At Bat 14 for BlackBerry 10 gets a hefty price drop

By James Richardson on 10 Jun 2014 08:44 am EDT

What I know about baseball I could write on the back of a postage stamp. But I do know a bargain when I see one and for you BlackBerry 10 baseball fans that have been put off At Bat 14 because of it's high price you may now want to reconsider?

Up until Fathers Day (June 15th) the game has a whopping $10 of it's regular price - bringing it down to just $6.99. Sure, that's still not cheap but if you need to keep up to date with everything in Major League Baseball then it will be money well worth spending.

I went to a Brewers game once and it was awesome. I've no idea how the game worked but I digress. Love Baseball? Grab the discounted app for the limited time with the link below.

At Bat 14 features:

  • Watch the Free MLB.TV Game of the Day
  • Access a MLB.TV Premium subscription to watch every out-of-market game live
  • MLB.TV Premium subscribers may access complete archives to watch every 2014 game on-demand
  • Home and away live radio broadcasts
  • In-progress video highlights
  • Gameday pitch-by-pitch tracking, including realistic ballpark renderings from all 30 MLB ballparks
  • Condensed Games
  • Classic games library
  • Breaking news, standings, schedules, rosters and stats
  • Favorite team selection for priority placement in scoreboard, news and video
  • Video library archive, searchable by player, team or keyword

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Reader comments At Bat 14 for BlackBerry 10 gets a hefty price drop


Yeah, but you've had it for a couple of months now. Well worth it then. I didn't want to pay because I refuse to pay $16.00 if I don't get the Jays broadcast (video, not radio). I do miss it though... I still have At Bat 13 so I know that it's a big difference... it makes a difference for checking scores and the story lines over the year, etc. @ $6 I can't say no, even though we all know that the price will continue to drop as the season continues.

This is THE best app out there. Clean and easy to use interface, 1 live game daily, all radio broadcast, in game is one of the best, 5 star app, well worth $6.99 if you're a baseball fan!

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

I just bought it at $16.99 last week. I thought it dropped monthly, but when June hit and it was the same price I just bought it to follow the Jays (and I'm not a big baseball guy, but listening to games while doing chores in the evening is good).

Too bad there is no price match. It is a bit frustrating. Those were some expensive games to listen to over the last week.

This makes me mad. Last year, TMO gave the app away for free to their iOS and Android users but not for BlackBerry. Then they did the same thing this year for everyone, but you had to be on their network (and not only had I bought the app full price before the promotion, but we moved to a part of the country that doesn't have TMO.)

Now, I could have saved 65%? Irritating.

Glad you enjoyed the Brewer game, James, even if you didn't know what was going on. Come back to Wisconsin, I'll explain everything. As good an excuse as any to get down to Milwaukee for a game!

 10.2.1 on my unlocked Z10

after redeeming the Tmo offer for the android, I sideloaded it from my nexus 4 to the z10 and it works wonderful (minus the bb10 features)

Does this have anything to do with the fact that the since the latest software update, the live streaming doesn't work?

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I bought the app. And just bought the listening package, to stream every game. It was worth it for me, but others may not think so.

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Should be free since the live streaming doesn't work!! And the support team for mlb. Doesn't even know what to do. The operator I had didn't even know what a z10 was! And her department was BlackBerry! Very sad

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I just downloaded it. I want to see how it compares to the free NFL app. Also the more us BlackBerry users pay for apps the better the platform support will be.

I bought At Bat full price knowing that they always offer discounts later in the year. As a Baseball fan, it is well worth the price. Last year I bought the premium for Father's Day and watched games on my Z10. This year I will not upgrade to the premium. It is frustrating that during the playoffs you are blacked out of your team's home games. However, when you have great announcers, baseball thrives on radio. I grew up listening to the Cardinals on a Hitachi transistor radio, and I am still listening to them on my Z10. This is a great app!!

I think the free one on moblie1 doesn't have the the radio feeds and with this BlackBerry one you have the radio feed and some other stuff. Apple app store also has two app a free one with basic stuff. And paid one with cool stuff. For some reason MLB only makes the paid one for BlackBerry 10

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It's cricket over here, mate.

I couldn't stand around in the sun all day, I would collapse. :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I use it daily. Stream games with live video and radio broadcast for the black out games. I am surprised to hear it does not work for some. I have been using this for years and have never had a problem. How can you complain about $16.99 or $6.99? It's over $100 on a computer.

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As a reminder - this app is free for MLB.TV premium subscribers - if you go through the ridiculous hassle of requesting a refund with an email, then a phone call, then likely an email again. - Search page for "eligible for a refund"

I did this last year and they took care of me right away. This year, I've had to make a bunch of phone calls to no avail.

Yes, the jays games work even if you are in market, which is awesome. The only issue is that after the last OS update, the live video streaming doesn't work.
I emailed customer service and this is what they said:

"We apologize for the inconvenience that you are experiencing with At Bat. We are aware that the most recent carrier release, as well as the pre-release 10.3 OS will not successfully play MLB.TV content due to changes made to the OS by BlackBerry. We are working with BlackBerry to identify the cause and resolve this behavior as soon as possible.
Sincerely, Customer Service"

I paid top $ at launch (knowing it price drops) but as a baseball fan I know I get my money's worth.. Works out to be less then $3 a month, not a bank breaker..

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Prediction - better get this now if you want a native version of the app. Next year, I bet MLB will drop native support, and just rely on the fact that BlackBerry users can install the Android version.

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*************************Save some $$$**************** Buy the app on the PC and use the website. Why? First the Gameday on the Web is a far nicer experience than the application. 2nd, with a proxy you can get video that might otherwise be blacked out (think Kansas or Iowa). 3rd you get Gameday Audio on both PC and phone for one lower price, rather than buying both. BB's browser delivers a top notch experience - ie the audio and gameday feed are not several pitches off.

No kidding. Seems that lately new "Blackberry 10 version" really means "here's an Android Port so leave us alone"

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I love this app. The only issue is after the last BlackBerry OS update the live streaming does not work.

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Every year they cut the price on apps and the MLB.TV package for Father's Day.

$50 gets you the video streaming and as someone mentioned a refund on the app.

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This application is free on Windows Phone, and I believe it is free on all the other platforms. You need a prescription to watch/listen to the games on top of this. All I want are live scores/standings from this application and I can't get it because I don't want to pay for it.

If you have an android device, use apk-share and share the free At Bat with your blackberry via blue tooth. I refuse to pay $16.99 for an app that mlb gives away for free on android device, so that is what I did.

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The paid version gives you access to streams. It is not the same as the free version you are speaking of. There is a paid version on android as well, the equivalent of the one on blackberry world.

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