Need an awesome Sat Nav for BlackBerry 10? Check out Mireo and its free trial

By James Richardson on 10 Apr 2013 03:14 pm EDT

There's a new kid on the block if you're looking for a voice guided navigation app for BlackBerry 10. Mireo is available to download from BlackBerry World and although maps require payment you do get seven days of free use to test it out which I think is a super move by the developers.

There is a huge selection of maps/countries to choose from and as you will see from the below list many are using the maps from TomTom so you know you will be getting a quality product. I've actually been using the app for a couple of weeks and I must say it is pretty sweet. Of course, we do get navigation built into the native BlackBerry 10 Maps app now but Mireo offers a ton more features, so if you rely on a sat nav on a regular basis this one could well be just what you need.

If you jump into the settings of Mireo you will see a bunch of options - such as speed camera alerts, speed alerts, language and units just to name a few. You really can set the app up just how you like it.

With a search tab at the base of the screen finding a location only takes a few seconds. There is also a volume tab here, which I love, so you can use a bar to adjust the volume with ease.

If you decide to purchase a map after the free trial all future updates will be free and unlimited which sounds good to me. Mireo really is a beauty and if you drive I would highly recommend giving it a try - what have you got to lose?

Available Maps:

  • North America (TomTom) The package includes the US & Canada
  • Western Europe (TomTom) The package includes AT, BE & LU, DK, FI, FR, DE, IE, IT, MT, NL, NO, PT, ES, SE, CH, GB)
  • Eastern Europe (TomTom/Mireo) The package includes AL, BY, BiH, BG, HR, CZ, EE, GR, HU, LV, LT, MK, MD, ME, PL, RO, RS, SK, SI)
  • Russia (TomTom)
  • GCC and Egypt (TomTom) The package includes Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & UAE
  • India (Street level map by MapmyIndia)India (Premium map with house numbers by MapmyIndia)
  • Brazil (Imagem)
  • DACH (TomTom) The package includes Germany, Austria & Switzerland
  • Benelux (TomTom) The package includes Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxemburg
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (Mireo)
  • British Isles (TomTom: w/ UK 7 Digit Postcodes) The package includes Great Britain & Ireland
  • Bulgaria (MMCN)
  • Croatia (Mireo)
  • France (TomTom)
  • Greece (GeoIntelligence including Speed Camera Alerts)
  • Iberia (TomTom) The package includes Spain & Portugal
  • Italy (TomTom)
  • Poland (Emapa including Speed Camera Alerts)
  • Romania (Suncart including Speed Camera Alerts)
  • Scandinavia (TomTom)
  • Serbia & Montenegro (Contrast)
  • Slovenia (Monolit map)
  • Ukraine (CarteBlanche)

More information/Download Mireo for free from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Need an awesome Sat Nav for BlackBerry 10? Check out Mireo and its free trial


I also like the BlackBerry traffic maps. I think it works just fine. It works well with your contacts and the voice directions are great.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry and Google maps are both good nav apps, but Mireo is a few steps above those. Can you turn your data off and use either? Nope. With Mireo you can because it only uses the GPS like a real navigation device. It looks awesome, works great, looks good and loads fast. Try it!

There are others. Not many but some. The native BlackBerry maps are useless until they support pedestrians for me.
Dies this app offer pedestrian support?

Posted via CB10

It's not that awesome since they don't feel like to push the very latest maps... But yeah, it's pretty good.

I've tried it already, and I have to admit, it's pretty nice. Very fluid and intuitive, definately worth to try out.
The price tag of the maps is quite heavy (for an app), but since it uses TomTom data, I suppose it's not too much.
Shame that I haven't got myself a Z10 car mount yet...

As an alternative, you could sideload Google Navigation, which is even a little better imo. (and free)
Just too bad that Google Nav always loses the GPS signal....

Native BlackBerry Maps on BlackBerry 10 for me is worse than BlackBerry OS since my country (Uruguay) is not even covered! :(. I'm using a sideloaded Google maps for Android.... and testing Ease too...

Posted via CB10

Valid, I live in canada so maps are perfect so far. Even makes better decisions in a few instances than my mom's Garmin. 200$ for a gps and my phone does better lol

Posted via CB10

Offline maps is a real winner here. Installed and I'll be happily paying for the maps in due course.

Posted via CB10

Downloaded the trial version and bought the full western Europe before the trial ended, very nice app compared to buying a tom tom ,well done

Posted via CB10

since CB turned me on to Waze I use it constantly and moved all my other driving apps to the last page.

Waze works brilliantly if you have a good data plan and I just love the user community feeding it. There's no better way to get info on accidents, hidden hazards, etc. etc.

I just need BlackBerry Maps to start working! But good to see there is a choice! Thanks to the developer.

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Looks like a nice addition. Nothing worse than needing directions and your "only" mapping app decides to go on break!
Pricing isn't too bad for other platforms, so hopefully Z10 pricing will stay consistant.

Bought both map and traffic for north America. Works really well and replacing my Garmin.

Have had a couple points where app gps stalls but quick restart fixes it. Not sure if it is phone or app.

I still use BlackBerry maps as well. But prefer not to worry about data usage and like offline maps. Traffic uses data of course.

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Does the traffic show side streets for north America including toronto similar to HD Traffic from tomtom?

Posted via CB10

I need offline maps for south America countries (Chile, Argentina, Perú) . Any app good for that?

Posted via CB10

Mireo is currently working on this. Here is the response that I had received:

"We are currently working to enable transferring the maps to the SD card. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this right now.

