At Bat 2010 Now Available for BlackBerry Storm

By Adam Zeis on 3 Mar 2010 05:35 pm EST
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Here's one for the books - the At Bat 2010 is now available, but it appears that its only for the Storm. A pleasant turn of events for Storm users, we QWERTY carriers are seemingly out of luck on this one (its odd to see the situation swapped and have an app that IS available for the Storm, and not for anyone else). I'm a huge baseball fan and was waiting for this app to drop, and even at the crazy $14.99 price point, I was gearing up to install it on my 9700. Storm owners can check out the full app which allows you to listen to live games, view box scores & stats, check out highlights, news and more. In my opinion a must have for any baseball fan. Head over to BlackBerry App World for more.

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I was going to get it on my Ipod Touch, but now i will just get it on my storm! wooohoooo!!! Though, one draw back is that i think the Ipod Touch had live video too. Don't know if this does.

You have got to be kidding me! The only thing I love more than my Blackberry and Music is BASEBALL! Why in the world is this not available for my Tour (or any other Blackberry). What a joke.

yeah but at the same time, score mobile is not as elaborate as this app depending and what all you want....Good call though!

Its not as exotic but score mobile works. It does lag a bit but works. I delete score mobile once MLB or NFL season is over to save space but its coming back soon. just can't do $14.99.

the price is a little steep, but i had MLB Mobile Premium last year, and the price is actually a good deal compared to that. i paid $3 a month, which ends up being a little more than the $15. plus, Mobile Premium is a broken down version of At Bat. At Bat is just a little more realized. I think its worth the money

Gonna buy it now for my Storm 2. That's right - we get some love finally!

And yes I have all the others like ScoreMobile and ESPN, etc, but to my knowledge, only the MLB app lets you listen to live games - right?

You are correct. At-Bat is by far and away the best App for Baseball fans. I had it on my iPod Touch last year and LOVED it. It also aired 2 live games a day to watch as well as offering the chance to watch any live individual game for .99c. So EVERY FIFTH DAY I was spending .99c to watch my man Timmy (Tim Lincecum) pitch. Pretty damn sweet if you ask me!

I tweeted when they announced it was out for the Storm, they said that it would be made available for all Blackberry devices running 5.0 in the up coming weeks

Where is the 9700!!!!!!!!!!!! I love baseball too.....What about the rest of us 9700, 8300's and 8900 users?

but that price tag isn't working for me. 5 bucks, sure! 10? it would be a close no. 15 is just way too much when there is scoremobile for free and the same basic functions.

Subscribing to the MLB GameDay Live (audio only) costs the same price as this app - last year all I got to do was to listen to the audio streams but without the statistics and things like that. Overall, this feels like I'm getting all the stats and stuff for free because I'd have paid $15 for the gameday audio on blackberry regardless. Thanks for posting the news!

I'm confused, do Blackberrys not have live video stream capabilities? Or did the developers just not put it into the app by choice?

is this app only good for the 2010 season, or is this going to carry over and adapt every year. I can't see parting with that much cash foe an app unless i only have to do it once

It is only for this year. From what I have heard the 2009 edition was 10 bucks and the 2008 was 10 bucks. The price is per year. Well worth the money though. A baseball fan will use this everyday from now until the end of October.

The reason to get this is so you can listen to games live, streaming over your BB. The $15 price is the same as a gameday audio subscription for a year. To put it another way, the ap is free, the subscription to listen to games is $15.

MLB's servers can tell if you're logging in from a mobile account or your home computer and they require that you purchase a separate subscription for your BB. You may not like that, but MLB has always been about using their advanced media as a way to make money (teams gotta pay for Scott Boras clients somehow). At least here you're getting a complete ap with upgraded features along with your subscription.

You are correct the cost of the app is for Gameday Audio. Considering a yearly subscription to Gameday Audio on the computer is $20 per year, the $15 to listen to all games on a BlackBerry is a good deal.

I can't wait till baseball season starts so I can start using this app. I already paid for the MLB extra innings package in my home so I could watch every game, but that doesnt help when I'm on the road or away from home. Now I can watch and get updated anywhere!! And for thos people saying scoremobile and espn do the sayme thing for free, no they definitely dont! Both those apps are laggy and they freeze and its definitely not updated info!! Most of the time its ten to 15 minutes behind!! 15 is nothing for a whole year of streaming media!! Quit crying about it and eat 1 less Big Mac a day and in 4 days you'll have the money for this app!!!

The price isn't too bad if you think about what you're getting for the next 7 to 8 months. If my fuzzy math is correct At Bat 2010 will cost approx. $2.14 per month...not too shabby for baseball fans!

I have checked every day for this app since the beginning of the year, I was so happy to see it yesterday, but still disappointed that there is no access.

Please please lets get on board RIM!!!!!

I have a BB Tour so I was upset to see it wasn't coming out for the Tour. I just happened to get a iPod Touch for Valetine's Day so I purchased the MLB at Bat app for that. Plus I have the subscription. I have been watching baseball for the past two days and it is awesome. If you are a baseball fan and can afford both, it is well worth the money. I am able to watch my Red Sox way down here in

I love the fact that they don't have the other models available yet (sarcasm). MLB has had all winter to get these products designed and ready for market, yet for yesterdays games I was unable to listen on my BB 9700

What kind of business gets away with that?

It makes no sense that it is only available for the Storm. Is there something that trackball/trackpad BB's don't have...?

this is awesome, get to listen to spring training games too, same price as w/ added features why not do it

Listening to the Braves spring game now. No issues so far. They block most streaming audio/video here at the office, so being able to stream games through my BB is nice.

When are they going to release an app to get full access to I am pretty sure it is released on the iphone.