At Bat 2010 Now Available for Bold 9700, Tour 9630 & Curve 8530

By Adam Zeis on 23 Mar 2010 12:06 pm EDT
MLB At Bat 2010MLB At Bat 2010

A few weeks back At Bat 2010 was released, but sadly it was only for the Storm. I (among others) was greatly upset I couldn't fire it up on my 9700. We heard that it would be available for other devices after opening day, but it turns out dreams do come true. At Bat 2010 has been released for the Tour 9630, Bold 9700 and Curve 8530 in BlackBerry App World. The app lets you listen to gameday audio, check standings, scores, watch highlights and much more. The $14.99 price tag may deter some, but true baseball fans will want to check this app out and keep up with all the happenings during the season. Thanks Sean!

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Reader comments At Bat 2010 Now Available for Bold 9700, Tour 9630 & Curve 8530


Interested in this, but I need to know what features I'm getting that are worth $15 more than the stuff we already get for free.

Anyone with ScoreMobile or the mobile broswer page can get scores and stats pretty quickly and easily. Listening to out-of-market games on radio? Okay. Condensed game highlight packages and instant video updates? Kinda cool. But would I really use it enough to justify that price?

I love baseball more than just about anything. Thinking I wasn't going to be able to have this app just about killed me. I am a very happy baseball fan today. Go CUBS!!!!

Also, I'd really like to know the quality of video I'm signing up for before I pay for it. If this anything like the streamed garbage we get off YouTube on our BB's, forget it.

I would have to say the video quality is better than YouTube, and is certainly better than nothing, but it still needs some work to catch up to that of the iPhone/iPod app.

I really wish that RIM would work as hard with MLB as Apple clearly does to improve the experience. They're getting there, but they still have a ways to go.

Just saw this on and jumped on it, being the baseball fanatic that I am. 15 bucks is certainly steep though, especially considering the fully-featured app (with MLB.TV integration) is 15 bucks for iPhone/iPod touch as well... looks like Apple unfortunately still has that feature strapped down till flash is finally implemented :/

Im pretty sure u have to pay for each game u want to watch for a dollar a game, and the only reason that they dont have that for the bb is that we dont have flash.

Look at the 2 pictures, particularly the records of the teams.
on the left mets record is 11-6 and Brvaes Record is 10-9.
But in the Picture on the right the records are what they should be. Mets 10-9 and Braves 11-6. My Storm2 version is also doing this. Records in the scoreboard stream are incorrect.

I got this the night it came out, mostly because I just cancelled my xm radio(which is $130 a year) and I would be missing out on the radio broadcast of every game. Now I just need this app. You can also browse the internet while listening to a game. Its definitely my favorite app. Also, in response to StormJH1 the video is great but like every video stream in low coverage it will freeze on you.

Hmmm...This app will definitely be on my radar. I was considering a slingbox setup for this season but honestly wonder if I'm really gonna watch tv/live-action games often enough on a bb screen. Just may spring for this instead. I Can't believe opening day is already around the corner. Let's Go Mets!

This is why I hate app world. I'm sure the 8530 cod would work on my 8520, but I can't access it. Anyone know of a direct download for this?

Looking for direct download as well. When I open it in app world - it says my 9700 is not supported...

I can't App World to say I am compatible after to deletions and reinstalls. Is the app only compatible with 5.0 devices?

as long as you are running 5.0 on your 9000. I would think the 9700 version would work on such a 9000. The fact that AT&T has not adopted 5.0 for the 9000 tells me that the developer can't push the app as being available for the 9000 -- it won't work for people still on 4.6.

Can't d/l the 9700 version from my 9000 in App World anyway I HATE APP WORLD!!! Where is a direct link, anybody?

to MLB TV, it would seem that this should be something they offer for free with paid subscription. I already get all of this and more with MLB TV.

you have to adjust the volume through your phone- Some of the games are real low and there isnt much you could do about it. they say it will get better during the season and that they are limited during spring training.

When I try to upgrade to version 1.1 it says: " At Bat 2010 is not available for download from App World." App World sucks at times... :-(

Has anyone else recieved the "Unable to Load Data" error when running this app? The app ran perfectly the first couple days but not today. I tried reinstalling and I still have the same problem. Any suggestions?