At Bat 2013 on sale for just $1.99

By Adam Zeis on 15 Aug 2013 10:01 am EDT

Though the baseball season is winding down, fans who haven't yet picked up At Bat 2013 can do so on the cheap now. The app itself has been lowered from the latest price of $9.99 (it was $14.99 at the start of the season) to just $1.99 - making for a great value to anyone wanting to check it out before the end of the season. 

UPDATE: Looks like all the promo codes have been used up, but you can still grab the app for $1.99

The new price isn't the best part however. If you act fast you can take advantage of the new promo codes in BlackBerry World and grab the app totally free. As sk8er_tor let us know in the forums, using the promo code mlb1000 will let you download the app for free - but you'll have to act fast. 

We knew that BlackBerry was starting to fire up promo codes but this one kind of just showed up, so we'll see if other devs can put them to good use as well.

So if you want to grab the app, head to the link below. To redeem the promo just swipe down from the top when viewing the app page on your device, then choose Redeem and enter the code mlb1000. Word is there are only 1000 codes available so get it while the gettin' is good!

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1st and I got it for free yesterday!!!!

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Good to be one of the first 1000. Looking forward to testing it out on my next trip.


It worked for me about two hours ago.


Why should anyone pay for this one? NHL app is free?

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Adam Zeis

Because the NHL app doesn't let you follow the MLB :) 


Awful joke and/or you actually don't get it?


The NHL app may be free, but you have to pay for a subscription if you want to watch any live video or get audio from games.


I agree, the one for WP is free;)


Those are still available? I got mine when MLB did the Twitter contest yesterday afternoon.
Kind of bad news if they are *still* available!


Just got it for free thanks Crackberry for the heads up!

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I'm actually kinda worried the promo was still working when this post went up. I saw this on twitter yesterday a few times, 1000 isn't very many and there's still some left? :s


Got it for free! :D

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Where do you enter the promo code?

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Adam Zeis

"To redeem the promo just swipe down from the top when viewing the app page, then choose Redeem and enter the code mlb1000."


It worked! Thank you Adam Z'30'eis. Couldn't help myself Adam. I'm seeing Z30's everywhere.

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Javid Gozalov

LOL it worked, genius hah thabks

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Javid Gozalov

Thanks* :p

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Got it! Wonder if it'll stay free? I imagine it would.

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Still need to pay for content. That's where they get ya

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Guys i have a problem with my bbm, does anyone have their conversations close as soon as it's opened? Its started happening last night and since then I can't open that conversation :/ help?

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Go post your question in the forums you're likely to get way better answers than here :)

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Love this app!

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Made a mistake and wound up purchasing it by accidental swipe while looking for promo code feature. Wish there were a return feature :(

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I believe there is? Won't hurt to email MLB and BlackBerry support about it.
Also, it was only $2. Be glad it wasn't $9.99 like it was before this promo. ;)
Worth the $2 regardless


Yep, I buy tons of apps to support developers and especially native apps that showcase cascades. I'm not a sports fan, but I don't mind in this case as the app looks pretty good. Now I'm curious about the F1 Timing app now, even though it's $30.


Thanks for the tip, the promo code worked!

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Good t see more apps coming to BB10!

Tariq Nasir

Just got it for free wuhy!

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Country specific?

Started from the bottom with my Z10 ...


Limit reached!!

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Just tried it in Canada, says they've used up all the codes.


Redemption code limit exceeded.


I was wondering when Adam would write up an article about this, lol. Glad to see more CB users got it for free, great promotion!

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From what I understand you also need a subscription to make full use of this app. Can anyone tell me what you get without the subscription?


not really, you can see the scores and also videos for free.


But these are not the full games, I guess?


Got it yesterday for FREE!!

Thanks BLACKBERRY for bring promo codes to BBWORLD they are super easy to use!!

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I was tweeting #BBforBB like crazy yesterday, your welcome for the free download ;-)

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Without subscription you get all stats standings live scoreboard (pitch by pitch) all live radio feeds and I think there is usually a free game daily. Pretty good resource compared to sportsnet app which doesn't refresh nicely, in my experience

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Interesting, thanks for explaining. Still not entirely sure if I'm willing to spend money on it. The few baseball games I've seen were interesting, but most don't make it onto tv over here. I'm basically looking for a way to get to watch a couple of matches so I can see if I'd enjoy keeping up with the MBL on a more regular basis.


Love my MLB. Was worth the money. Go Tigers!

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Will they update the app for next year or name it something different so they can charge $15 again?

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If previous years are a guideline, the current app will work through the preseason next year. After that, you need to pay again for a new app.


Do you still need MLB TV sub to watch live games?


They usually have one free game per day. You don't get to pick which game to watch, just the one they make available that day. You need the MLB TV subscription to watch the other games.


I used the promo code and got my free copy. It’s a slick app for those that enjoy baseball.

Swiping my Z10 like a Genie will pop out.


Thanks for the heads-up.
Now if only the @coloradorockies would start winning some games and get back into the division hunt.

Go BlackBerry!

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If you've never had this app and been on the fence about it, here's your chance to check it out for the remainder of the season at a low cost investment.

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True baseball fans get this app every season, even when it was $14.99 for the entire season. Just the ability to get the Gameday Audio feed for the Dodgers and listen to Vin Scully call a few innings, even when they're playing my NY Mets (we have a great broadcast team as it is), makes it the best $$ you could spend. Any sports fan should listen to Vin Scully call a game, even you NHL fans.

Luckily, my wife got an iPad Mini since nothing besides a BB10 device is supported on the BlackBerry end.


I paid $15 when it first launched and if your a baseball fan then you'll think it is worth every penny. App is rich in features and has a great UI. I love the app which helps me follow my favourite team... Even though they're sucking a$$ this year. But they did take two out of three from Boston.. GO JAYS GO!

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im too late, it reached the limited :(