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MLB.com At Bat 2010 A to Z

By Adam Zeis on 25 Mar 2010 01:20 pm EDT

While not for everyone, MLB.com At Bat 2010 really is where its at when it comes to keeping track of scores, news and standings through the entire MLB season. The app gives you full power over all of the stats for the whole league, and is truly a great way to keep up with your team while you're on the go. You can choose your favorite team, view upcoming games, box scores, news, stats, standings, game highlight videos and even live gameday audio. At $14.99, its priced much higher than your standard BlackBerry app, and although there are numerous free alternatives, MLB.com At Bat 2010 is the most in-depth and coolest way to keep track of the league on your BlackBerry device - any hardcore fan will want to have this one. Check out the video above for a quick A to Z, and hit the link below to download.



Doesn't work on verizon for me, anyone else?


It works fine for me on my 9530 with Verizon.


I got the app the day it was available for my Verizon Tour. App works great for me on Verizon. Only wish the volume on the audio feed was louder.


That sucks. I don't have OS 5 installed still the old 4.7. Waiting for the official verizon release. Dont really want to mess with it. Damn really wanted this


Let's go Blue Jays!

Don't let the Yankees buy another world series championship!


It's worth $14.99 just for the Gameday audio. That's why I bought it. The rest you can get through the web browser. It's just nicer to have it in the program. The value is in the audio.


App Has a Bug in the scoreboard. Team Records are opposite to what they actually are. (issue only in main scoreboard)
you can see this in the video


Forget that MLB and your long season and inflated player salaries.


Just waiting for Yahoo to release a fantasy baseball manager app.


Good idea but $14.99 is insulting. If it had video, I'd consider that price but not for audio. $9.99 would be pushing it.


$14.99 is way too much. I'd probably get it if it was like $7.99 or something around that range.


Nice app, but screw the price tag on it


Adam, I am so, so, so sorry to hear that you're a Mets fan.


I'm going to be honest, I was very hesitant to spend $15 on a single App, but now I realize it was well worth every penny. I'll even admit I'm not the most die-hard baseball fan, more of a rather "intense casual fan"; yet I have found this App to be by far, one of the best Sports Apps available for the BlackBerry. The quick access to streaming audio, video highlights, stats, standings... is a MUST HAVE.


I didn't even think twice about the $14.99 price tag when I saw the extensive list of what this app can do. I'm a die-hard Red Sox fan and it's absolutely awesome to be able to listen to gameday audio, live in-game stats and in-game video highlights. A definite must buy for any moderate-hardcore fan of MLB.

I was sold on this app when I saw it on my friend's iPhone last year and knew I had to have as soon as it was released for my 9550!


I would definitely buy it if it had a live video feed from a game like the iPhone does, most i would pay would be 5 bucks.. and thats because of the audio. Hopefully they will add that feature.. but for now its way too much..


Yeah, I consider myself a pretty big baseball fan, but I'm having a pretty hard time justifying this. Thank you to CB to posting a video, so I can at least see what I'd be getting for my $15. But I really don't know how much I would use the audio and I think the video downplays just how much of the other stuff is available elsewhere. The videos look okay, but are kinda gimmicky--it's just a steep price for what it offers. I'll think about it.


Anyone else getting "Uncaught Exception: This device does not support ECMAScript" ? I can't access video, gameday, etc.....just the scoreboard. Trying other functions causes it to crash and give me the above error.


I'm a huge baseball fan... But I can't justify 15 bucks for it. I have the MLB.tv that helps to keep me connected. I had hoped that somehow this app would have been included under the "portability" section of the premium subscription of my MLB.tv but no such luck. Only syncs with the iPhone and iTouch... Unless video came out on the BB version for those times I'm out on the go, I can't see myself purchasing this one...


I bought this app and I can't wait until the season starts up. I commute on the train every day and this will be great on the train. I just wish it had video like the iPhone app.


So is there live game audio? If not $15 is an insane price for stats freely available a dozen other ways.


I was having issues with updating Atbat so I un-installed the ap and the tried to install again and I get a message that Atbat can not be installed through ap world. I have contacted customer service and they say that I must contact Verizon. No one will help me on this after several emails. So if you have problems you're on your own.


My ONLY complaint is that the team name kinda overlap


If the product actually *worked*, it would be well worth $15. However, the product is buggy, and their customer support is worthless. Don't believe me? Read this discussion with their customer support and judge for yourself. I contacted them by clicking the "contact support" button within BlackBerry App World. [Earliest message at bottom.]

04/19/2010 11:10 AM

Thank you for your inquiry.

Periodically MLB.com will release an update to At Bat 2010. When a new update is available a banner notification will appear on the Scoreboard. You can also check the BlackBerry App world or wherever you purchased the application.

MLB.com Mobile Customer Support Team

04/19/2010 06:14 AM
MLB.com Mobile Customer Support wrote:
"BlackBerry App World does not have an At Bat 2010 for BlackBerry mobile devices. We do apologize for the inconvenience."
I'm afraid you are incorrect. In fact, "At Bat 2010" is currently the #6 most popular paid download on BlackBerry App World. A few weeks ago, I purchased "At Bat 2010" on BlackBerry App World for $14.99. It is still available there for BlackBerry devices.
If someone downloads "At Bat 2010" from BlackBerry App World right now, they get version 1.1.1. When I downloaded it from BlackBerry App World a few weeks ago, I got version 1.1. The upgrade button (on BlackBerry App World) is not working for me. I contacted you by clicking the "contact support" button on BlackBerry App World.
It seems to me that a good solution would be for me to delete "At Bat 2010" completely and then download it again from BlackBerry App World. However, I don't want to pay again for the program. How do you suggest we proceed?

04/18/2010 10:59 PM
Thank you for your inquiry.

BlackBerry App World does not have an At Bat 2010 for BlackBerry mobile devices.

We do apologize for the inconvenience.

MLB.com Mobile Customer Support Team

04/18/2010 01:13 AM
Hi. I purchased At Bat 2010 (version 1.1) for my BlackBerry. It cost $15. Blackberry's App World says a new version (1.1.1) is available. I have experienced some bugs in version 1.1 (e.g., wrong W-L record for clubs), so I want to upgrade. App World says version 1.1.1 is available as an upgrade for me. However, each time I click App World's "upgrade" button, I get an error message saying it is "not available for download through App World." How should I proceed?