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Missing Social Feeds on BlackBerry 10? Check out FeedMinder!

By Adam Zeis on 5 Dec 2013 04:51 pm EST

Social Feeds was arguably one of the most beloved apps on BB 7. It was a great way to aggregate all of your social feeds into one handy app, but sadly when BlackBerry 10 came along, gone went the Social Feeds app. Luckily there's a new kid in town that goes by the name of FeedMinder and hopes to take over where Social Feeds left off.

FeedMinder is a Twitter and RSS reader with plenty of features and options. You can browse your feed, share to email or social services, get notifications in the Hub and much more. Plus it's all native so that should make many users very happy.

Full features include:

  • Rich, snappy, native UI combines Photos, Tweets, RSS and Atom articles.
  • Without leaving the app, drill-down on Tweets, follow users, view hashtag searches.
  • Tweet, Retweet, Reply.
  • Share your favorite articles on Facebook, Twitter, Email, BBM and others.
  • Hub Notifications, Polling, Active Frames, Priority Hub.
  • Configure rules to only be notified of specific topics, friends or feeds so notifications don't become a nuisance.
  • Mark-read support, unread counts, mark-tab-read.
  • Choose a light or dark theme.
  • Search bar filters feeds as fast as you can type.
  • Swipe down to refresh all, or pull-to-refresh just the active tab.
  • Optional "Reader Mode" strips adverts and makes easy reading.
  • Expand items in place to reveal more.
  • Full article viewing in app - no more hopping in and out of the browser as with other apps.
  • Organize your Twitter and RSS feeds together across any number of configurable tabs to group information in a way that makes sense to you, regardless of source.
  • Add RSS and Atom feeds directly from the browser (long press URLs anywhere on the device and share them to FeedMinder)
  • Choose from our extensive live Catalog of feeds.
  • Enter a web page and we'll scan it for feeds for you.
  • Or, perhaps you'll be happy with the default set of subscriptions that cover World News, Sport, Technology, Entertainment, Business and more...
  • Native, fluid, not an Android port.

You can grab FeedMinder now for all BlackBerry 10 devices in BlackBerry World for $1.99

More information/Download FeedMinder
​Discuss more in the CrackBerry forums



I do miss social feeds. I recently downloaded RSS savvy but haven't had a chance explore in depth. Its free compared to FeedMinder but appears to have more features!


RSS Savvy is basically the free version of FeedMinder. It's from the same developer. FeedMinder has more features.


I did the same thing. Haven't really tested it out. But I miss my Rss notifications from social feeds. One feature I wish would come back.


The only way things like this work is if they are built in I would love to have something like this in between the multitasking and the first page of apps, it's not much good if u have to open it all the time, and will end up getting lost at the bottom.

Posted via CB10


Most be the first feedreader

Z10 of course.


Nice app. Purchased.

Posted via CB10


Forgive my ignorance, but why is it so difficult to create the Social Feed app for BB10?

BlackBerry 9700, 9790, Q10


I'm guessing BlackBerry is thinking the hub replaces social feeds minus RSS stuff. If they had a native RSS app then that would work. I don't think there is a way to get a RSS feed directly into the hub without use of an app that has hub integration.


A native RSS app that integrates with the Hub would be nice. For sure.


I think RSS Hub does that. Or at least it might be planned.


FeedMinder does support notifications and hub integration (disabled by default). To stop them from becoming a nuisance and swamping your hub, you can create rules to describe what to get notifications for. You can choose specific feeds, twitter friends or even just feeds containing keywords. For example, you could opt to just get notifications for feeds that mention your football team etc.

(Swipe down from top and select Options).


Unfortunately, Hub doesn't come close in that regard. It only has 'direct'-type messages, whereas Social Feeds had all my fb friend status updates, tweets from those I follow, etc. Loved it! Along with BB Traffic it's my most-missed app from the legacy OS.


It's not about difficulty. It's not that difficult. It is about priority, BlackBerry didn't deem it important enough to spend resources on it, perhaps because it would be so easy for a developer to build an app to do the same thing (which is exactly what has happened).


