MiuTunes 2.1.0 Final Release Now Available!

MiuTunes Now Available!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 May 2008 12:44 pm EDT

Good News for Everyone who has been eagerly awaiting the Final Release of MiuTunes... it's HERE! You can now pick it up for $29.95 from ShopCrackBerry.com and a Free Trial is available.

If you're not familiar with this awesome new Music Player for the BlackBerry, be sure to read the Overview of MiuTunes Beta written up by Bla1ze and watch this Video Tour.

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MiuTunes 2.1.0 Final Release Now Available!


I love this app - I was a beta tester, and just purchased the final release today. Just what I wanted in a music player.

yeah well I'd bet that I used miutunes more than they did. Unless they have no life and just listen to their music on their bbs all day. Or they freakin cheated by playing a song, muting it, and then put on repeat the whole entire beta testing time!!! what a bunch of freakin cheaters!

What does the length of time have anything to do with it...

I won the free license...and reported tons of bugs, the top 10 testers got it based on bug findings and reccomendations, not on length of usage..

Anyways, the application is awesome, glad to see it go final at this point.

Good application, but not great due to it's limitations regardless of who's fault it is. To have these limitations and charge $49 is overdoing it! Let's hope they can get the bluetooth limitations resolved or the price is reduced real soon. I use the built-in media player everyday at the gym over Miutunes and will any day of the week. It's simple but at least gets the job done without me getting a call and the entire gym knowing it. It may not have pretty album art, but who cares.

My bad, $39 is the usual cost unless you were a beta tester. The $29 offer is introductory. Hopefully, they'll keep it the same or drop it. Anything over $20 is too much in my opinion and it's a stretch at that. I'm personnaly keeping my money and using the traditional BB Media app. $20 is too much for album art and playlists.

Moving this application out of beta is premature: Lack of bluetooth support and the fact that the music will not return to play after one took a phone call (or navigation command) shows that they still have plenty of work to do. Also, it looks like they still have not figured out the hefty internal memory usage. With Flipside charging around $20 and xplayer being free for the moment, who wants to pay $29 (or $20 for us beta testers) for a beta-level application???

I downloaded the free trial and the program found and recognized my music with no problems. However, when I tried to listen to my music nothing happens.

I was beta tester.
I like this software.
But the price of 19.95USD (discounted 50% off) is a high price.
Now, I am forgetting it and use xPlayer. It's free!

too pricey for a non beta user... now I have been in the beta for a long time now and yes it is a good app, so i may purchase it.
my main issue is that the volume can't be controlled outside the app when still listening to music and the music won't restart after a call.... Boo.

As a $20 beta tester price I still won't buy it, and $30 introduction and $40 final price, is outrageous. For $40 I would expect this to replace the current media player, with videos, bluetooth, and picture manager. I was a beta tester, so I can get it at $20, but I am not going to do it, because I am willing to bet that when 4.5 comes out, the media player will be better (not perfect, but better) At least to a level to make purchasing this a waste of money.

I like the software so far and I think it worth the $19.95. Yep I was a beta tester and got this discount offer. I like the artwork view, clean design, simple to create playlists, even like the shortcut keys for FF/rewind.
So far they have shown that they listen to feedback and react fast to add the requested features...

I can bear with their limitation ... some inconvenience like not able to control volume when it is in background... which I can still do with a click on Menu and switch to MiuTunes, then the volume keys will work. Some missing artworks which should be addressed they release the desktop manager.

Read from one of the beta maillist that they work with RIM to get some of limitation resolved. But to me this is not big stopper