Missed out on BlackBerry 10 Super Hackathon Italy? It's now heading to Greece - Register now!

Missed out on BlackBerry 10 Super Hackathon Italy? It's now heading to Greece - Register now!
By DJ Reyes on 9 Nov 2012 12:56 pm EST

Towards the end of November a BlackBerry 10 Super Hackathon took place in Italy. If you were unable to attend that one, all is not lost. The 10-hour hackathon session is heading towards Greece. The event will be hosted once again by Luca Filigheddu, BlackBerry Developer Evangelist at RIM.

The day will give developers the opportunity to bring their app ideas to the table and spend the day bringing it to fruition. There will be BlackBerry developers on hand to assist you. There will be food, drink and plenty of Red Bull to fuel you through the day.

There are also prizes to be won on the day for the apps with the best implementaion, best UI and a few others. So, if you'd like to get hands-on, non-stop for 10 hours, building the best apps why not attend the event. It's a great chance to meet other developers as well as gain valuable knowledge at the same time.

Event details are as follows.

Athens War Museum
on the 2nd Rizari
one hundred and six seventy-six Atene

Saturday, 8 December 2012 from 07:30 to 20:00 (CET) 

For more details and to register for BlackBerry 10 Super Hackathon Greece



WOW! I am from Greece!!! I can't wait to buy Blackberry 10 when it's out! It will definitely rock!!


Yeeeeeeeeee Greece represent!!

Wish I was there right now


This is great. They guys over at greekberry.com have it covered also! Finally, getting some love over in my homeland!!!


wonder if they gonna serve saganaki with that redbull???


Isn't unemployment sky rocketing over their. Some one please educate me since I don't live there. Thanks


Best to use Google but sort it using More search tools, by last month/week/24 hours/hour to get up to date into. Unemployment sucks.


awesome news comes also here!! already registered before 2 days! :)


Ummm...article says Towards the end of November a hackathon took place in Italy. It's not even close to the end of November...and the Italy hackathon happened on October 27th.

Just sayin..