online, now I do my banking by phone. This app would save me a lot of time and trouble. I have been looking for something that would help me with tracking my banking.

OMG. I SOOOOO need this app. I'm ridiculously tired of paying my bank $34 every time my account dips one cent below the balance. This is the best way to make sure that the bank doesn't get anymore of my money than they are supposed to.

so far i have tired free apps like jabpLite and proexpense go, but i would love to try this app out. i have to manage 2 bank accounts and 6 credit cards for me and my wife, this app looks like its just wut i need =) Here is a lil peom to describe how much i need this:

please pick meee,
since im in need,
of a Mobile checkbook
for free


I would like to use this,i need an app that tracks my transactions ,withdrawals, and deposits since I rarely use a computer and I go to the bank a lot and this says you won't have to step a foot in the bank lol. I also had a problem with a company trying to charge me extra and I didn't know cause I didn't have an online account to check my info at that time....I hope I win !!!!

This would be so helpful for the amount of traveling, and keeping track of my different accounts (band money, personal money, credit cards, etc) while out and about. Plus you can do QIF files so i would be able to go back and forth between the computer. Total score!

Appears to be a very useful app indeed. This would help me so much as I buy everything on my debit card and always loss receipts or forget to add them to my book. As controller of the finances in my house, my wife is always asking me how much money we have here, there. It would be great to open an app and just show her. hehe. Hope I win.

This application is just what I need. I'm 22 years old and I need something like this to help me keep my finances straight. I have only one credit card to my name and have just started building my credit. I have a great paying job and need some "assistance" keeping things together. I just started paying back my student loans and since that's a big thing for me this app would help me realize where my money is going to benefit me the most.

Thank you for the chance. : )

One of my most SERIOUS New Year's Resolutions is to FINALLY get control over my finances and I've searched for a decent Blackberry App that would allow me to use my constant companion to record transactions...this one looks to be the BEST! It would be PERFECT for helping me to keep the one resolution I CAN'T afford (pardon the pun) to break!

I have the previous version of this app, and it rocks. But the new functions, especially the transfer thingy would really help me because I transfer a lot and forget to enter it. I have tried other checkbook apps, and they do not compare to this app!

Having this app would allow me to transfer/check balances when I have it on my mind. So many times I forget to do this because I didn't have internet access at the time. I almost always have my BB when I'm not around a PC.

I would really like to have this application because I currently use the memo pad on my Blackberry to keep track of my account balances, which is kind of a pain. I add my latest deposits/withdrawls to the "Ledger" memo and have to remember the current balance while I close out the memo pad and then head to the calculator so I can figure out my latest balance. I would love the app to have the ability to add and subtract in the app itself As a Coast Guard family, winning this would really great as saving any little amount of money is a big help.

This would be an absoulty awesome addition to some of the other organization apps I have. I need all the help I can get right now. I'm currently trying my best to save for a down payment for my very first home all by myself And I know this app would be worth its weight in gold.
So here's to good luck and hopefully helping me organize and keep track of my funds better.

I recently came back to the BB world after having fun with a iPhone but it isn't business friendly so when I did I lost a good checkbook application and this one fits the bill. Well needless to say after many charges I REALLY wish I had this! Lol Hopefully I can win

This sure beats having to sign onto online banking while I'm at the store and it definitly beats the post it note my girlfriend uses to keep track of her account...

How great would it be to have an easy to use checkbook app?!? I could always tell my wife how much money she has of mine to spend. She would be very happy!

That's easy! The amount in overdrafts I paid should be screaming at me, buy this damn thing already. But the cheap side of me is screamin, "No, wait they're givin some away!!"

spending way too much money and not keeping track of specific amounts so there are times when i get extremely close to my limits

Trying to find the best way to manage my money and a BB app seems the most logical since it's always with me. Already bought Role Call tasks for To-Do / Task lists but for financial accounts it's limited other than reminding me to pay bills.

So a freebie copy of this checkbook app might just be what I'm looking for!

I could really use this (as could most of us nowadays). It looks like a wonderful little program. :)

I use online banking plus I balance my checkbook by hand every other day. This tool will be great if I can get rid of the old way of manually writing down transactions :-)

I would love to have this app. No more writing things in my note pad on my bb. This would be perfect! Since I always have my bb, this makes so much cents!-HA

I'm currently using Money for Blackberry which I love but wouldn't mind trying something new to compare.

