Mireo navigation updated once again - this time with SD card map storage support

By James Richardson on 5 Jul 2013 03:27 am EDT

Just a quicky for you folk that use Mireo as your BlackBerry 10 sat nav of choice. A recent update was pushed out and although you will see from the list below that most things are bug fixes there is one thing that really stands out - and that's now the ability to store maps on your microSD card.

With this new feature in place it will clearly free up some extra space on your device memory, allowing you to squeeze in some extra apps/games - nice to see. If you haven't tried the app yet there is no reason not to as you get a free 7 day trial and from experience it's a beauty.

Mireo supports all BlackBerry 10 smartphones so whether you are Z10, Q10 or Q5 owner you can get from A-B with no stress.

Full updates include:

  • Storing maps to the SD card
  • 4 Arabic letters added to the custom keyboard
  • Fixed invalid input boxes in the search window for RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew)
  • Bugfix for route recalculation after a route settings change (fastest - shortest, avoidance settings, etc)
  • Bugfix for voice instruction in left driving countries (sometimes it said "Exit the highway on the right." which was wrong)
  • Bugfix for invalid icon rendering on RTL layouts (Arabic, Hebrew)
  • Bugfix for nearby POIN search (affects only Greece map with Premium POIs)
  • Better results for Indian house number search
  • Stability and performance improvements

More information/Download Mireo for BlackBerry 10

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Good stuff!

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Didn't see the option to store map on sd. Can't find it within the app, anyone can point me in the right direction? :)

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You need to go to your base maps and press update, it will give you the option to save the map in the SD card. BTW there is a new map update for Northamerica.


It appears if you remove existing maps and then do the content restore. You will be asked where to store downloaded content.

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However, the app seems to have issues saving content on a SD card. Download progress just loops from 100% back to 0%...

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Same here but they are aware of the issue and already working on fix (I've just got reply from support).

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Storing to SD is an option many has asked for, I'm really glad to see developers got it done. Good job!
Though I have a ton of free memory on my phone, since most of the media is stored to SD. I don't have a lot of apps. Plus I don't feel like downloading the map again just yet, maybe the day my internal memory runs out. Love this app, get it!

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Nice to see the SD option.

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Dj Teknision

There were issues yesterday with maps saving to SD card. I'm not sure if the issue is fixed yet. When you try to download to SD card it will get to 100% then start over with download process.


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This was already commented on above.


The app is free, but how much if I wanted to buy US/Canada maps?

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They were initially $19, I think, but there was a sale recently when they dropped to $12.99


Thanks for confirming the price!

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James do you know how to move it to the sd card?

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Just downloaded the trial, didn't see an option to store maps on memory card. Any ideas

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Just had response from developer he said there is a bug in the sd card process.. which they are working on.. advice don't try anything with sd card until a new release is made

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Yep I hold on till they fix it

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Thanks for reporting.

Dave Bourque

Developer knows about the problem so we can expect a hot fix soon.

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Awe. Some. :)

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I got the looping issue with the SD card, so I'm on hold with that... but I just wanted to add my comment that this app is AWESOME! I paid for the NA maps and traffic (when it was full price) and it still was less than a few months of AT&T Navigator and half what my son's Garmin GPS cost. It works very well and has never lead me astray and I travel almost daily for work. :-)


Hi just loaded it on my sd card and it works great!

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Aside from it being useless right now due to the above stated bug, which I'm sure will be fixed soon, I have to say, I love this app.
It's a full on GPS unit for only $12.99!! Cannot go wrong with that price. I didn't get the traffic add on because the point for me is not to use data, and that add on uses it (might as well use BlackBerry maps). But with the North American maps, I get turn by turn (no text to speech yet, which dev said they are working on), speed and camera warnings, and everything I would get with a $100 dedicated unit. And having it on my phone saves me the room that the GPS would otherwise take up as well.
I showed it to a friend who has an iPhone and he looked for it in his app store and the maps are $24.00 for him, or something like that (haha, sucker!).
I highly recommend this app.

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Keeps downloading over and over. Waste of time.

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Take time to read the posts and you will see the issue is known and being worked on. Read before you make useless comments.

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My sentiments exactly, Saint

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I just tried the 'uninstall and reinstall' technique and it all works fine now. I had the same issue as mentioned above - the looping problem. I went on and uninstalled the app, then went into the file manager and deleted the app directory from my SD card, went back and reinstalled the app and re downloaded the content, asked to have the maps download to the SD card, downloaded fine and now seems to work great. Just my 2 cents worth ... thanks ...

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Just tried this myself....no cure for me. I'm on 10.1.2014, z10...in Canada (Koodo Service)....downloading attempted from my home wifi network.
I'll wait to see a solution posted from the vendor.


I'm in Canada too on Rogers running a Z10 on ... was surprised when download completed after first run through and all tested ok with map now on SD card... and still no issues...

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Went through the long process of updating my maps without getting the option to save to the SD card. I hope the fix will allow moving the map without re-installation.

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+1 on loving this application. Drove from Florida to Maine 2 weeks ago and this thing was flawless. Routed around NYC and DC without issue. Found obscure addresses. Especially like the advance notice of upcoming turns and advice on proper lane for multi lane interstate turns. Developer is super quick to respond and seems truly interested in his products and cushion service. This is a deal!

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