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By DJ Reyes on 17 May 2012 12:07 pm EDT

A lot of BlackBerry developers who travelled to Orlando to attend BlackBerry 10 Jam were left feeling excited for the future of BlackBerry development after the event. Alec Saunders gave the keynote speech for BlackBerry 10 Jam but recording was not allowed within the auditorium. However, RIM themselves filmed the keynote but have only previously released snippets of it.

If you've been wanting and waiting for the whole keynote to be released, you'll be happy to know that it is now available to watch in it's entirety. I have just watched it and it definitely gets my pumped up for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour



Alec Saunders is the new Steve Jobs though he is "just" a VP. Doesn't matter. Alec's ability to rally developers is hard to match.


Hmm, BB 10 phone at 2:53 with physical buttons?


Looks like a 9860 to me ... one of the Torch Touch phones.


I was going to mention that it looks like the Curve Touch. Plus, it's BLUE! Is that a new color?


are we going to see the music video they recorded just before he took the stage? I've heard that was amazing.


I heard they do not have the rights to show it outside BB10Jam.

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Developers, here is a guy who is fully committed to your success.
Alec is sincere, informed and available.

Love what is happening at RIM.


Alec is a true leader... very inspiring... the kind of guy you'd want to work for and he's navigating developer relations in a very complex business environment with an extremely well developed strategy.


What a great public speaker. Very human and sincere!


Yeah I must say... I was impressed with his performance on stage... Keep it up RIM - we're all cheerin for ya come BB10! (I know I know... Some are also 'jeerin')


that man has so much damn passion for this.


"over the summer" so a September or October launch


I don't care how much of a BlackBerry fanboy or fangirl you are, the blatant shots at Apple are awkward and, although he's trying to be playful, unprofessional. To balance this out: I hope BlackBerry 10 is great!


Alec is doing a great job at RIM


Need to get this phone out b4 the Iphon5 in Oct. I have a lot of bb friends that will be jumping ship if it does not come out first


Those friends likely don't have newer blackberry smartphones, but the OS 5 or 6 ones. Tell them to jump to the blackberry 7 platform until bb10 does come out in october/november (the estimated drop date in stores). If they don't, it shows they have TOO MANY HIGH EXPECTATIONS. They won't be able to appreciate what any smartphone will offer.

PS. Having the latest-greatest isn't always the best, because satisfation will never be satisfied.


They won't probably be jumping ship.