The Mobi Products Soft Shell Case keeps your BlackBerry Z10 safe on the go

By Adam Zeis on 22 Mar 2013 12:39 pm EDT

When I look for a new case for my device, I try to find something that is functional and also offers a good amount of protection -- I don't care so much about looks as I do about not ending up with a broken device. The Mobi Products Soft Shell Case is currently my favorite BlackBerry Z10 case that fills all of my needs. Made up of durable TPU, the Mobi Products Soft Shell covers the Z10 from head to toe and promises to keep it safe from any small drops (and maybe even a few big ones). Keep reading to see why it's my current favorite. 

The Mobi Products Soft Shell Case is nothing too fancy - it's a bit more than a simple skin case however as the material is more durable than others like it. It fits around the entire device, covering the back, sides and corners. There is a small lip on the front of the device so laying it face down won't lead to any scuffs on the screen. 

It has openings for the side ports and headphone jack while the buttons are covered but still easily accessible. I had no issues using the volume or lock buttons with this case on.  It covers nearly all of the device (aside from the screen) so you get some really good protection from this case without having to go crazy. 

The Mobi Products Soft Shell Case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and not just straight up silicone - so unlike other skin cases, this one won't collect dust and stick in your pocket when you try to pull it out. It's a bit glossy but still has a good feel to it and doesn't add very much bulk to the Z10. I have no problem tossing my phone around when it's in this case - it's totally solid and there is no fear of it popping off.

If you think the Mobi Products Soft Shell Case for the BlackBerry Z10 may be the case for you, head over to ShopCrackBerry now and pick on up in the color of your choice.

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The Mobi Products Soft Shell Case keeps your BlackBerry Z10 safe on the go


nope, i have the Z10 and the leather case, and like what rasmadrak said, it is very snug naked, and can't fit any case on it

What about a case that's made for one of those androids that's slightly larger than the Z10? I know it won't put the phone to "sleep", but it'll at least be a holster that will work for the Z10 with a case on it.

Just a thought....

Nice review and nice case. Bought one myself. I would love to put a CrackBerry sticker on the back but I don't know how to get one. I even asked in a thread of its own and didn't get an answer. Can we buy them. I was hoping to get one or two in my order but alas no........

Not available in Canada. *Sarcastic tone* Thanks CB, now I know about this skin, and I will make sure to go to another retailer to buy it... thanks for the tip.

Posted via CB10

I got the same case along with a pack of three screen protectors an assortment of chargers and a leather pouch for like $15 on ebay

Posted via CB10

Thanks Adam! Just ordered mine from CB. Another reason I save my CB coupon codes. Never know when you'll need 'em....
One side benefit that you didn't mention. If your phone has the extra craptaculer Verizon logo on the back, this helps get rid of it. Although, a clear window over the BB logo would have been really nice. (Mobi -I would have gladly paid a little more for this feature. Something you may want to consider.)