My wife is constantly working on reconciling her check register against receipts and our banks website... I on the other hand do not, I hope and pray that winning an app like this would help me pick up better spending habits and relieve the stress i put on my wife by "Not doing my check register".

God I hope I win... It would be a Christmas miracle.

I am always forgetting to write checks down or balance the account out. As much as I am addicted to my BB maybe I will have better luck keeping it up to date with such a fabulous app.

As a small business owner I could use this app to the full extent. I am not always near a computer to check balances and this is just what I need to stay organized. I currently have about six accounts to manage and what a better way than from my BB which is always in my hand. The more I read about this the more I am convinced this app is for me!

Thanks for the consideration and write up on this app. I currently have the Bold 9000 and this would be perfect for myself. Two Kids, Two Jobs and a Wife who really wants me to keep track of expenses more efficiently. I would benifit from this app in many, many ways.
Thank you CB!!

How nice would this be? I have not balanced my checkbook in months!Now it would just take to damnned long to sit down and log a thousand checks.Having this app would be a game changer for me.

I have been wanting an app like this since I bought my Blackberry very first Blackberry ever. I currently use PocketMoney on my 7 year old HP handheld...and if it wasn't for me still having PocketMoney on there...I would have tossed that piece of junk years ago...please, please, please, give me this app so I can finally toss that digital BRICK that HP once called a top of the line handheld.

I could use some help keeping track of my money, because I'm otherwise hopeless. This app would probably work very well for me.


I really hope I win this!

I need financial help, and by using this app, I can stop getting NSF fees and skipping payments on things because I am so overdrawn with those pesky NSF fees.

This app is so user friendly and easier than writing stuff down.

Top notch app for a low notch guy.


Please, please, please. This could help me stop having checkcard receipts everywhere & from worrying about being overdrawn.

Thanks for the great contests.

My husband and I are terrible money managers. This seems like the right kind of program to help keep us on top of things. With a new baby, we need every little bit of help we can get.

Let US win!!!!


WOW this is a cool app. I have been looking for one for a while. I keep on over drawing my account and I'm sick of paying fees.

I'm always looking for something to use to keep track of money. I tried some things while trying out the iPhone (I know, sacrilege) but haven't found one that worked. I haven't really looked too hard on the Blackberry to find one that would work for me, but this looks pretty good. Hopefully I win!


I need to keep track of my spending. The little receipts don't work for me. I need everything in my life to be inside my BlackBerry.

Thank you!


This would be a great benefit for me going forward in the new year as I am moving out for the first time in my life and plan to rely heavily on a budget and on my blackberry :)

Throughout my time as a student, I have been unwilling to keep a checkbook. I have found it sufficient to merely keep a running balance of my checking account in my head. I have screwed up on occasion, but no more than a lot of people who keep check books do.

However, as I just graduated college and am preparing to enter the medical field as a nurse I am coming to realize this will no longer be feasible. The number of accounts, bills, transactions, etc is becoming to great to keep track of strictly in my head. I have tried, but cannot get used to carrying around a ledger of any sort. My phone, however, is always there and would offer an excellent solution with this software.

Having my checking and savings balances to look at(and a way to watch them be depleted when I buy things) while shopping may deter me from spending as much. That would be a great help.

Out of all the app contests I've done I hope this is the one I win this year! I am an organizing freak & this would be the PERFECT app to keep me even MORE organized~ Thank you in advance!

life as a college student has many challeneges. getting to class ontime, remembering assignments and randomly scheduled tests, and getting good grades are just a few. for all of these there is an app on my phone already. either a calender or a reminder or a gpa calculator.

the only thing missing is a way for me to watch my spending. i have to pay for bills, food, books, and because of my limited funds i dont have much spending money since my monthly budget is 200 dollars.

having this app would allow me to check at anytime if i've got a few spare bucks to be able to join my friends in a trip to the bowling ally, or a night at the movies. compare that to how i do things now, which is basically guess work because it seems that i never have a computer around when i'm with my friends trying to decide if i can afford a fun activity for that current month or not.

this app would be a life saver, letting me watch my spending all the time, and allowing me to have some fun every once in a while too.

Have been waiting for intuit to put something out but doesn't look like its going to happen anytime soon. Hope to win this to finally use BB for tracking expenses.

