At Bat 2012 for BlackBerry now available

MLB At Bat
By Adam Zeis on 21 Mar 2012 07:28 pm EDT
Just like that our wish has been granted - At Bat 2012 is now available in BlackBerry App World. It's a bit late to the game, but still makes in time for the beginning of the season. As always it's at the top end of the BlackBerry app price scale coming in at $14.99, but true fans will want to grab it for the great coverage, stats and live game audio. This is by far my favorite app for following the MLB all season long, even if the Mets have no hope (again). So if you're at all a baseball fan, head to BlackBerry App World and grab it while the gettin' is good. Play ball! Thanks for the heads up @mathrin!

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Reader comments At Bat 2012 for BlackBerry now available


great point stranger99....i wonder if they make it for the PB if the same purchase carries over to that platform?

Going to be a long season for the Mets but I am going to listen to every game. It can't be as bad as the 90's living in Braves country can it?

Now I'm ready for the season to start.

Go Mets!!

Wasn't it supposed to be free to premium subscribers? I don't mind paying at all I just don't have the funds currently available and for some reason my carrier billing option is gone :(

If you pay for and get the premium service, then this app is for free for you. I'm thrilled it's here but the at bat site on doesn't say how to download it as a part of your premium service from App World.

It's nice to see that there are some loyal Mets fans like myself out there. Mysterious bruised ribs and Valley Fever....this can only happen to our Mets. Btw, not sure if any of you local NY people saw this series on MSG called "The Lineup:. Best and worst in NY baseball". Very well done!!

Let's go Mets!!

Yes! Looking forward to listening to my Red Soxs all summer.

VanCity, the $14.99 is I think a very low price to listen to game audio all season long. You will not find any online streaming of game audio, MLB does not allow. The game day screen is all fine, but the real value is in being able to listen to the audio feed, especially for us fans that dont live in the same town as our team.

On Android Market, they have a Lite version for premium subscribers...
Will we get the same?

Best LA! Best LA!

BlackBerry 9810 + PlayBook

I thought that they were going to release it for PB! I'd pay $15 for a PB app for sure. I'll have to think on it for my 9900. Do you guys think if it comes out for PB that I we would have to purchase the app again, or transfer a licence?

I saw this post last night and immediately downloaded it. I pay for the premium online but i dont care about paying $15 extra for this app. I thought for sure we wouldn't get atbat 2012 this year for BB so im really happy! Thank you for listening MLB

This will be simple - Bring this to the PlayBook and don't get crazy with Pricing. MLB already does that. $5... Not a penny more. In my opinion.



I just spoke with customer support and they told me that the lite or "free" version will be coming out before opening if you are a premium subscriber, don't pay for the app, if you wait a couple of weeks you can get it for free!

They did not tell you the truth! They are still charging $14.99 for it and we're several games into the season. If you are a MLB.TV Premium subscriber, go to their support forums and express your displeasure. Several of us have gone to to report the bait and switch.

I submitted a complaint via the following URL:

to which I recieved the following:

Subject: premium BlackBerry Support [Incident: 120417-000649]

--------------------------------------------------------------- premium BlackBerry Support

Discussion Thread
Response Via Email(Customer Support) - 04/17/2012 02:29 PM Dear ...,

Thank you for sending your email, as we appreciate the time that you have taken to contact us.

"Since you are a premium subscriber the At Bat application is free.

Please call our toll-free mobile customer service hotline at 1-866-306-5311 , as taking this step will allow us to help with the At Bat software.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.


Customer Response Team"

When I called I spoke to a very confused rep who kept putting me on hold. I was finally told I would have to pay for it.