Miracast will not be available on the BlackBerry Z10, Wi-Fi Direct supported instead

By Bla1ze on 14 Aug 2013 02:54 pm EDT

With the release of BlackBerry 10.2 we've heard plenty of talk about Miracast but as confirmed today during the live virtual event being held for the BlackBerry 10.2 SDK, the BlackBerry Z10 will not be gaining support for that due to internal hardware limitations.

This isn't really surprising news to folks who have been running the 10.2 leaks as of late, considering its been absent from all of those but it's more of an FYI for those who have heard of it and might have been waiting for it to arrive. Instead, only Wi-Fi Direct will be supported on the BlackBerry Z10 while the BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Q5 will have both Miracast and Wi-Fi Direct.

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Miracast will not be available on the BlackBerry Z10, Wi-Fi Direct supported instead



Sucks!!! So much bad news for BB lately.... what is going on?? I can't see myself with another phone than a BlackBerry... (yet)... so frustrating and kind of ashamed because i've been defending BlackBerry so strongly over the competition forever and now everyone just laughs at me saying that my beloved BlackBerry just went BUST.... just Imagine how developers will now ignore even more the platform... :(

I think it is because of the STL100-1.

I think STL100-2, STL100-3 and STL100-4 are capable of supporting. They just can't support it on one Z10 and not support on the other Z10.

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No, apparently it's the other way round, the stl 100-1 has the correct wifi chipset to support miracast, while the rest don't

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That's correct, finally an advantage, but I understand why they didn't do it for the 100-1, software fragmentation for developers and users.
Understand it, just don't like it

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Why? Miracast isn't all that great anyway. It's hardly supported and even it is, it's pretty terrible and unreliable. 

Miracast mirrors your phone's screen. Whatever is on the phone shows up on your TV or other display.

DLNA simply allows supported media to be played from your phone onto your display.

With Miracast, you can watch Netflix from your phone on your TV (Not with a BB (Ha Ha)). You can open a spreadsheet or word document on your phone and edit it on your TV. You can't do those things with DLNA.

You seem to forget that 1/10 TVs actually support miracast, and when they do it barely works.
Right now miracast is junk.

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Buy a Miracast dongle at Best Buy for $30. Problem solved.

I've been hearing this "it doesn't matter" stuff for years around here. Guess what? All of it mattered! That is a big reason why BlackBerry has to try and sell itself.

Thanks. Are there TVs, etc. with built-in Miracast capabilities, then? Because if you're connecting something via the HDMI port, it might as well it be a (micro) HDMI cable? Or is there something that cannot be accomplished through the cable that Miracast can do? I'm really unfamiliar with this technology.

"2167 products meet your search criteria", seems like a lot to me.

I'm pro BB but they really need to beef up hardware from the start. It's a point that goes back to the BBOS days where you couldn't upgrade the OS from 4 to 5, or 5 to 6, or even 6 to 7(.1). It again will be a big deal on the other blogs and picked up by the media.

I honestly thought BB10 was going to bring unity to the BB devices *sigh*.

Good point. I didn't think of that. The dongle can just hang off the TV while you move around.

hdmi has no power supply tothe doogle , what keep it runing? ther sgoud be() forgot the name -por suppor the doogle i think


by thd way, this kind of tv port not common enough yet, micro hdmi + blooth mouth will do all wide stuff and more accurately. Z10 is very friendly to be operated by blutooth mouse. I use the pair do presentations without a PC. Very reliable too. AND z10 screen doesn't need to be on. Hehe


Power is supplied from USB. Most TVs with HDMI also have a USB port. If not, you would need to plug it into the wall.

Hmmm. So it's kinda like one of those MHL gimmicks Samsung pushes. Now this ups the inconvenience factor compared to just an HDMI cable. You have to find an HDMI port AND an accessible USB port on the TV, or a power outlet.

I must have been in another dimension during the week then? In my hotel room I was watching Netflix on TV via Z10 and HDMI. So yeh, not with a BB Ha Ha

I side loaded Netflix on my Z10 so that the family could watch a movie over the HDMI cable to the hotel's TV. Otherwise, I don't use Netflix, but at least its possible. And with 10.2.1 you can download Android Netflix directly, no side loading.

Nothing against you Bla1ze but this type of attitude is why BlackBerry is currently where it's at. I know you're defending the brand but BlackBerry must learn to offer the features that is already out there and let consumers make the decision as to whether or not the features suck or not.

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Apple has been telling people for years what technology they need and it seems to work for them.

BB does support it. Just not for the Z10.