Family of four here. My wife and I both have full time careers and our two children are very active in sports. This translates into not having enough time to do some things. Balancing the checkbook is one of them. We tend to save up our reciepts and then log them into our register when we have time. This does not work. These days we tend to use our debit card because its handy and you don't have to carry your checkbook everywhere you go. One thing that we do carry and use everyday is our BlackBerrys. It would be so nice and helpful to just get in the car, take a deep breath and then log in our reciept on the BlackBerry. WOW! I have never won anything, but I hope this is one thing I do win. I would be a huge benefit to my family. Thanks and great work. Ray S.

I have always had a problem balancing my checkbook, this would resolve ALL my problems. I never forget my Blackberry and this app would be right at my fingers whenever I make a purchase making it so much easier to input the new charge and adjust the balance.


Oh how I could use Mobile Checkbook!!! I work 3 jobs, and I get paid at all different times throughout the month. Two are by direct deposit, so it would be really nice to be able to check my account balances on days I'm supposed to be paid to make sure the money was deposited correctly. Working so many jobs, and having two children, makes it difficult for me to get time on the computer. (It has really cut into my CrackBerry surfing time!!!) The less time I spend on the computer balancing my checkbook means more time I get to play with my kids.

Crackberry, please pick me to win this totally awesome app!!! It would really help me out!!!

I have always been one of those people that's a little "lax" on balancing the checkbook. I don't feel the need to carry the whole checkbook (or even just the register) with me because I always use my bankcards for everything. I would always call to check the available balance on my account, but have found myself in trouble more than once because a particular transaction (such as a gas purchase)doesn't clear right away. Blah. Since I ALWAYS have my BlackBerry with me, I've tried a few different "mobile checkbooks" but have found them hard to navigate at times, and just too much of a hassle. Since the update, I've been dying to try MobileCheckbook. I just didn't want to purchase another program I wasn't sure about. But, after reading the review I think this is one I might have to try. Out of all the contests I've entered (and never won), this one would probably be the most useful of the bunch. Here's to hoping!

I am using a BB on a prepaid account (just testing the BB waters :) ) so i don't have access to data plans and such. I would like to be able to track my expenses and balances in an offline manner so that i can swipe responsibly. $36 for overdraft fee and then the company you sent a the check to also charges a fee (sometimes $25) for a bad check! Gets expensive quite fast!

The app looks great but has features that would help a ton such as reoccuring bills (rent and car payments and such)! I sometimes forget the date and think i have more than i do.

As an officer of a multi-national corporation, spending lengthy spells in many different territories it becomes quite difficult to effectively manage your money/investments in these various countries and currencies.

The cross currency capabilities as well as the seemingly ease of use makes this the perfect money application for my extremely hectic life.

It would be greatly appreciated if I could win this one.

Thanks in advance.

The Bold One.

This is what i'm looking for! I wasn't happy with any financial apps I've seen yet, really want to give this one a try. Starting a business myself and always on the road, this will keep me updated on my own financial status as well as the business income and expenses!
I'll be telling all my business partners to get this since it's so crucial to be alert and detailed on everything related to money!

I am constantly overdrafting and trying to stay on top of my bank accounts. The mobile web site I use is not very good and they do not have an app yet for blackberry. This would make my banking life so much easier!!

My wife knows I wont keep up on anything unless it's in my blackberry... I would now know what I have for money and not have to go online and do a check up!! Please help this poor soul out of the bounced check list

Sounds like the answer to my problem. I use my debit card all the time and need to do a MUCH better job of keeping track of what I spend. Mobile Checkbook 4.0 should do the trick nicely!!

I use both a credit card and a debit card, and have virtually stopped using my credit card because of my spending habits. Being able to track my usage after each transaction I made with my debit card would help reduce my spending. I have used other Blackberry apps to track my spending, but am lacking the resources to buy another app without worrying about the balance in my checking account. Please allow me to have a copy of this program..

I'm a student who has a limited amount of money that I can spend each month, and I'm constantly writing payments down and keeping receipts so I know how much I've spent on certain things. This would benefit me greatly! It looks like an awesome little program!

I would love to have this app. Given the current economic environment, and being 100% commissioned, I definitely need an app like this to help my day to day finances. Please choose me. I really, really need this! Thank you

anything that gets rid of the mess of receipts on my desk sounds like a winner to me. Please let me win.

Given that I'm out of the house 12 hours a day, I need a mobile app for my BlackBerry Tour to help me keep track of my personal expenses. After having been laid off 4 out of the 5 last years, this would help out with the debt I incurred and am paying off.

