Missed the BlackBerry 10.3 Jam Direct event? You can now watch the replay

By Bla1ze on 25 Jun 2014 12:51 pm EDT

If you happened to miss out on the BlackBerry 10.3 Jam Direct event held yesterday, you can now get yourself caught up by watching the replay. Whether you're a developer or just someone who is interested in some of the changes coming with BlackBerry OS 10.3, it's something you'll want to check out. it's over two hours long, so make sure you sit aside some time to watch it all.

  • Learn how you can integrate BlackBerry 10.3 features into your app to provide your users with the best, most productive BlackBerry experience yet
  • Enjoy an interactive Q & A session with BlackBerry's development experts
  • Get an overview of the gold release of the BlackBerry 10.3 Developer Preview OS, simulator, and SDKs

If you're not interested in the replay and just want to get right into the SDK, you can check out those changes here and of course, be sure to grab the developer OS v10.3.0.700. PS: Thanks, Per. :)

Watch the full BlackBerry 10.3 Jam Direct Event

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Missed the BlackBerry 10.3 Jam Direct event? You can now watch the replay


Wow. Bla1ze, once again.... absolutely fantastic job. You really are lighting a new, fresh fire under the CrackBerry pot. Thanks Chief.

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I totally agree. I am loving the passion and information! I just hope that he doesn't burn out. He is going way above what CB had in the recent past, and I just hope that he has help in writing these articles!

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This is CrackBerry 2.0 the Bla1ze version. Keep them coming. The old CrackBerry was getting a little stale. I like the new refreshed go, go, go version. Maybe you'll eventually get upgraded to BlackBerry CEO, since KM never made the cut...

And is now amongst the smartest in the BlackBerry news business.

B1aze, can you please get Simon to help out please?

Business focus has been lacking beyond the phones in terms of news for:

- not one single post about SAP apps which is a pure enterprise focused application, and a platinum partner for BlackBerry not to mention two very high level executives are from SAP! There are a few minor threads but where's the front page meat?!

Partnerships and how they affect the community, BlackBerry as a business.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

If you been coming here long enough (to some) yes... he's family. Don't know how long you've been coming here so not implying anything.

Just saying.

PS- Bla1ze, did you remove the "typed on my Galaxy Note from that article? Just teasing... you're doing a fine job.

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When you follow someone for long enough, they become a part of your life. This is a place where we are free to say what we don't like (so they can change it) or support them when they are doing things right.

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Get it? See what he/she did there? Bla1ze is on fire? ;-)

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Who's this bla1ze you talk of? In other news today's CB reminds me the early days. Who's responsible for that? :)

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Was there a Q and A? With it? Any sense of the Dev reception to all the news lately? It sounds like they are going to be supported more in this manner than in personal contact. I could be way off.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

For your next podcast you might want to use 'Fire' by The Ohio Players .

I just thought it might be appropriate.

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Didn't like the troll on the chat at the jam session. Was interesting though.

Developing for 10.3 right now.

Want a new passport!

You can't watch Flash (Abobe Connect) through the app. You need to either open the link in the native browser (with Flash turned on) or view it on a computer. And honestly you will want to view on a bigger screen, not your phone.

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I like this type of presentation format. I'm so excited for BB10 developers. You get more APIs, better headless debug tools, etc.

1 a conserve of fruit and sugar boiled to a thick consistency.
2 Brit. colloq. something easy or pleasant (money for jam).
(jammed, jamming) 1 spread jam on.
2 make (fruit etc.) into jam. jam tomorrow a pleasant thing often promised but usu. never forthcoming.

OS - Z10 Bell - My FIRST full touch screen phone.

I get notifications yesterday about os update.. but I can't find now anything about update help plssss...

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Really getting tired of clicking links in here that tell me that due to some lame thing missing from my BB10 browser, that I can't view the BlackBerry video.

I would have loved the idea of being able to swipe the apps closed just like on the PlayBook...given the smaller screen real estate of the phones, it would have worked even better and made more sense on a Z10 or Z30 etc.

Also a virtual "shut down" (and even "standby") button a la the PlayBook would have been a plus!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!


Some these accounts praising the staff seem fake.

Maybe just trying to make themselves feel loved

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I don't know how the new inbox for messaging looks like... anyone with a snapshot.. am head over heels with the new twitter updated inbox thread interface.. really clean and cool... dont judge me..

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well im waiting for the 10.3 hope it comes as soon as possible.. I even tried autoloader 10.2.2 but it seems that there is an eror because it doesn't lunch..

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I use Q10. And it says it can't download adobe Flash player for my device. I use 10.2 the latest OS. Why do you provide the link if it is not viewable.

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