I will certainly let everyone know about any progress regarding this issue on our facebook page and on our our twitter @mireogps
Kindest regards,

I'm a navigation junkie. My favorite was Sprint's Telenav app until I switched to Verizon. Found out quick that Verizon's navigation app isn't available for the Z10. That's when I went looking for one and I found my favorite of all time: Mireo! Just awesome. Any navigation app that I can use even with my data off, is tops! It has a beautiful interface and works fast and accurate. Very, very smooth and I haven't experienced a glitch yet. After the 7 day trial, I bought it. Highly recommended.

I've used ATT Navigator from Telenav for many, many years, and as with the Verizon launch, Navigator was conspicuous in its absence, so I've been scrambling around a bit. BB Maps does work, in a minimalist way, and I've tried Waze, which is an interesting approach to traffic and hazards. But Waze seems noncommittal to BB 10 platform, so blah. I'm downloading the NA map as I type, so I will give it a try. Last week I was on a 2,500 mile round trip in which I used Waze and BB Maps. Either app didn't get me much lost, but neither did they sell me, so lets go Mireo!

This is will always be better for people like me who don't have unlimited data. This works. Offline so that is great. Only problem is the 2 gig of space it takes up for NA map. Hope sd support comes soon

Posted via CB10

I tried it out and it is nice but the one thing that BlackBerry Maps does that this one doesn't is allow you to select a destination from your contacts. If it had that it would be great! Still it is very good.

Posted via CB10

I have tried it. First time out it lost GPS lock two blocks from destination. Second time it worked fine. The UI is a bit confusing when planning routes but after some experimenting I got the gist of it. Its a good app. Well worth buying.

The off line appeals to me but preventing you from having the large in size maps on your sd card dampens that for me. I understand it but there must be a way for them to prevent you abusing them there. Give me that ability and I will buy it.

Personally in finding the pre installed BlackBerry maps brilliant with no real complaints. And if I need walking directions I just use the mobile site of Google maps and find that it works great as well.

Posted from CB10 on my LE Zed 10

Standard maps works just fine, but mireo takes satnav to a different level, with beautiful graphics, great ui, speed, and other great features. The rolls Royce of satnav, well worth the money

Posted via CB10

Any one knows
1. How much space it takes for NA maps?
2. How much it costs?
3. Does it have live traffic?

Posted via CB10

Does Mireo support points of interest, like fuel and coffee? If it has a quick access button to find the closest Tim's, im sold! ;-)

Love this app. It locked up twice during the trial period and I had to get off the hiway to reset. Still waiting for the developers to get back to me on that. If they can resolve that issue, I'm willing to pay for it.

Love the idea of saving the map to SD. Two GB is a lot on a 16GB phone.

Posted via CB10

I sent them an email to ask few questions and also added that I've heard a few comments from people about the app freezing up (haven't experienced it myself). They said that they were aware of it and were working on an update.

That they are working on an update is good news. As I do a lot of hiway driving, I am not willing to purchase the app until that issue is resolved.

Hear so many mention how the native app is great. I miss BlackBerry traffic from my 9780. The native app does not have a few important features like alternate routes, see the route in writing, cannot zoom out so as to see the bigger picture etc
It is accurate and responsive but as mentioned Waze does a great job.
I don't know if I am missing something and not doing it right.
I love my Z10 though :)))

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Southern Africa (SA, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho) and South Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Philippines) map packages for Mireo DON'T PANIC will be released in the coming weeks. You can follow them on twitter @mireogps or facebook to get the latest info.

I've got the native maps, Magellan Compass, Waze, Google Maps Android and Mireo on my device, and they've all got plusses and minuses..

Magellan and Mireo have the plusses that they can basically go data free.. Magellan can cache maps from a variety of free online sources and only requires a small amount of data to do routing. That said, Magellan fails for me because it cannot start navigation unless you are on a known road.. If you're off the beaten path, it just tells you to drive to the start point to start navigation, which really is not helpful.. Mireo uses commercial map data packs which are expensive (but made up for due to free upgrades), and is entirely data free (everything including routing and POIs is done offline.. Great if you're traveling internationally and have limited roaming data.. But, Mireo still has a few bugs and limitations: the GPS just cuts out occasionally and the app has to be quit and restarted (long press on the 'X' or use the in-app quit command), it has a few screen update and rotation bugs, no way to cancel a download or delete a downloaded map, and most importantly, no integration with the BB10 contacts address book, nor does it support cut and paste of address data..

I think that BlackBerry better should develop one, because They can do it!!! Qnx is getting better and bigger in its detail!

Posted via CB for BlackBerry Z10

I downloaded the app, took am hour on wifi at home but the app seems to be running smooth. So it runs thru Sats, do I need to do anything with my data or am I good? Several people have mentioned something about turning data off. I have only 3gb data plan thru AT&T and don't want to be in danger of using data with this app by accident as I use navigation thru my work daily. Thanks.

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With Miero, how do you get the pois to display in the search box from nearest to furthest from your location? For example, if I search for dunkin donuts with BlackBerry maps, it shows the closest shop to me. Miero showed dunkin donuts all over the state.

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I am going to try this out. I travel all over so I have always liked having a dedicated GPS rather than using my phone. I did like the maps that Nokia has. They let you download in the US each state separately so I only needed about 100 megs or so for Indiana and surrounding states. It would be nice to be able to leave off the California maps since i don't need those.

Posted via CB10

Just downloaded and tried on the way home. It works very well though its U I is not as good as stand alone Tom Tom but better than Garmin

Will buy the maps after 7 days trial but don't know if it includes life time update or not.

Posted via CB10

I also like the BlackBerry maps it does its job and takes me where I need to go!

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know what happens if I switch devices? Will the app re-download the maps once re-installed with the same BlackBerry ID? Or do I have to pay again?

I asked same question to mireo. Answer: You may switch device for free but will need to reload the bought maps.
By the way, Mireo also answered that SD-card support will be available by july