You seem to think it's only BlackBerry I care about. It's not even about defending the brand to me. It's the fact it's a technology that I don't consider to be currently useful. Guess what? My Nexus 7 doesn't have either without developer intervention and it was a core feature addition of Android 4.3 and I still don't care. Miracast is a lame duck to me. There is better technology out there.

Although I already know you'll disagree with me, based on earlier comments, Chromecast has proven to be a better offering in my use as it's not just a dumb mirroring solution. For example, I can quite literally start playing music from Google Music on my device, take the battery out of my Note II and the music still goes on playing.

You're right. I disagree. I look to Miracast mostly for Screen Mirroring. I don't need to carry a laptop. I just carry a (non-Z10) phone and a dongle and I'm set. I can work anywhere.

Plus. I don't like that Chromecast runs through Google's servers. I like my privacy.

What's the difference of carrying the dongle and a micro hdmi cable? Still carrying two things and the cable will support 1080p and not have connection issues.


How long a cable are you going to carry? Do you want to sit on your couch plugged into a cable? I could go on?

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I most certainly don't wanna sit on my couch hoping both my phone and TV can successfully pair in order to mirror something!

Sounds to me like this technology is in its infancy with limited hardware choices. Until I have the ability to get it on everything it's really not a value add service IMO. BlackBerry needs to focus on more important issue on hand anyways and not technologies the average smartphone user would never use.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

I cant find a Chromecast anywhere so Im using the android app cheapcast converted as a bar instead. Chromecast is also modifiable. Is Mircast?

There is at least one Chromecast for sell in the CrackBerry market place right now and it is at a fair price. :)

I have phones that support Mira cast, but I'm not interested in mirroring my phone's screen on my TV's screen. I agree with Chris and don't see a point in Mira cast.

A solution like the Chromecast is more useful for me. I remember the old days when a lot of phones came with a HDMI port? Seems like that fell out of style a while ago. The only companies I see making phones or tablets with a HDMI port now is BlackBerry and the generic android manufactures.

I've owned a BlackBerry 10 device since May of 2012 and I've never once broke out a HDMI cable to mirror my phone's screen. It just isn't something I need to do.

Typed on my Dev Alpha C, Posted Via CB10

I use the heck out of the hdmi. I now have cables permanently plugged in to a few tvs.

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It's an apples to oranges comparison. The "Mobile Computing" plan has to include the ability to throw what you're seeing onto bigger screens and accept input from other input devices if it's going to mean a darn thing.

Oh, I get it: "Mobile Computing" is an empty promise for THIS generation of devices... maybe the next one or the one after that.

What exactly DID I buy in my Z10? Well, a great phone, but that's just about it. The only "mobile computing" feature that is even close to innovative is RFA, and I can only look at and download files, I can't stream them... hope that comes in 10.3.

There is a fundamental point that escapes the conversation: you want mira cast or not, the q10 AND the Q5 support it, as does the Z30... what annoys me is that BB again starts showing signs of inconsistency towards its clients... the Q5 is the "cheaper", lower range phone of the three but still has a feature that the more expensive Z10 does not support... on a current year line of phones where Z10 is supposed to be "better" than the Q5 (in BBs product development logic), the Z10 lacks a feature that is included in product specs of the company. It is not about our personal preferences but about BB product procurement and specs/ capabilities of the hardware.

In that aspect one can try to downplay it but the fact remains, BB shows another sign of inconsistency, creating incoherent differences and lesser capabilities on a "higher" model... it brought back a subtle smell of RIM way to do things again for me. I still love my z10 of course but do not ask me to be happy about this one...

I totally agree with you, this is just to heavy to chew. Yet they say Z10 is a high end device. Now I'm thinking Q5 is a better device than the Z10.

it might not be currently useful. but maybe in 6 months it will. For people who bought a Z10, basically saying "In BBRY we trust", the message is like "you should have wait until we put out something that is 2013 standard"

btw, AT&T shops don't offer the Z10 anymore... any idea why?

The point IS your Nexus 7 does support it NOW with the 4.3 update , whether you chose to use it or not is another matter. At least it is there . CHOICE!

1. The fact that BB continues to make these errors is EXACTLY why I don't want one.
2. The lack of APPS is not a way to show your loyal buyers how much time and money you are putting in for them as Opposed to announcing you have just signed Alecia Keys to BB ? I mean really ?
3. As BBMIZKING states above " Apple has been telling people for years what technology they need and it seems to work for them." This is EXACTLY what you do not want. The last thing BB users want is BB telling them What and What Not they need.

Support wise, no it doesn't. If you ask Google, they'll say it doesn't. Just like if you ask Instagram if they support BlackBerry 10 -- no they don't. That's not choice. That's forcing something to work when really it shouldn't.

