At Bat 13 gets a price drop - Picks up Q10 support and HDMI output

By Adam Zeis on 31 May 2013 08:52 am EDT

Even though we're well into the MLB season, if you've been eyeing up At Bat 13 for your BlackBerry 10 phone, now may be the time to grab it. The app has recently had a drop in price and is now available for $14.99 - that's $5 off the original price of $19.99. It is also now sporting support for both the Z10 and Q10 as well HDMI output support for devices running OS 10.1. At Bat 13 gives you everything you need to keep up with the baseball season. From news to scores to standings to live game audio. You can check out video highlights, keep tabs on your favorite teams, watch the free MLB game of the day and much more.

If you're a true MLB fan this is one you don't want to be without, so grab it while it's hot. 

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Reader comments At Bat 13 gets a price drop - Picks up Q10 support and HDMI output


Let's go Mets!!! Unfortunately, even a 4 game home & home sweep of the Yankees isn't getting me too excited for this season. I may spring for the $15 bucks anyway considering how cheap it is.

By the time the US carriers have 10.1 available we will be in to the world series. Supports HDMI output on OS 10.1 but we are still waiting for that here in the states. Maybe Canadian baseball fans can take advantage of this. I know the leak versions are available but we should not have to rely on leaks, by now we should have the official version from the carriers.

BB10 is still lacking to ability to send resolutions different from the phone's screen one via the HDMI output, isn't it? If I'm up to date with this, HDMI support for Q10 apps is not a sales argument at all ...

I believe if you connect with HDMI Cable to a device, the option exists to change to outbound resolution at the bottom of "Display" in the settings menu. I know with PlayBook at least the feed resolution can be full HD even though the on screen (tablet)resolution is lower. For the Z10 mine is default to max resolution which shows up amazingly on my 60" Sony .

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Cal me cheap, but $15-20/year for this is just a bit much. Maybe if it was a one time thing, but the fact you have to buy it over and over again. ugh.

Yes Im cheap lol.

For the game day audio it is worth it.
Eg. I love the Jays, but the fan 590 does not do an Internet stream of the game due to contractual issues. Now I can listen when I'm not in the car or watching on TV.
I also like the phillies. Now I can get their games too.

If you are a big enough fan of the game, it's cheap.
Plus a free game of the day is a bonus! And the Jays games are NOT blacked out in Canada like they say it will be :)

Not cheap. Frugal is the word I would use. Not buying dollar apps is cheap :) 15$ is a little steep. I like the ability to stream audio, so in a sense you get what you pay for. Although having to buy it repeatedly is why I haven't purchased this.

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You are cheap but even with that you are correct. It is overpriced. This is the first year I made the investment and as a huge mets fan still didn't really use it. I watched a video here and there but I find myself just going to ESPN and just watching the highlights.

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They are in the business yo make money and as big fans we spend it. If we are willing to pay then I don't blame them for charging.

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Any sport that hands out $100,000,000 contracts to people who play a game and tries to further fleece its fans while veterans continue to struggle will not get my financial support. To each his/her own.

Dude, how are they going to pay those contracts if they don't make money to be able to pay them? You make no sense at all.

That is like saying "anyone with a $600 per month car payment shouldn't expect to get paid for their work because obviously, anyone who can afford a $600 car payment must be rich"....

You missing my point is a colossal fail. I have no issues with people making money. I'll support veterans. You support MLB. To each his/her own.

T-Mobile customers can get it free...If they have ios or android. I haven't contacted customer service yet to see if they'll do the same for us BlackBerry customers. Adding insult to insult: I found out in an email with specials "Just for you". Whoops.

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I got mine free because I am a MLB premium subscriber. I paid $119 for the entire year and I get all of the games on my computer, or AppleTV as well as my Z10. They also refunded my purchase of the BB10 app.

If you love baseball you have to have this app. It's worth every penny. I don't regret paying $20 at all.

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Good to see the trend continuing of price drops as the season goes by. Great app at any price.

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Is anyone using this on a q10? THat is what I want to know. I will probably get a q10 when it is released but I am unsure if I should give my wife the z10 I have now or the q10 I am getting next month.

Too bad they dropped support for BlackBerry 7. It was one of my favorite apps. Now I have to haul around my iOS device with a 3G hotspot when I want the games. It's less than good.

Does anyone know why MLB doesn't use the same pricing (free, w/ subscription) on BlackBerry 10 that they use on Android and iPhone OS?

You request a refund from MLB support once you've bought it. Bit of a palava but they refunded me.

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Thanks for posting.

This has to be the stupidest system going. Now I know why they dropped support for BlackBerry 7.

I'm surprised BlackBerry 7 is no longer supported. The app was already written so it wouldn't take much to support this year.

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My most used app. And with the updated HDMI support going to get even more use with game of the day :)

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I purchased this app the last two years for my 9900. Its a great app. However when I found out they aren't supporting os 7 anymore I decided not to get it on principal alone. I do have a z10 but refuse to support an app that turned their back on os7. It was created and wouldn't taken much to make it happen. There are free alternatives to listen mlb games on my awesome z10 desktop browser. :)

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I paid. 14.99$ doesn't seem that bad to hear my Jays. Even if we do lose a lot. :P

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