Microsoft rolls out MSN app for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 14 Aug 2013 01:29 am EDT

Although I can't honestly say it's my first source of news, MSN remains a top destination for many and now Microsoft has brought their MSN app to BlackBerry 10. Overall, it's a pretty basic app but Microsoft has added some features to the mix to adapt it to the BlackBerry 10 platform a bit. If you're not really into loading up your browser to hit MSN each time, here's what you can expect from the app.

  • MSN's Top Channels: News, Sport, Entertainment, Lifestyle - optimized for touch
  • MSN's News channel brings you the latest stories locally and from around the world, enhanced by vivid photo galleries that capture the moment
  • Swipe to view top stories in each channel - Keep up with breaking news in the world of football, UFC, Formula 1 and more
  • Take a quick glance at current weather conditions
  • One tap to view your Outlook inbox (once you're logged in)
  • Want to share that great cat video? Just tap and share via SMS, email or on your social networks 

If you're looking to get in on MSN, you'll find it live on BlackBerry World right now for the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10. The BlackBerry Q5 is oddly left off the list but I'm guessing that will be added later given there is no difference between that and the Q10 version. Someone just forgot to tick off that little box that says it's ok to run on the Q5.

Download MSN for BlackBerry 10

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Microsoft rolls out MSN app for BlackBerry 10


Quick to correct the typo! Not a source of news for me, but I guess many that still have Internet Explorer as their main PC browser probably still have this as their start page.

With 6 toolbars.

Good thing at least: it's native.

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Ah, another browser snob I see. I build and fix computers as a side thing, hardware and software, been doing that for well over a decade now. I've tried many different browsers including chrome, firefox, opera, mozilla, etc. And honestly, IE works fine and renders pages most accurately. Just don't install useless add-ons and tool bars and you're good to go. Don't blame the software when you're the one clicking yes and ok to everything without reading it first inadvertently installing all kinds of useless crap that slows down your browser and PC in general...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

IE is my main browser. And my home page ("start page" is a term invented by Microsoft when they released IE3) is about:blank.

When i try to download the app it says it's not available for this device,

Posted by my BlackBerry Z10

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Same here. Damn BlackBerry world regional segregation. I knew that update was fishy.

Note to self: If an app or service is doing exactly what u downloaded it for, don't upgrade. Period.

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I'm just going to think in my mind that Microsoft building any app for BB10 is a sign of weakness and fear for the inevitable overtaking of BB10 over Windows Phone.

Lol +1, I was of the mind that it could signal M$'s willingness to develop for BB10, and natively too. Maybe we'll even see Skype and other apps receive quality native versions.

...Okay, that might be asking for much. :p

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

I used to use SkyDrive when I owned a Windows Phone but I actually prefer Dropbox on BlackBerry 10 more. I like the way it is integrated with the file manager and I like the way it can be pinned to Docs to Go.

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Forget an MSN app. What about releasing some real MS office apps like One note or MS Project? Blackberry is known as the phone for business but there's no real PM app out for the Z10. I don't want another task app posing as a PM app. I want a real Project Management app that will let me see my projects, tasks, subtasks, and Gantt Charts.

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It looks like a good first shot at a bb10 app from MSN. Could have potential, but looks like an app in its early stages.

If they had office integrated, skype, one note, etc they could have a pretty solid app.

Right now, at least on my device, the share functions don't attach anything from the articles in the app. So that definitely needs to be looked at if it is happening on other devices. The share function is one of the strengths of the bb10 os.

I still prefer, when I have to that is,to log on to outlook thru the browser. It is faster, and has more functionality and this app should take advantage of the browsers capabilities.

Again, good start.

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Is this app just the mobile website in a wrapper? And they put in the BlackBerry 10 UI elements?

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Yes, and did a very poor job at it at that.. Could take any developer a whole 10 minutes to make the app they made there.. What a joke...

I downloaded it, just so Microsoft sees demand for their apps on the platform. I'll likely never use it but there are other MS products that I'd like to see.

