At Bat heading to BlackBerry 10 for opening day

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jan 2013 11:13 am EST

What's up baseball fans? While baseball season is still a few months off, you'll be happy to know that At Bat will be waiting for you on opening day. MLB has let the word out that their app will be available for BlackBerry 10 devices - so no need to worry. As in previous years, you can expect full news, scores, standings, hopefully game video & audio broadcasts and much more. I'm super excited for this one and can't wait for BlackBerry 10 and for the Mets to have another amazing season. 

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The Jays and RIM are great together. I've got the official Jays BBM contact that sends out all the great info on the team.

With spring training around the corner, a revamped Jays club, and a new BB to boot?! Can't wait to hear "Yes sir, there she goes" on my Z10.

Cardinal Nation rejoice! This will be our year and with BB10, I will not miss any of the action. Now let's hope there will be a scoring app available as well.

Posted a thread a while back that MLB was giving advance notice that we were on the cusp of BB 10. That's a lot better than last year's fiasco.

This is really an important blog post that will likely be overlooked by many (especially analysts). MLB for Blackberry was not coming to 7.0/7.1 devices last year. It took allot of pressure and deal making to get it there. And it arrived literally on Opening Day - long after Android and IOS had the app. The app developer did not want to make an updated app and literally did a minor update to make it BB7 ready.

The early commitment of the MLB app is a really good sign. Netflix, Skype, NBA and Amazon (the full version with cloud - not the Java version) can be sideloaded, but getting native apps or even ported apps for the top tier apps will be crucial to BB10's success.

^^this. Mostly. But do we know for sure the phones will allow side loading considering that once you allow that to happen, your phone is no more secure than the Androids "we" love to make fun of here at CrackBerry?

MLB, NHL MLSE, but now we need to hear from NBA and NFL. get those and we have all major NA sports covered..


Only 7 more sleeps till we see all of BB10!

I wasn't going to get MLB.TV this year (being a cubs fan is hard) but if they include at-bat with it as the do on the other platforms they will get my business again. Supporting BB10 will generate revenue. I hope more and more companies recognize that.

I echo the sentiment with regards to MLB.TV. Even moreso, we need to have a Slingbox app on the BB10 devices since it is absolutely useless for any OS 6.0 and above device (this goes for the PlayBook as well).

In any case, pitchers and catchers in 19 days!! Let's Go Mets!!

Well this is good news to me. But I'll regress my excitement until I get confirmation that MLB tv will be available on my devices. I sure hope so. Cause otherwise, this app is useless to me and I will pass on it.

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