miShuffle for Facebook: Update your status with a clever saying right from your BlackBerry device

By Kerri Neill on 12 Jul 2011 10:54 am EDT

Now, thanks to miShuffle for Facebook, I will never be at a loss for something to say on my Facebook page. The folks over at loopSpin Inc have given us a status shuffle application for our BlackBerry devices with a simple, easy to use UI and small footprint (115.9 KB). With miShuffle, you simply select one of the categories listed and choose your status. As a nice little addition you can even submit your own clever status sayings for others to enjoy (subject to approval first). There is also the ability to modify a status message before publishing it to your Facebook wall. The application works flawlessly on my device and updates my Facebook status immediately. MiShuffle is currently available for $1.99 (regular price is $2.99) so give it a shot and let us know what you think.

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That'll get you unfriended really quick


Is it possible to make socializing any more impersonal after using this app? Isn't it practically getting a computer to generate your thoughts?

Kerri Neill

Isn't the fact that you're "socializing" via a computer rather impersonal anyway? Sometimes you just want to say something funny and this app gives you some quick suggestions.


I don't use this app, but aren't things like this available free through Facebook


tried the app, had to call support because it would error out. Still waiting on a resolution for the issue or I just threw 2 bucks away :(


Pretty lame. No where close to the status shuffle. Needs more topics and updated quotes. Wish I could have my dollar back.


Present is too the ability to adapt a status communication before publishing it to your Face volume partition.
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