There are also better writers on CrackBerry than you Blaze...
Miracast is a tech that several company's are investing in heavily plus it's heading for global standardisation.
not having Miracast on the Z10 will hurt sales, especially considering many Z10 owners don't want a bigger version, ie the Z30.

Miracast let's you do a lot more than mirror your screen, if you actually researched your articles Blaze, you'd know that.

I hope in 2-3 years it is standard because right now -- it's not. Given the life-cycles of TV's, monitors and smartphones, I think people still have some time.

Oh good grief man, just because you call something a standard doesn't mean it's a standard in every freaking household instantly. Is it on every TV? No. Is it on every smartphone? No. Is it on every tablet? No. Get a grip.

Here's a test.. go to the Best Buy website and search miracast and let me know how many products it shows as being supported.

HD-DVD earned 'standard' approval as well, how'd that work out?


Before you sit there and go after me about research maybe you should try to relate it to the real world. You know, the one where not everyone has a Miracast capable TV, monitor to even display onto from their phone and where the purchase costs of those devices are significantly higher.

For the majority, even IF Miracast was included on the Z10.. it would quite literally be their FIRST device owned with the standard included in on it. In which case they'd be scrambling to find something to try it out on. The alternative solution they'd opt for, rather than buying a new TV or monitor would be the sole dongle sold at their local electronics shop for $30 because that's a cost effective solution.

Should BlackBerry have saw this coming and included Miracast? Sure they should have. But it's beyond that now and the reality is they'll still have two device in the market that actually WILL support Miracast and if you take a look through that list of 'research' you keep pandering off you'd see that for some, that's two devices more than some manufacturers out there have support for.

That's reality research. Quit trying to make it sound as if it's as ubiquitous as something like a DVD player that everyone should have because really, it's simply not. No one outside of the tech world and blogs gives a flying damn about Miracast yet let alone knows WTF it is.

I've been not using Miracast since LG flew me to Seoul a year ago to see it for the first time on the Optimus G. I've tried it on a bunch of Android devices since then.

It sucks. It's laggy. And just because Miracast *has* a standard doesn't mean it *is* standard.

And even if the standard was standard, that doesn't mean it has to be good. Because it's not.

BB isn't missing out here.

Well there ya have it people.... its not a standard...

If an android Editor in chief is agreeing with a blackberry writer then I believe point is made that it's not a standard...

just because YOU use it does not mean everyone is...

Carry on Bla1ze...

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I haven't tried Miracast but no lag is very important. Right now I carry an hdmi cable when travelling and it works for most hotels rooms' TV. I believe an hdmi cable is more standard for hotels nowadays.

How can you really comment on this since you've "been not using Miracast?"

One thing for sure is that it is not great for gaming because of the lag. However, it is good for video and for productivity applications like word processing and spreadsheets.

I agree that Miracast is not a "standard" in the sense that it is used everywhere. Most people don't know about it even if their gear supports it.

Daaaaaamn! That dude just took a can of whoop ass from you Blaze!

All good points and couldn't have put it down better myself.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

This article is the first I'd ever seen or heard of Miracast.

Can't think of a single thing on my phone that I'd want to see on my TV that I can't already just get on my TV.

What about NFC? Still trying to find a practical, not fabricated use for that. Widely-touted at launch, but not widely available for much -- haven't seen a single way to use NFC yet, unless I create my own smart tags and buy an app that will interpret them.

But you seemed to find this feature VERY useful being wired on the PlayBook or BB10 devices; but when wireless not si much.

This is a forward looking technology!!

The only truth to your previous post being that it's only in 1/10th of TVs is currently being sold based on a last quarter statistic.

The other persons Staten above that this worked for Apple is due to it hardly being available at all on TVs below a $1500 threshold some 3yrs ago when iTV2 was launched. At that time that product made perfect sense and still does because what can be done with it out of the box compared to a user that frequently travels daily with their laptop. Laptops account for over 70% of apples PPC sales, something that spiked 2yrs after Jobs claimed "the year of the laptop"

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It's enabling the bad management habits of BlackBerry dismissing saying that technology is terrible. BlackBerry has a successful track record of letting its users down especially early adopters.

BlackBerry is a long way from any turnaround - it's still the old RIM, something never changes.

Agree with the let down of the early adopters. It never ceases to amaze me on how touch BlackBerry devices continually get the shaft.
Comparison of features is very important to consumers. Guess the Z10 is now an entry level BlackBerry touch device with the Z30 arriving and not just a smaller variant of the 30.

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You seem to forget Apple iPhone early adopters and how within six months features were added and a new phone launched and their devices sold for much more money with less features at launch.

