Miss Me Yet? :)

Do you miss me yet?
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Aug 2012 04:55 pm EDT

Ahh.. the Joy of Tech. Always good for a chuckle.

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Miss Me Yet? :)


Funny strip but the truth is everyone copied iPhone, iPad and iPod. That being said, I hate Apple.
Playbook, the one and only

Yeah, but that's the problem : copied what? A rectangle with rounded corners? Even the old brick phones a la Gordon Gecko had rounded corners. Jobs inspiration was the 'no parking sign,among many others. Somewhere in an archeology museum is some stone tablets with rounded corners. It’s like claiming to have invented the shape of a tv screen, or a tipi - some things just make sense that way.
BlackBerry had rounded corners and a shiny bezel and voice command and...long before the iphone.
So...who's zoomin' who?

everyone copied iPhone? Apple also copied a lot from everywhere...

this stupid wars Apple vs Samsung vs Microsoft vs Motorolla vs HTC vs RIM vs Santa...

The bill is and will be paid by the consumer.

So bloody true .... and their argument is still, or has recently been in many legal jurisdictions around the world!

AND they're both LOSERS!!!

Apple and Samsung's lawsuits really have no affect on their consumers. Has nothing to do with which devices are better. I don't get it. This is a total fallacy.

Yeah, just because Apple is suing someone means I don't like the iPhone... if people went around thinking like that, no one would want to own anything because that's the world of business. Nice try.

So I guess if the note or sg3 didn't get the ok for sale in USA it still doesn't affect the consumer directly. Or any lawsuit that bars a product (any one) from a market still won't affect consumers sure.

I agree with the rest of your statement but that first part..... Think before you type!

I like how in evidence, Apple claims that Best Buy told them people were returning Samsung tablets because they thought they bought an iPad. This just further emphasizes that consumers don't even know what they are buying and didn't do any research before making a decision. How anyone can walk into a store, spend hundreds of dollars and purchase the wrong product beats all I've ever seen. I couldn't imagine blindly dropping that kind of cash on a product. Ridiculous

Sounds like these consumers can't read either...the label on the box that would have said Samsung and not Apple iPad. O_o

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

+200000 crackie points for you, that's what I thought when I read that statement, I don't think there's any truth to it.

Here's another viewpoint. Pretend you know nothing about consumer electronics. You walk into a store and they give you the pitch. Is it your fault you bought what someone convinced you to buy? My point: think average consumer

If a customer walks in a store and ask for Apple iPad and end up buying another because they 'mistakenly' thought its an iPad thats most likely a below average customer.

Salespersons will sell anything to the buyer who is even remotely unaware. If I told my mom to go get a GS3 and the salesperson asked enough questions to realize she hasn't a clue, it's not her fault. The average consumer couldn't give a crap. The average consumer buys what salespersons tell them.

That's funny. But this should make RIM realize that rectangular black or white slabs are getting old.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

So then, what shape should a cell phone be? Pear shaped, round, or maybe triangular. The shape of the human hand and head dictate the form that works. Cell phones have always been rectangular, it just works.

Color is a different story, but of the literally millions of shades of color available which do you chose to mass market?

Aren't all phones rectangular? May as well say iPhone copied BBs cuz BB was in the mobile phone business before Apple. All phones end up with the same shape. Components and software makes the difference.

I miss bbm. thats it really, oh and occasionally i miss my qwerty but i wouldnt trade my iphone 4s for anything else on the market today.

Funny...I can say with utmost confidence that I would never, ever own an iphone ever (or any product made by apple for that matter). I guess I'm just not technologically impaired enough and I don't feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars on a product that does not fit my needs just to impress my apple-loving friends.

That comic was quite funny. Gotta say though that "Mr/Mrs consumer average" could care less about the squabbles between cell phone manufacturers.

I see iPod. I see phone. Byproduct looks cool and no one expects it. Phone tied in with entertainment ecosystem. I see apps. I like apps. I get phone. I like phone. I tell friend cuz I see iPhone.

Several years later...

RIM: What happened?
RIM: You Better figure it out. You have five months or else the Dodo awaits.

I left for 7 months but came back and got a brand new bold 9900 so happy with my decision.. I miss BB so much especially dealing with windows phone for that time I was on my hiatus!