The Missing Sync for BlackBerry v2.0 Now Available

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Feb 2009 04:19 pm EST

Are you a Mac + BlackBerry user? If so, listen up because Mark/Space released an updated version of The Missing Sync for BlackBerry this morning. Version 2.0 allows you to sync information between your Mac and BlackBerry wirelessly via Bluetooth (yay to no cables!) with "Proximity Sync" technology initiating the sync automatically.

Version 2.0 includes many other new features including improved music playlist support for iTunes and video transfer to and from the BlackBerry. Users can also archive text messages and call histories to their Mac where they can do more with them. You can check out the full press release after the jump and visit Mark/Space for for info.

Press Release

Mark/Space Announces Revolutionary Wireless Syncing Capabilities for BlackBerry and Mac

New Bluetooth sync, automatic wireless syncing and iTunes playlist support

Los Gatos, CA - February 9, 2009 - Mark/Space, creator of award-winning synchronization software, has announced the release of The Missing Sync for BlackBerry, version 2.0, featuring wireless syncing via Bluetooth and Proximity Sync(tm), a revolutionary new way to automatically and wirelessly sync contacts, calendars, music, photos, notes and more.

Now BlackBerry and Mac users can ditch those pesky cables and sync reliably via Bluetooth. Even better, Proximity Sync technology from Mark/Space uses the same Bluetooth capabilities to give users the option to automatically sync whenever the Mac and BlackBerry are near one another.

Syncing without thinking has arrived. Remembering to sync is a thing of the past because Proximity Sync does it automatically, every time.

"This is the first sync software for BlackBerry and Mac that features the convenience of automatic wireless synchronization with Proximity Sync," said Brian Hall, CEO of Mark/Space. "When the BlackBerry and Mac are within range, sync happens, even while you're using your phone or working on your computer."

For example, a photo taken on the BlackBerry will automatically sync to iPhoto on the Mac, and a new contact entered on the BlackBerry will automatically sync to Address Book the next time the two devices are near one another. Do away with digging out and hooking up messy USB cables or having to remember to manually synchronize.

"BlackBerry users," Hall said, "are telling us this is the breakthrough they have been waiting for in BlackBerry to Mac synchronization."

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry, version 2.0 offers more new and cool features than ever before, including playlist support for iTunes, sync for other media files and video transfer to and from the BlackBerry. Plus, users can archive text messages and call histories to their Mac where they can do more with them like using the call log to track time for billing purposes and the SMS log to transfer information like phone numbers into Address Book.

Version 2.0 of The Missing Sync for BlackBerry includes these new features, plus all of the benefits that BlackBerry users already rely on in version 1.0.

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry, version 2.0, is available immediately as an electronic download from the Mark/Space Online Store for $39.95. A CD version will be available soon for $49.95.

Free upgrades to version 2.0 are available for anyone who purchased version 1.0 of The Missing Sync for BlackBerry on or after November 1, 2008. Purchases prior to that date and purchases of other Missing Sync products qualify for a version 2.0 upgrade for $29.95.

Also available as a business edition bundle, The Missing Sync for BlackBerry Business Edition is an all-in-one special package that includes a business license to install on two computers, Priority Email Support Subscription, Software Upgrade Subscription, and all of the features people rely on from The Missing Sync.

Learn more about The Missing Sync for BlackBerry, version 2.0, at

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The Missing Sync for BlackBerry v2.0 Now Available


Still no "holy grail" *nix support. The open source hack solutions fall quite short. I'd gladly pay for a solution.

I purchased missingsync when I first got the bold.
sure it did "stuff" including delete all my contacts except a random 25 or so from my mac.
so I held my breath and figured, well the've GOT to fix this sooner or later. Now, here comes 2.0 ahhh, great. obviously they've made the program so it can SEE ALL THE CONTACTS IN MY PHONE AND PUT THEM INTO MY COMPUTER. Also knnown as SYNCING.Nope.
Am I wrong, missing something. Unfortunately it's too late for me to back up the old address book and do the do-si-do that everyone is saying is the way to go.
Here's the way to go; make a program that serves its sole purpose!?!
*sigh* I hope I've just made a simply error in a settings profile somewhere.
other than that, you know, the POINT of a syc program, It works fine, and lies to me with it's pretty mouth.


Thank you for purchasing The Missing Sync for BlackBerry.

This email contains the link to download and install The Missing Sync software for your BlackBerry.