And then Kevin will come to tell us that he is ok and that BBRY should not focus on the z10, that the z10 is obsolete and they should move on to focus on the z30.

CrackBerry Nation, seems to be ok with every mistake BBRY makes

I really don't want to be mean. But you sound like my daughter when she was 2. There is an alternative at least for the Z10. Plus by the time mircast is proficient and cost effective for the masses, and in most homes the Z10 will really be an old phone, so it really is a moot point. So go play with your expensive a** toys and be quite like most children. :D

Really you sound childish. It is not that big of a deal. Go get a drink and chill out.

Seriously stop it, Daddy said so!!!

Posted via my Z10 on busted AT&T

@Blusls: If this is the case, then how does one justify the support of miracast on Q5, Q10 and Z30 that are contemporary products to the Z10?
You can turn it around all you want but when 3 out of 4 BB10 phones support it, your point is automatically weak at best, right from the start, by courtesy of BB itself.

With all due respect, you may want to revise your "you sound like my daughter when she was 2 y.o" statement application.

@morpho4444: I believe there is no need to get disrespectful to as rthonpm points out.

In two words: "fat chance". That would be biting the hand that feeds them exclusive info and executive access that in turn brings readers that in turn drives advertising revenue. That ship has sailed. CB is a news site and a discussion forum site, not a consumer advocacy site for BlackBerry device owners. Asking a question and accepting the answer isn't the same as consumer advocacy... but can you imagine when the next time the CB editorial team would be invited to BlackBerry headquarters if they published an editorial to the effect of "BlackBerry once again overpromises and underdelivers, and I'm upset!"

Crackberry used to be a relevant and intelligent forum and website. Now it's spiraling into a defensive and mindless fan boy website. This Z10 will be my last BlackBerry

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You & me both; though I'm very sad about it because I've come back to BlackBerry on and off over the past 4 yes ay least 7 times. I've purchased a total of 5 Z10's now for family friends and 2 foe an X fling who's now a friend.

Although the haters and the world may not miss their former BlackBerry's I sure as he'll will. My decision to leave is an educated and yet FUD choice, and doesn't make me a hater - anyone stating I am needs to check ALL my former posts and my.blog prior to July when my logon was hijacked.

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You know for having a big say on this site you sure don't know much about technology. Hand in your geek card Blaze, you're such a noob.

Although I've never used it on any device, I don't like the words "Due to a hardware limitation" in what is a new phone.

The reason this is not on the Z10 is because when they made it they probably said who would use miracast? Answer a bunch a-holes with nothing better to do. Oh so then we don't need it? Not really.

It just so happens wifi chips had the hardware baked in when they finalized spec. Simple as that. Z10 got some older chip which didn't have it. I don't have a TV that supports it and I won't for at LEAST four years probably more so I could care less...

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Really? "This really, really sucks? " Oh, no! What are we going to do without Miracast?! LOL...

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That's what I was thinking too. Do these people even have other Miracast capable devices with which to use it? Trolls.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

The better question is "Is Miracast another brand name for Intel's Wireless Display?" and the answer is "no"... but version 3.5 of Intel's Wireless Display standard / implementation supports Miracast... so we're not going to get it on our Z10's, but anything that is built with support for Intel Wireless Display 3.5 spec would have been able to support it, if the Z10 had it. Personally... I would have liked to think that maybe not my CURRENT TV, but maybe my NEXT TV or even a Projector could have supported screencasting from my Z10 to the projector... but I guess since it's not important NOW, I should go buy a new device when I buy a Wireless Display-enabled screen or projector. I wonder if it will be a BlackBerry...

Heck... I googled it when I got to your first comment... If only I had kept scrooling down ><

So.. Not much of a loss, considering WiFi direct is there?

It is about screen capture that could be mapped to a larger screen. My understanding is that BB was going to use Miracast to essentially render the tablet obsolete.

Sorry but....do you know me ? I do use it and was expecting to use it with my z10. How dare you telling what I do with my devices when you don't even know me ?

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Mind if I ask what you were planning on using it with? As most TV's ect. Don't yet support mirrorcast

(I think it kinda sucks that Miricast won't be on the Z10. That being said, I don't see it as being the end of the world as it's brand new tech that is still being developed.)

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The Z10 is official outdated now.

For the record, I don't care that my LEZ10 won't have Miracast. Reason why? I don't use my LEZ10 nor Miracast.

What I do care about is the fact that the 6 month old Z10 will not be able to use all of the features of OS 10.2 due to a hardware limitation. That is just sad, especially when you consider that the Q5 doesn't have said hardware limitations. Wonder what features of OS 10.3 will require better hardware than the Z10's.

