Mireo Navigation now offering a 40% discount on all maps

By James Richardson on 5 Jun 2013 01:17 pm EDT

You may have seen us cover Mireo for BlackBerry 10 a short while ago as it offers a ton of extra features over the native voice guided navigation we get with BlackBerry Maps. If you tried out the free seven day trial you get with the app but were reluctant to purchase your regional map then now may be a good time to have a re-think.

The developers got in touch with me to let you all know that they are currently offering a 40% discount on all maps. The prices do vary depending where in the world you are but below are a few examples of the original price .vs the discount:

  • Eastern Europe - was $29.99 - now $17.99
  • North America - was $19.99 - now $12.99
  • South Africa - was $29.99 - now $17.99
  • UK - was $18.99 - now $12.99
  • Bulgaria - was $11.99 - now $7.99

Mireo really is a great voice guided satellite application. If you missed our initial video of it you can check it out here. Alternatively, if you didn't give it a try you can get you seven day trial from the link below. It gets the thumbs up from me. It runs like a dream.

More information/Download Mireo for free for BlackBerry 10

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Mireo Navigation now offering a 40% discount on all maps


Works great, if you loose the satellite just gesture as if you're peeking at notifications and boom it comes right back

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I just used it this weekend for a trip to the USA and it worked as well as the standalone GPS. One way it surpasses the Garmin/TomTom units is that it is much quicker to enter addresses using the BlackBerry keyboard.

It uses a lot of battery, so for long trips, a charge source is needed.

Damn, already bought my maps... Maybe they could lower the traffic update and ill buy that...

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Seems like a good deal now. Still I hope soon there will be a native offline navigation app for BB10.

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Great application. Being offline I use it in preference to BlackBerry maps. It is just as good. Great for Canada and US.

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Now if only they would give a better discount for taking all the maps. As someone who is constantly travelling thats a feature I would like

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It's a little wee island. If someone gets list there they shouldn't be there at all :). Lol. Sorry no idea. I've never been suppose I shouldn't say anything heh

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Excellent news. I suppose it would too much to hope for it to work on the PlayBook if/when the PlayBook gets OS10? If so it would be awesome though!!

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Are addresses searchable offline? Or do you have to be online for that?

I'm guessing for traffic you have to be online?

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I bought this app and download the maps. But I can't navigate. The app will find no gps signal. Is there an GPS fix available?


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This is a native app, and other than the traffic updates (if you buy the traffic add-on), is entirely off-line. The maps, the address and POI database, the routing/re-rerouting functions all function entirely without need for a data connection. Every release has gotten better and better, and I look forward to the next release, which I'm hoping will bring SD card storage of maps (I'd love to take advantage of the 40% sale, but I don't have enough on-device storage to keep all those maps as well as all my other data and apps), and integration with contacts and maybe phone..

Warning. I have just uninstalled the Mireo app. Why?

Because the North American maps come in a 2.3GB file and took my 16GB Flash memory to being almost full. This had implications when running other applications. On uninstalling it now Skype for BlackBerry 10 operates properly and the Picture Viewer works once again with PlayCloud.

Mireo needs to offer an option to put these map files on the SD Card.

The North America map looks like it uses 2.5 gigs of memory. Does this load on the microSD or does it use the phone's on-board storage?

Makes sense. I got mine a month ago, so half off now is about right. Seriously, its worth full price. I really wish they would get that SD card thing sorted out. What a slow server they have, I have to re-download the maps after installing each leaked update.

Warning. This is a great app. It actually uses a TomTom map. If you compare this to the price of a standalone GPS, it's a steal even without the discount.

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God dammitt! Stupid mireo stayed the download as soon as i bought the app, instead of giving me the option of using wifi. Now Ive wasted half of my 2 gb limit in a matter of 30 seconds, and I still ha e 25 days left in the month.

I bought the app not only for the maps, bit also as a show of support for the developer for bringing thier work to bb10. To get screwed like this is extremely annoying.

They need to have a notification like BlackBerry World does, when downloading large files.

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I was tempted to buy, but it requires rights to get device identying info and access to BBM to run. On some apps, these are options that you can refuse and the app will still run. Not with Mireo. That makes me suspicious. Then, once I have the app, do I have to give credit card info to buy maps? That worries me more.

Bummer, just paid $20 for the North American maps just a couple of days ago, oh well, it's only money.

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Checked it out but it doesn't seem to support external memory. Loading all these maps onto the internal is a problem. I'll consider buying it once external memory is supported. It does look like a good map app though.

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For my needs with only UK maps, this is a great app and all I need in a satnav... great job mireo!!

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Mireo is the best app I have on my Z10. Bought UK and North America maps at full price which I thought was good value so this offer is a steal.
I had a problem with one of the downloads which was soon sorted out, support is very good.

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Just used trial maps in UK and it works great. Works through my blue tooth as well. Only thing that's missing is the time you will arrive at your destination - does anyone know if that's on the full version?

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Put your phone is landscape and the estimated time of arrival is on the bottom right hand side of the screen just below distance left to your destination

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I downloaded the app, bought a map and asked about SD card support and possibility to use the map with the new (SD-card enabled) version. Here is Mireo's answer:

Thanks for choosing our app!
You will be able to get your map once the SD install option is available.
We plan to release this update towards the end of June/beginning of July to coincide with the next major map update.