I have a clunky, checkbook program on my PC that is slightly better than me creating an excel spreadsheet. How awesome it would be to have an app like this on the device that is with me nearly 24/7! (You got to take a shower now and then, right?) Anyway, thanks so much for the chance to win a copy!

Been using laptop with out-dated Money application that is no longer supported. I've been good this year, Santa - please!?!?

I own a business where I am sometimes completing several jobs in a day, thus, banking often and moving money between accounts constantly. This would sure make it easy for me to keep my accounts organized without having to be at home on my banks website so I wouldn't have to miss any time at work.

Best Checkbook app.

I had Ascendo and had problems after upgrading my OS.
They don't answer my emails and the program always fks up.

I gave up and bought this ( a lot cheaper) and never looked back.
Great product and service!

this app would benefit me because i am horrible with money and i think this app looks to be the fix to it because i can't keep my hands off of my blackberry.

for me... no more overdrafts because I know right then that I am out of money. No more $7.01 portabella and swiss burger value meals turning into a $36.01 meal because of an overdraft! I need this program!

I've been needing an app like this to go along with my Quicken software, be awesome to have in on my Blackberry to.

My wife primarily does all the finances and gets soooo mad at me because I am horrible at putting things in the checkbook. The problem is I don't carry it everywhere with me and by the time I get home, I forget. With mobile checkbook, I could in essence always have my checkbook with me without the extra bulk. This would make it easier for me, allowing me to put transactions in it "on the go" and will make my wife happy!

hook me up Mobatech and save my marriage in the process!!!!

hai guys i would love this app!!.. its a definite need on my list i always tend to rely on my banks txting me my account info which to me is is never the correct information which has lead to me some dreadful overdrafts this season. bleh =*( and with this app it would be so easy to handle my accounts and transactions!!!

I have heard about this app before and after reading this review I am very interested in it. I would love to try this out!

This sounds and looks like a really great app. I'm a stickler for money management, as such, I would love a free copy!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

I have tried a free checkbook app, and just didn't work good, this mobile checkbook app looks like it will get the job done, and It would be nice to win

Since my BB is always with me this app would make it easier to keep my accounts balanced by making it easier to log check card usage.

As I began reading the above review for Mobile Checkbook 4.0, I nearly navigated away from the review to buy the application immediately. I am a relatively new Blackberry user who recently upgraded from what my university aged "kids" called a "stone tablet cell phone." My hope was (and still is) that a BB would change my life--magically transforming me from a frazzled working mom who has to juggle work, an absent minded professor husband and two kids who always seem to need money and/or the car. While this app won't help me with the car requests, it will help me juggle our family's finances.

We have a multitude of accounts, two to track my and my husbands work expenses and reibursements, two for the household and one for the kids' educational expenses. Having six accounts doesn't mean we have lots of money. Having our money split among six accounts means I spend a lot of time transferring money between accounts and reconciling accounts to track incoming funds and outgoing expenses. My husband and my kids regularly call me with requests to transfer money, find out how much money is in a given account, or to let me know they've spent money or written a check. My current process is to open my BB mobile browswer, log on to banking web sites, scroll through long transaction lists, and try to juggle all the numbers in my head to respond to their requests.

Mobile Checkbook 4.0 would allow me to manage my family's financial information on the go with great ease and accuracy. Since my husband is an ecologist, my ability to respond to his requests quickly is vital. I've received calls from him requesting funds transfers from as far away as Hunduras, Dubai, Europe and other far off lands around the globe.

Based on this excellent review, Mobile Checkbook 4.0 is one of those apps which truly has the power to transform my life chaos to organization. Who knows...maybe the app can even persuade my husband to become a BB user, or at least see how easy it can be to manage his own finances, IF he has the RIGHT tools.

I travel outside the country frequently and could really use an application like this. I never write checks anymore so keeping track of debit card transactions is a challenge sometimes. I have been searching for something exactly like this. Good job.

•Ability to manage multiple accounts
•Effortless financial management

The above says it all.

I run the local D.A.R.E. Program and a copy of this program would help me keep track of our accounts.

Finally an app that I will truly use and need. For years I have been unorganized in almost everything. By just having the Blackberry I'm on my way to organized bliss. This app is what I have been missing. Everything in the palm of my hand. Thanks for coming up with the idea.


I wouldn't have to wait until I got home to try and remember to update my mobile banking software on my mac.