Mireo navigation and it's free trial updated for BlackBerry Q10 support

By James Richardson on 23 May 2013 07:18 am EDT

A while back we told you about the Mireo voice guided satellite application and the fact that it comes with a free seven day trial. The developer dropped me an email to let us know that BlackBerry Q10 owners can now take advantage of the app and with it's free trial there is no reason not too.

Of course, we already have the native BlackBerry Maps app which does a decent job, but if you jump into the settings of Mireo you will see a bunch of options - such as speed camera alerts, speed alerts, language and units just to name a few - so there are many advantages over the native Maps app.

If you decide to purchase a map after the free trial all future updates will be free and unlimited which sounds good to me. Mireo really is a beauty and if you drive I would highly recommend giving it a try - what have you got to lose?

If you missed our demo video of Mireo on the Z10 you can catch it here.

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Mireo navigation and it's free trial updated for BlackBerry Q10 support


I use this app all the time on my Z10. It's like having a Tom Tom GPS inside your phone.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

The update came with an updated map too. To answer the above question, the maps are around $20 with lifetime updates. Mireo is by far the best nav app around, even if the name is kinda silly.

Posted via Zeppelin

Agree with above, wish the gps didn't flake out causing the need to restart the app. But it's like getting a TOMTOM for 20$ sweet.

Posted Via CB10 from Z10.

I use this app in my Z10 and I love it!

Apart from using it for driving as a GPS, it also is really helpful in business trips for moving around the city and double checking my appointment locations, or knowing where the taxi drives you. Just very useful and all on the device, saving up on Data, very happy with it!

(It tends to have some "hanging" issues with favorites and the UI could be improved some. Finally, unless I have totally missed it, a walking mode would be great!).

Seriously, it is a good investment this app, I have really - really made a good use of it!

I really wanted to love Waze, because I love the concept, but I had such bad luck with it. On a number of occasions it simply couldn't find an address. The search function didn't work well for me. It once sent me to a road that was nonexistent, and on a another occasion, it sent me about 20-30 miles off in the middle of a residential area in a wrong town when looking for a large retail store that I had searched in Waze itself.

Why isn't this an 'Editors' Choice' application? In your initial review your thoughts were, " I've actually been using the app for a couple of weeks and I must say it is pretty sweet" and "Mireo really is a beauty and if you drive I would highly recommend giving it a try"?

It works ok but there are two caveats: the database for USA is a 2.5GB download (OTA for me since don't have fast wifi anywhere around here) that must reside in the device main storage (cannot be moved to SD card) and my Z10 needs to remain plugged in and gets very hot while running the app, to the point where it will start to randomly reboot.

Also, database updates are the full size, not partial.

Other than all that it's great!
Posted via CB10

Its a good app. The SD card thing will be a very significant update. I travel to areas without cell service pretty often, Mireo sticks with me all the way. Now with my new latest and greatest severely limited data plan, thanks VZW, its worth a few bucks up front.

Love Mireo. Alongside Waze, Google Maps Web, Google Maps Sideload, and 10.1 default TomTom maps every situation is covered.

Posted via CB10

I tried using this app a couple of times and while it works pretty well it caused reboots mid-navigation which was really annoying. If you're willing to live with some instability then go for it. And yes, the NA map is a 2.5GB download to your phone.

Posted via CB10

Wrote developer last night and got this reply this morning regarding sd card access.

"We are currently working on enabling the SD card map transfer.

Notwithstanding bugs, we hope to have it released with a few weeks."


Posted via CB10