I can't tell with apps that don't adhere to the "classic" Cascades look and feel - is it a Cascades app or is it just made to look like one?

Company who owns the ip: Microsoft

Company who makes the app: Microsoft

Company who puts app in App World: Microsoft

Company who selects the countries and carriers the app is available on in App World : Microsoft

Your "FU" is misdirected....

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Oh, how I have always hated the website. It's so awful. Do people actually use this? And indeed, why this app when there are several other more wanted Microsoft apps..?

Was just stating my (strong-worded?) opinion there my friend. I certainly never was going to download it, but if others want to, they definitely should. I am still curious if people will use this app.

Who cares if you hate it. Others like it and that's all that matters. If u gate it don't download it and move the f on.

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It's literally the website with a back, forward button in addition to a "menu" button which just triggers the menu button to open within their website. Not to mention, the "Tab" menu is being used terribly wrong.. There should never be actions place within that, they could have simply replaced it with a forward and backward on the bar using action items.

The icons are pushed at the top of the button, which is appalling.. Any developer could have done a much better job with this app had they spent 10 minutes on it, what a joke. Would have been better off not even making this junk that shouldn't even be referred to as an "app".. come on now.. This is pretty much a large company just making a joke of the BlackBerry Cascades framework..

Can someone who can access it tell us which countries are supported, apart from USA and Canada?

Not available in France either.

Love the idea that microsoft is building for bb10!

Great news! First skype, now this! Would lov to see more giants on board!

Crackberry Q10 / Playbook

Bla1ze, would you consider being a source for my channel? I.e just emailing me whenever you hear something new particularly about BlackBerry but in general too?

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

Try using the link at the bottom of the article. I could not find it in BlackBerry World. Z10 using 10.2

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Think they blocked the app for customers outside the USA and Canada. If they did this, then it is shame. What reason might they have for making a simple news app and them restricting it...

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Trust me, you don't want to get your news through MSN anyway...

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Not bad. Could be better. It's a little slow.

Prefer USA Today, Guardian and CBC.

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YES! Now we can get really biased misleading information right to our BB10 phones!

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Windows 8 is just a mess! Talk about a confusing interface that tries to do so much so many different ways. You almost can't touch your keyboard and track pad on your laptop and the screen is off and going somewhere. I would rather use my z10 than go near my new windows 8 computer. Been using windows since it launched and been on a pc since they were invented back in 1985 roughly. Might as well return to DOS to get something done! As for this App, if it comes from Windows, I am not interested.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

A decent (but hardly noteworthy) little app. I'll probably uninstall it, though, because it seems to think I'm in New York and won't let me change it.

Loving my Q10

It feels like Microsoft is just testing the sdk for future apps. Microsoft can't be serious with this app.

Not a bad start.

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

Aparece no disponible para mi dispositivo, Z10-STL-100-1 con SO, en Ecuador. Ojalá liberen la versión para esta región en la que BlackBerry tiene muchos seguidores que se han ido cambiando a otras plataformas por los limitados servicios que la compañía da a los usuarios.

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I am in the US and on a Z10 and the link above to the AppWorld (because I couldn't find the app on a search in the App store on my phone) just results in the error message:
Internal Server Error
An internal server error has been detected. Please try your operation again. (EC )

I suspect it either got pulled or blocked for whatever reason.

Beautiful App.
This almost makes me think BlackBerry and Microsoft have something in the bag...;)

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Hi guys.. could you help me? It seems like I can't seem to download this app.. it says unavailable.. is this only available in NA? btw.. i'm from Philippines.. thanks!

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Hi everyone.. could you help me? It seems that I can't download this app.. it says 'unavailable' i currently have Z10STL100-3/ for my OS. I tried typing in the MSN in BlackBerry World but it didn't show up. Does that mean it's only available in NA? btw I'm from Philippines, in Asia.. thanks for anyone who could help!

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