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By Adam Zeis on 24 Feb 2011 11:42 am EST

It's that time again baseball fans - the season is nearly upon us. If you're a die-hard fan like myself you'll be happy to know that At Bat 2011 is now available for download. At Bat is the go to app for baseball fans, and although it rings in a crazy price tag of $14.99, it really is the best way to keep up with everything baseball during the season. Features include:

  • Available live radio broadcasts
  • Batter-by-batter action for every game
  • Video highlights
  • Breaking news, schedules, rosters and players stats for every team 

Right now you can keep up with spring training and more features will be added come opening day on March 31st. If you want to get your money's worth then download it now and have it rocking for the entire season. I really love this app and although it just bite the budget quite a bit, it really gives you the inside scoop on everrything you need to know. Thanks @bettiol.

More information/download of At Bat 2011

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Reader comments at Bat 2011 for BlackBerry now available


This frakkin app is the best. I used all last year, at home, at the beach, plugged into car radio on cross-country trips. It simply works and works great.

Uh, no it's not. It costs $14.99 on Android and iOS just like it does on BlackBerry. Android does have an At Bat Lite app that's free, but it doesn't have any of the live game audio, video highlights or condensed games that the paid version has.

What they're really doing is charging $14.99 for the streaming radio, since your local radio station blocks live streaming during games.

Oh well, since the Jays might actually be interesting this year I might get it, but just for the streaming...

Got this app for the first time last year, and loved it. I travel a lot, and it's so nice laying back and listening on the train or when I'm driving in my car. I just wish it wasn't so damn expensive! I'll be buying it again this year though.

Oh yeah, and LET'S GO YANKEES!

The app is not just for streaming radio. I used quite a bit all season for video highlights and condensed games. It was an exciting season for the Minnesota Twins opening up the new ballpark, so it was great to have access to the key plays from games I couldn't see.

One of the neatest things I did was go to a Seattle Mariners game in Seattle, and use the app to look up highlights of the game while I was still there! It also works like a cloud database of all highlights of the whole season, so you can go back and watch a key play or see what happened the last time your opponent was in town.

The real-time GameCenter is nice, but not any better than ScoreMobile, which is free, of course.

Yes $14.99 is a little high for it. At $9.99, I probably wouldn't question the price. But for people who can't justify the cost of the full MLB.TV package, this is a nice alternative to have. Yes, it's a bummer that we don't get streaming games on BlackBerry, but c'mon, how good do you think those games would actually be over WiFi or 3G, anyway?

ok I'm a Jays fan and all but $15 bux for this is steep. I wouldn't pay HALF that. boo MLB and boo RIM for thinking this app fits into this app price category. i would love to see the stats on how many subscribers they have.

Actually, it's extremely popular - mainly because it's the only way to get the radio feed over the internet. I'll probably pay for it, which isn't a terrible value for saying you get 162 games from your team plus can listen in on any other broadcast from any other team. This might be the first app for the BB that's I've purchased...

I guess there are quite a few people buying it, since it made it into the Top 5 Paid Apps this morning.

Seriously dude, its $15 bucks....pocket change. If you try the app you will see its well worth it. I'm positive you waste $15 bucks on other crap and you don't even realize it.

I loved this app last year. It helped me keep my WHITE SOX addiction going. I just don't know about paying another $15 for it. Shouldn't there be a price cut for continued subscriptions?

Let's Go Go Go White Sox!!!

I don't get the complaining about the price.

$15 dollars is CHEAP to get the audio of all games. That is less than 10 cents per game for your favorite team (plus you get all the other games as well).

I just downloaded the 2011 version and haven't got a chance to listen to a game yet, but the 2010 version was very smooth on verizon. If you had a decent signal the stream would never cut out after the first 10 seconds or so. Sometimes there would be a hiccup when you first started playback but it would go away quickly.

One lag related thing that doesn't bother me is the stream is about a minute or so behind live. Its not an issue for me but if you were trying to listen to the radio stream while watching it on tv or something you would have to use a dvr to delay the tv broadcast.

COME ON!!! GIVE US STREAMING VIDEO ALREADY!!! The iPhone version of this app gets streaming video. Why can't we have it?

I can't understand why anyone would complain about the price. $15 is the same price as MLB Audio, and you can take it anywhere! Well worth the money, no question!

What I don't like is that it isn't worth the money if you subscribe to MLB.TV already. I pay 130 a year to watch/listen on the internet, so there should be a lite version for those of us who do buy that package and give us the features when we log into our MLB account. I can't justify another 15 dollars for a feature I have already paid for (streaming audio).

And I used this on my old iPhone 3G for 2 years and the video quality over WiFi was great, and it was watchable over 3G.

Once again BlackBerry users miss out since RIM can't figure out how to do full HTTP video streaming leaving us with an antiquated RTSP.

Hi I'm writing from Toronto and have the Torch 9800 using Rogers Wireless.

I have just subscribed to MLB At Bat 2011 and first used it while at home via my wireless home network and the Torch. 100% successful and I love it. BUT when I leave the house and am using just the Rogers wireless network I can only get the written data and not the game day audio. I click on the headphone icon and it says "logging in" but within a short time I get a "network error" message. I do have access to Google on my browser though at that time and am reciving email etc.

It works all of the time when I am using my home wireless network but the audio has never worked from the Rogers network when I am away from home.

I am an old timer and a novice to BlackBerry use. Are there settings I am missing, is the Rogers newtork too slow, do I need to change my preference settings etc. Help Please. I want to be able to walk about town and listen!!!!

Much appreciated.

Just subscribed and had the same issue using a Bold 9000 on Rogers. I've been advised by MLB Mobile that unfortunately, contrary to what is written on their website or features of this service, spring training audio braodcasts are not available. Hopefully, this is correct, and I'm not banging my head up against a wall come regular season. We'll see soon enough!

Here's the MLB Mobile support number for those who want it:

866 306-5311

Hi DRCTorchman again!!! SUCCESS WITH AT BAT AUDIO!!!!!

I am with Rogers in Toronto and have not been able to get the game day audio on my Blackberry Torch UNTIL NOW!!!

From another thread I found the following:

"If you are Rogers, make sure your TCP/IP settings are correctly configured.
Rogers - Has TCP/IP
Go to Options->TCP
Username/password is blank

Note: If this does not work, call Rogers and get the " Access Point Name" added to your account. If they say it already exists, tell them to load up the records anyway, just to doublecheck.

Be sure to thank Rogers for sending an out of the box configuration that doesn't support streaming audio while you are at it. Also, a google search for Rogers APN and TCP will turn up the solution."

When I went to Options I did NOT see a TCP option and so I typed TCP in the search bar and Voila!!! The options were there:

Check to enable APN Settings
Check to enable APN Authentication
Leave username and password blank
SAVE your settings

I then made sure that I was on "mobile Network Only" and pulled my battery to completely rest the phone.

I then double checked the APN settings as above and they were STILL INTACT.

I loaded At Bat 11 and then clicked on audio.... AND BY GOLLY, ALL IS WELL.

I am lookming to see if I can find the name of the user so that I can credit his GREAT ADVICE!!!

Just found it .... Gedman86 Many many thanks. It is astounding that no one from Rogers or Blackberry was able to provide this simple fix!!!

Hope that this helps others.