MLB Twitter Takeover begins at noon today - Win World Series tickets, a BlackBerry Z10 and more!

By Adam Zeis on 10 May 2013 11:35 am EDT

BlackBerry is rolling strong with promos and has now teamed up with the MLB to host a "Twitter Takeover" that begins at noon EDT today. The official @MLB Twitter account will be closing out new followers in order to host a trivia contest that is co-sponsored by BlackBerry. @MLB will essentially be going private between 12-4pm EDT today for the contest and we won't argue with that.

The contest includes prizes such as 2013 World Series tickets, BlackBerry Z10's, gift cards and much more. All you need to do is follow @MLB before noon today to get in on the trivia action. 

It's great to see promos like this from BlackBerry and this one certainly won't disappoint!

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Cool stuff
Oh and First

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Tomas Carrillo

Take your cookie.

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Sounds like a cool idea, has another major company/sports league done this before on Twitter?

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

jojo beaconsfield

now that's great!!just wondering how many people on MLB Twitter?Must be a couple of million.

Tomas Carrillo

Challenge accepted!

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I'm so disappointed with the jays.


Nice, Citifield! Go Mets!

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And we begin! There's no crying in baseball


I love the z10, especially associated with jays now, sweet stuff.

Michael Dorival

This is great

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Trending on Twitter now... Giants all day tho!


That's awesome. And I agree with the one guy, the Jays are pissing me off this year. Worst Jays team I have ever seen. Ahhh

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Signed up. Give me some Z10 love!!

Ashontae Cartwright

I am following MBL so excited

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Awe man! I didn't see this post until i was at lunch, no time now to reactivate my twitter and partake in the contest. Yankee Stadium would be a much nicer pic for this post Adam LOL...

Yankee/Blackberry fan for life...

El Platanero

Go Mets!!!

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55


Go bluejays

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Nick Spagnolo

Me too me too

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So choked that Quebec got excluded from yet another contest :(

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What an awesome way to get the promo's up and running GO BlackBerry!

nick canada

Sorry deltact I know what you mean, I lived on the west island most of my life and love Quebec but hate their politics but love my Z10 but hate that northern Ontario only has 3g

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Brian Skinner

Follow you

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