Mobholic Tracks Your BlackBerry Usage; Allows For Posting To Compete With Others

By Bla1ze on 14 Apr 2010 01:25 pm EDT
Mobholic Tracks Your BlackBerry Usage; Allows For Posting To Compete With Others

We've always been fans of the I Love BlackBerry app around here. That application allows you to track your BlackBerry usage so that you can decide if you really are a BlackBerry addict or not. Sadly, that application hasn't been updated in a while and although it still works, Mobholic has moved in offering a similar like system with a few improvements added into the mix.

Mobholic is available via BlackBerry App World for $2.99 and while the app may not sound as promising due to the fact it requires payment, it certainly offers something else which makes it worth the $2.99 you'll be paying. Mobholic will track your usage statistics and actually upload them to their website. This allows you to compete with others in different countries as well as compete with fellow BlackBerry users you may know.

Pretty cool, as you can tell from the above pic I have a lot of catching up to do but, I invite you all to follow along and at the same time compete against each other. Let's see who out there is among the hardcore BlackBerry users here at CrackBerry. It'll be fun, if you download the app drop your name in the comments so we can follow along together. Mine is of course, Bla1ze and it'll be listed under the Canadian users.

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Mobholic Tracks Your BlackBerry Usage; Allows For Posting To Compete With Others


I normally wouldn't even give this App a second look because its not free, and not something that I HAVE to have. But, since I want to school Bla1ze on Blackberry usage, I will have to grab it this week. Aren't you right around 8-9 hours Bla1ze? seems that is what I remember hearing on the podcasts. I am consistently over 12 hours a day :-) and burn through 3-4 Curve 8530 batteries on an average day.

Its a great idea and with an update can be a great application but the fact that your minutes reset everytime you exit (not close, but hit the exit button in the menu) and on phone restarts makes it very much in the early stage. With a little more work itl be there. Great idea, good stuff.

This have any type of backup feature?

I played with the I love blackberry app and it is kinda useless if your like me and your constantly putting new OS on your device.

If it were free I would play with it, But again I (and most any true BlackBerry addict) rarely go a week without installing a new OS.

i have been using the iloveblackberry app for a little while now... run s great but i agree it should be able to keep the info on a new os install when it does the backup.

well my country is not on the list for pay programs on black berry application, even thought I had verified paypal account
this application should sell it via mobihand or other service if they want more user from every country.

and I want to pay for this why? These pay apps are getting ridiculous. They are either things that should be in the OS (berrybuzz) or something that should be free. This is more reason to jump ship to a different platform.

@lonestar1135 : hello, actually by pressing the normal "exit" button the button doesn't exit at all, it just minimizes ;)
The only way your numbers for the actual last 24 hours are reset is when you reset your mobile completely (by taking off the battery or pressing ctr + alt + delete)
Even if the phone is resetted, all your past usage is still on the server, so your rank isn't affected in any way!

For the rest:
For the backup feature in case you re-install a new OS :
* I currently didn't implement an export feature for your account but if you contact me directly before you re-install an new OS, I will make sure you still keep the same username and of course data and rank!
For the countries that don't have access to PayPal : I'm studying other options to sell the application on other stores to.
I'm already working on a free update, that will be submitted for approval in no longer then 48 hours!
And finally: Thanks a lot CrackBerry & BlackBerry Cool! After a long day in university studying something that's not what I love, this made my day.

Awesome must have been something else I did that reset it. Thanks for the reply. And great that it keeps your usage even after resets. I saw the 0min after my reset and assumed. Nice application. Thanks again.

Sorry but im constantly testing hybrids and upgrading my os with hybrids..I'm not going to contact you everytime I do it... Especially after I paid so much for the app..

then no stat application will be right for you, pay or free.
and in truth i would think these apps aren't geared towards that type of user. i don't understand why people try OS after OS, unless they are doing it to beta test for the developer/creator.. which a lot do and i applaud them for that. but whats funny is installing hybrids had become an almost holy grail type quest for some people.

I'm including in the next free update a retrieve account option ;) .. so automatically neither your rank or total time usage would be affected.. (and you won't have to contact support ;p)

dont like it too much, it cost money plus it doesn't have the ability to see other days or the whole month like i love blackberry does.

@andrewcjduong : yes in fact from the application itself you can't see your previous usage..but on the website you can see your previous usage with a really cool graph :)

..there's no way I'd ever pay for something like this. It offers nothing but "Oh, that's how much I use my 'berry" mixed with a dose of bragging rights. Not something I'm interested in spending money on.

I would like to see how I rank in usage! So I downloaded and am running it :) User Name is grayzweb in USA


Just paid for this and trying to register but although i'm on a data plan with Vodafone, i keep getting an error to check with provider or try later.....

Hello Steve,
Can you contact me through my mail so I can give you a list of guidelines why is this happening and how to resolve it?
In short; there's something probably missing in your APN configuration; and the best way to deal with this is to call your service operator and find out what's the APN required.
You need this for applications that use data service plans like Deezer etc..