MLB Throws BlackBerry Users a Curve

By Adam Zeis on 18 Mar 2008 12:53 am EDT
MLB on your BlackBerry

In previous years baseball fans were graced with the ease of the Desktop Shortcut that place an icon to MLB Mobile on your Blackberry's home screen.  This year Major League Baseball has done one better and created shortcuts for each teams individual mobile pages.  Much in the fashion of the old shortcut, the new shortcuts take you to mobile-optimized sites to deliver scores, stats, schedules, player info and more direct to your BlackBerry. 

The OTA download for your shortcut is a breeze.  Just navigate to your team's page through your Blackberry browser (, etc.).  At the top of the page is link to download the shortcut. Follow the onscreen install instructions and you are good to go. You can also find all of available downloads by pointing your berry's browser to to select the team of your choice from a drop down menu.

The shortcut is a great addition for the baseball fan, letting you show your support with your team's logo - more than just the standard icon.  Take a look at some installation screenshots after the jump. Play ball!

MLB Install - Step 1
Visit Your Favorite team on your Berry's Browser
and click the link at the top.

MLB Install - Step 2
Follow the download instructions

MLB Install - Step 3
And there it is!

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MLB Throws BlackBerry Users a Curve


I feel like half of the BlackBerry users in the tri state area, if not further are part of the Yankees fan nation... Expect to see that little NY Yankees logo on tons of blackberries soon!!