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< > At Bat 14 for BlackBerry 10 arrives in BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 25 Feb 2014 12:19 am EST

A lot of folks have been asking whether or not's At Bat 2014 would be available for BlackBerry 10 and now we know for sure with it's arrival in BlackBerry World. This time around, MLB has updated some of the features available for BlackBerry customers so you can follow along for the entire 2014 season from spring training through to the 2014 World Series.

  • Watch the Free MLB.TV Game of the Day
  • Access a MLB.TV Premium subscription to watch every out-of-market game live
  • MLB.TV Premium subscribers may access complete archives to watch every 2014 game on-demand
  • Home and away live radio broadcasts
  • In-progress video highlights
  • Gameday pitch-by-pitch tracking, including realistic ballpark renderings from all 30 MLB ballparks Condensed Games
  • Classic games library
  • Breaking news, standings, schedules, rosters and stats
  • Favorite team selection for priority placement in scoreboard, news and video
  • Video library archive, searchable by player, team or keyword

If you're a baseball fan, the price won't come as much of a surprise.'s At Bat 14 is set at $16.99 though, current MLB.TV Premium subscribers who purchase At Bat 14 from BlackBerry World are eligible for a refund of the At Bat 14 purchase price. And for Adam's sake -- Go Mets!

Learn more / Purchase At Bat 14




Any discount for those who bought it last year?

Oh and GO EXPOS!!!! I'm calling a comeback within 5-10 years!


I miss seeing the Jays take on the Expos, those were always great interleague games to watch and listen to on the radio. Vladi' was a beast, always had a feeling or knew he'd hit a homerun when he was up - too bad the Jays didn't utilize him when they signed him a few years ago. Would have been a potent bat for DH or 1B.


Hey, it's cheaper than the $19 it cost last year.

I’m not sure it's worth buying it though if I'm being blacked out of Jays games though, and the whole radio feature is not really unique because I could listen on SN590 out of either Nobex or TuneIn Radio.

Posted via CB10


Keep them coming. Let not BlackBerry devices die.

Q10 \m/

Brian Scheirer

Like that one of the screenshots for the app is a cap of the Rays beating the Red Sox 1-0 :)

Posted via CB10


I love that At Bat 2014 is here. This makes me damn happy.

Also, let's go Yankees!

Posted via CB10


Shows as At Bat 13 when I follow the link... ???? it would be oddly convenient if all BB WORLD servers were in sync...


Just refresh BlackBerry World.


Yayyyyy best BlackBerry App, perfectly done like always

Posted via CB10


Its, not it's. It's = it is.

"now we know for sure with it is arrival in BlackBerry World" doesn't make sense, Bla1ze. :) Sorry to nitpick, but I see this one every day now...


Is there any hope in supporting my Jays this year??? O_O


Why not? Don't fall into the hate that all these so called "fans" are all up in arms about.

The team is still solid, there was a reason practically everybody in the baseball world pencilled then as a playoff team last year. Things didn't work out mainly because of injuries and a few freak terrible season by a couple of key players.

The core is still solid, we have a better rotation this year (yes, I just said that) and more key players seem to be healthier coming into Spring Training. It sucks that we lost Josh Johnson since I think he'll return to form out in SD, but I'm quite optimistic.
Sometimes it takes a bit for the players to gel, and going in without last year's pressure should help things quite a bit. I'm looking forward to this season.


Go Dodgers! :)

Posted via CB10


Need an nhl game!

Posted via CB10


Between At Bat 14 and Sportsnet LA, I'm not gonna miss much of anything of the Dodgers this year.

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Super happy At Bat is back!

Posted via CB10


This is great news! I hate the blackout policy stuff, but will definitely pick this up again as I've done for years in the past on my other devices.

Does anyone know if it is it possible to use HDMI to send a live or archived game to the TV?


Great news to start the morning and by the way, "Let's go Yankees"!!!

Posted via CB10


Awesome. My fav app in the summer.

Yep.. was $20 last year so a little less this year. We'll worth it if you are a baseball fan. Thanks for supporting BlackBerry MLB!

Posted via CB10


Go Mets!!

Posted via CB10


Do I upgrade by AtBat 2013 or download 2014 separately? If separately, does it replace 2013 or do I have to delete 2013?? Thanks

Posted via CB10


Download At Bat 14 separately. At your option you can delete At Bat 13. Both still work as separate apps on the device but I would suspect At Bat 13 will not have access to any 2014 season activities (such as spring training's opening games this week).

My biggest issue is that you have to buy it separately for each OS (iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10)


I consider this the best app ever made and one I simply cannot live without. Am so glad they came out with the naitve BB10 app last year and continue with it this year. Disappointed you again have to pay and get a refund if you have the Premium package (I do). On Android they let you download a neutered free app and sign in with your Premium ID to get the bells and whistles.

Still I will get it for my Z30 and will watch a lot of games through this app!

james pisano

Got it! Also sent in for my refund for having to purchase AT Bat, after purchasing MLB TV Premium. Let's Go O's!

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10


In some sad but related news today, the NY Mets were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. Let's GO METS 2016!


16.99? What a bunch of morons. What if it was bought last year which I did not because it was 14.99. Hey MLB score mobile is free!

Posted via CB10


It took me 3 emails and 8 months to get my refund back from purchasing the app. While I only needed to download the ipad lite version and sign in with my premium login. But I can't complain bc at least they are making the app for us. Last year was scary when it seemed as if they wouldn't have a BlackBerry app

Posted via CB10


I don't get it why make a new app, why not just make it subscription based?

I was hoping the at bat 13 would suffice for the Remainder of its existence

Posted via CB10


Downloaded the At Bat 2014, sent in for my refund, and it was denied. Called the MLB customer line and they told me that they don't issue refunds, and that I need to call Blackberry. Called Blackberry and no one knows about it.
This pisses me off. All I want is my $16.99 refund.


Requested refund. They cancelled my subscription and refunded that. They do seem a little clueless at MLB customer services.