Been using for some time and like it!

Verizon Z10


Basically HUB for social updates. Some people will love it.


Yeah I'm happy with the hub. No need for RSS feeds, just check websites

Posted via CB10


You don't see the convenience of RSS feeds?

Posted via CB10


This looks good but being a two phone carrier, I can't take another RSS feeder I don't think there is a bit of news I miss.

Posted via CB10


If only they add Facebook feeds on there and it will be exactly like Social Feeds

Posted via CB10

Sayumi Whisp

Sounds great :) maybe a replacement for gnewsreader... I will check it out.
Rss hub feels so unfinished

Posted via CB10


One of my most frequently used apps. Very easy to customize the feeds. Fast, efficient. Nice BlackBerry Hub like layout. No need to set up accounts, like Feedly or Google Reader. The only thing I would like to see added is offline reading, for times I am traveling abroad.

Posted via CB10

Eno Karapici

Very good aplication. I have use also previously the RSSSavvy but the FeedMinder is better. Ist fast and has also the active frames option. Integration with the Tweeter.

Also the support is very good. The designer is very helpful, for every question you will receive an prompt reply

Posted via CB10


Cha ching!

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry should implement the options of having twitter/facebook updates in BBM.

Posted via CB10


That's interesting!

Posted via CB10


Nice app! I integrated Twitter, but don't see an option for integrating Facebook. ??

Posted via CB10


Great app and I use it all the time.


I have it. It's very good, and native.

Posted via CB10


I use RSS Savvy. It's free and is the best one out there! :)

Posted via CB10


Not really, the hub is good enough

Posted via CB10


RSS Savy is the same developer. It is the free version basically with limited features. Feedminder is definitely faster and having twitter is nice too. Reader mode is great

Posted via CB10


This app is great!!!!

Posted Via Z10

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Loved the app, till I accidentally deleted all my feeds with one button. The restore default subscriptions is right at top. Should never be that accessible and needs a second button to confirm. :(

Posted via CB10


Sorry about that - I'll make sure that's not so easy to do in the next update.


It says SOCIAL integration so I buy it. But it's just Twitter. That's not social integration, that's Twitter integration. I'm sad to have buyed this one without reading deeply. Thanks to misleading review from crackberry. ;-(

Posted via BB Q10


I share your concerns too. No Facebook or Bbm. I am guessing the update will include the others.

Posted via CB10

Eli Haimov

its not like social feeds at all ppl?
social feeds was used to post the same status to many social apps ( fb, bbm and twitter)- this app doesnt do it!
social feeds aggregated SOCIAL APPS status feeds into 1 time coded stream (FB twitter and bbm), this app doesnt do that either?

besides the rss reader( which was the less important part of Social feeds app) this app doesnt do much..
what apps are there to aggregate statuses?


No Christmas special? :(

Posted via CB10


So is it exactly like Social Feeds. Reason I ask is cause I used social feeds all the time and really miss that feature in BB10

Posted via CB10


There's a parallel thread going on that includes screenshots and the following demo video that hopefully helps answer this question.


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Posted via CB10


Not a bad start!
Still waiting for:
- Feedly /YOR integration
- Caching
- Background fetching and notifications

and it will then beat combinations of a good RSS reader+social sharer


I've bought it despite lack of Feedly support because the rest of the app is superb. But I can't get the Share To or Open With Feedminder options in the BlackBerry Browser to do anything from Web pages I know have RSS feeds. Are they supposed to open the Feedminder app because nothing happens on my Q10 whether it is running in the background or not?

Posted via CB10


Some web pages, despite displaying RSS feeds, don't declare them in the standard way for readers to detect. If you could provide me the URL(s) I'll investigate to make sure that's what's going on here. I can also take a look to see if there's anything else the app could do when scanning those particular sites. (You can also contact me off-line if you'd prefer -


BlackBerry should make this free for Christmas!

Posted via CB10


Needs a Facebook feed also, add in Google plus and it's a slam dunk.

Posted via CB10


Love this App, I set up a separate folder for certain feeds just awesome

Posted via CB10