You should have received a separate email on your Mac with registration and download information for The Missing Sync software to be installed on your Mac.


You must download and install this software on your BlackBerry in order to synchronize.


If you are reading this email on your BlackBerry,


select the link below to download and begin the installer and follow the onscreen instructions.


If you don't have Internet access on your BlackBerry

I DO!!!!!!!!!!!

you can install The Missing Sync software on your BlackBerry using a memory card. Instructions on installing from a memory card can be found here:


If you need further assistance, please visit our support center at


Date : 09 Feb 2009
Order Number: MSS09-0373345

Product Description Registration Code(s)
The Missing Sync for BlackBerry v2.0.0 (Personal Edition Upgrade) (blah blah registration numbers)
BlackBerry Download:


* Registration codes for third party products will be sent by the vendor within 24 hours.

The Mark/Space Team



I have a support ticket in - see what happens..

Pizzed off..

I bought it. Installed it. Ran it.

Says it supports the Storm. Try to connect and it says my phone only supports bluetooth dialing.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Sounds like Verizon is turning off features, hobbling their phones again. Nothing new for Verizon.
Your only recourse is to switch to another supplier.


(I use T-Mobile. All feature are available, including UMA.)

I REFUSE to use Verizon or AT$T.

You should, also. It's your money. Be smart.

OK - the BB link is given to you during the Mac installation process. But they need to fix the error of sending you an email saying it HAS the link - when it hasn't. No tea breaks for someone today over at MissingSync! hehehe

I think the firewall I started to make using Opera Mini easier - is messing things up.. battery pull.. waiting...

Gotta say, besides forgetting the link in the email... the program works great for me. Make sure you sync once via usb before you use bluetooth sync.

Actually works better than the bluetooth sync they had with their Windows Mobile version (which actually never worked for me).

It's free if you bought it after sometime in November of 2008. Just go to the site and click upgrade, enter your e-mail address and they will send you the link for the free upgrade download. It worked for me.

$39.95??? Total Crap! And $29.95 for an upgrade! Gouger! PocketMac Syncmanager works just fine.

Day 2.

Semi working.

Had it set to update every minute by bluetooth - was more like every 4 mins.

It seems to be doing one last gargantuan mix up of 1800 of my contacts and taking FOR EVER TO DI IT (looks like it will be 2 hours or so)from then onwards I hope it will be plain sailing. For a mac user it WAS a buzz to see a calendar event I created on my BB added to my iCal about one minute later via blue tooth.

Lets hope that wasn't a one off....

Will report back later

I did not realize that I had only recently purchased Missing Sync but apparently I did. So I am eligible for the FREE upgrade. I will keep my install for v1.0 close by and test out v2.0. The new additions look interesting. I only hope that the Bluetooth sync is not horribly slow.

I think it may be stripping my Mac Mail made ToDo's of the links to the emails that they were derived from.

That would be bad.

Still testing...

Well if this isn't a reminder to go clean out my address book of outdated / unwanted data - I don't know what is!

Is anyone else having a problem where Missing Sync 2.0 keeps starting itself up on its own? It starts when I start up my mac, then I close it, then it comes back up on its own again. Pretty frustrating!

It's starting on its own because it's trying to do automatic proximity syncing over BT. Open prefs and turn that feature off or set it to a longer period between auto syncs.

I was able to get my free upgrade code, but now I'm wondering if I should hold off from installing it. Is anyone NOT having problems with the new version? And what BB model are you using?

Is it just me or does it take for ever to sync music using this software? It took 20 minutes to sync 10 songs. Am I missing something?

Only a $10 discount for previous owners? What a ripoff.
Mark/Space is greedy.

I think I'll wait, RIM is working on a real mac program.

Purchased the product (Mac to BB) today, hoping it would be the holy grail. So for, its turned out the be the Holy $%&#!!

After working with it for 6 hours, I have yet to complete a successful sync. The only thing this app has successfully done is erase all Contacts, Notes and Events on the BlackBerry. Support is next to non-existent.

For those of you who have yet to purchase the product, I encourage you to buy yourself a slate of rock and a chisel, then copy your data there. The process will be quicker and more accurate.

I bought this porduct. The support is terrible. You have to make the first sync using USB but the software goes direct to Bluetooth and I have not made a single sync even after four sdays...and no-one helps you

I have tried everything

Does anyone have any idea what to do