MMMOOO releases FREE Battery Saver Thanksgiving edition plus 25 copies of Battery Saver Pro up for grabs!

Battery Saver by MMMOOO
By Michelle Haag on 23 Nov 2011 02:29 pm EST
MMMOOO wants to thank everyone for another great year, and what better time to do that then at Thanksgiving? They have come up with a free version of their popular utility Battery Saver, designed especially for the holiday. This app functions as a screensaver when your BlackBerry is plugged in or when you activate it manually, showing the custom Thanksgiving battery image as well as the current time and date, battery percentage and other information. This is actually a slimmed down version of Battery Saver Pro, which also includes options for automatically locking and dimming your screen, turning off wifi, radio, applications, and the device itself. This is a great way to help get your battery through the day. Another fun feature, the battery icon in the pro version is customizable with tons of options including colors, flags, and designs.

The Battery Saver UI looks slick and is easy to navigate ensuring that you will only activate the tweaks that you want. Compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones including the new BlackBerry 7 devices, you can pick up Battery Saver Thanksgiving FREE or Battery Saver Pro for $2.99 at the links below. If you try out either the Thanksgiving or Pro version of Battery Saver, please leave MMMOOO a quick review of the app in the store. Constructive reviews help developers improve their apps!

Contest: MMMOOO sent us 25 copies of Battery Saver Pro to give away to you guys this week! Be sure to check out the Battery Saver Thanksgiving, and then come back to take your shot at winning a free copy of the Pro version. To enter to win, leave a comment below. Winners will be chosen at midnight PST on Sunday. One entry per person please.

More information/download Battery Saver Thanksgiving FREE

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Reader comments

MMMOOO releases FREE Battery Saver Thanksgiving edition plus 25 copies of Battery Saver Pro up for grabs!



Sounds like a great app! My battery life is already great on my Torch but having this would allow me to go for a few days should I forget my charger.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I tried the free version and it works GREAT.....would love to get the Pro version.....

Right now I use BatteryWatch .... This one looks significantly better ! Would love to give it a try .

If you pick me I will gladly stuff my turkey with iPhones and then once it is cooked find the nearest Apple store and throw "stuffing" at the employees!

So the question it compatible with 9900's The ad on the site says compatible with all os7 devices. Then tells me 9900 not supported???

would really love to have this app on my bold :) count me in please. the Free version seems really good thus far! Happy Thanksgiving all

I would really love this, for my battery and to have the screen saver charging feature etc. for my 9800, please! Thanks for another great contest, CB and MMMOOO :)

trying to download the free version from crackberry website and even after logging in, when i click download, a popup comes with 'Free Download validating login' message and nothing happens

I'm always looking for battert booster apps because my battery is so ppor and cut down really fast, this seems so cool and it seems like it works, I would to have this app.The Archaeopteryx

I would love to see if any of the battery tweaks actually work. The version of 5.0 I'm running, while it makes the phone zippy, eats the battery alive. (crosses fingers)

MMMMooooo..that always cracks me up! Help out your pal with a 9930..we all know what the batter life is like on this thing!

Faithful to the CRACKBERRY

Thanksgiving Day...Thanks,CrackBerry.Thanks,MMMOOO...This app is very GOOD...O(∩_∩)O~(*^__^*)

If this would help my BB Storm 2 make it through the day on a single charge, then I'm all in! I'd love to win a copy of the PRO version! Thanks!

No new 9700 updates, brand new battery, drains like hell... Could use a battery saver that works

I use the Lite version and love it, Hook me up with PRO, CB!! Please please please?! Thanks and good luck to everyone!!

I would love to have this Battery saver application - free version won't work for me :( won't download from crackberrry - weird

Omg this would be awesome. My days consist of 4 hours worth of travel to and from school and two BB Torch 9800 batteries are just not enough sometimes. This would help out tons.
I would love one :D