It is kind of a slap to the faces of everyone that waited for and purchased a Z10.

Typed on my Dev Alpha C, Posted Via CB10

So if they announce that the Z30 will have intel widi and none of the other phones will then did we get shafted again? Tech advances REALLY quickly. If you're angry that an obscure feature not known about when you bought the phone won't be available you've either recently heard about it or are whack.

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How did you get "fucked over"? Miracast was never billed as being a feature of the Z10 six months ago, now you're whining as if this is some lost integral feature.

Umm hate point this out but you bought a blackberry. You should buy it for communication prowess nothing else.

"Nothing else " yup, that's why we are where we are... I am not saying I lost faith but I am starting to do a little less cheerleading then the last few years.

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Don't know anything about miracast.. but sounds really strange... that my z10 seems outdated due hardware limitations... hmmmm

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True... but I was thinking about miracast support on the same form factor as the Z10. But Z30 just better have miracast support!

Thank you!

I knew my Z had a qualcomm processor - I thought they were always paired with broadcom chips.

TI chips in the Z... what was that? price cutting?

Rather sad.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

When I bought my Z10, I did not even think of Miracast. It's only now that there's talk that it won't be available that I now know what it is and am a bit disappointed even though I don't have any devices that would support it anyway lol. I'm sure others are in the same boat.

Really? I thought that miracast was part of Blackberrys mobile computing vision of having the phone as all of the power and a larger screen that would just display a larger version of what was on the phone screen - kind of like an answer to the tablet. Correct me if I'm wrong! Maybe wi-fi direct answers this???

WiFi Direct just lets you connect device to device without a hub / router. It doesn't replace the functionality of Miracast at all.

It doesn't suck. It is very useful. If your experience with it is limited to the Q10, you can't make that determination.

I dunno. I bought a Miracast dongle and use it with my Wife's Nexus 4. There are no issues. 1000X better than Chromecast.

I have several Miracast capable devices kicking around my house and the experience has never really been the best. It always requires extra messing around and even then, it's never as easy as something like say.. AirPlay, Chromecast.

The only thing I don;t like about Miracast is that it uses compression and softens the picture a bit. I have never had any problem connecting. I would not rule out that there may be firmware issues on earlier devices.

Miracast is a relatively new standard. Some devices will be better than others. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

They're not the same thing, at all: what I read about Chromecast isn't that it somehow renders whatever you're looking at on your mobile device on screen... it accepts a command from your mobile device to display on your screen the same streaming content that you had been streaming on your mobile device. That is, if you're playing angry birds and want to see it on the big screen, you can't send the image of your screen to Chromecast, but you might be able to get Angry Birds to launch and play on there, but that's not the same. Did I miss a memo?

Lol lawguyman, you're forgetting that this is Bla1ze you're talking to, amongst the CB editors he's arguably got the biggest footprint when it comes to mobile devices. Follow him on Twitter and you'll see just about the same number of tweets promoting Android Central articles as there are for CB ones.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

I know. I have had a different experience than Bla1ze has had. I've got three different Miracast dongles. I just bought one this week (on sale at Best Buy)! All work well,. I'll make a video if anyone is interested.

Ok I guess it's important to some people... I got cable and an xbox360 for entertainment. I really don't need Miracast.

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The DLNA Support in the Z10 sucks too! Locks and freezes up when I try to have it communicate with my Sony BR player. And as for cables, I don't think that is part of the mobile computing vision!

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Buy Cables ? L MA O
Hey why not throw out the LCD , LED , and new tech and just go back to TUBE Tv's ?

Come on , we are talking wireless solution here.

I can't even get DLNA to work right on my PS3, so I doubt it supports Miracast. Therefore while I don't like hearing I won't be able to do something, I don't think I would be using this technology any time soon due to lack of Miracast targets. :)

This is just BS, I love BlackBerry and my Z10 but this just simply unacceptable. This is a feature that should have been in the phone from release and months later they are telling us it simply cannot work because they don't plan accordingly.

They only way this would be acceptable is if they are going offer a hardware update, one that would replace my hardware with a new one free or even for a small fee.

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Very disappointing indeed. Hopefully there is a 4.2" Z11 or Z10.5 planed with support for these new features, also with LTE max.

Posted via CB10

In this new golden era of mobile computing for BlackBerry, yet another ridiculous, short-sighted bit of planning. Wonder what's next


What's next, let me guess... mobile computing is only a gimmicky catch phrase to keep ppl thinking about the POSSIBILITY of what BlackBerry SHOULD be.

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Well played BlackBerry.. weren't we told at launch that the Q10's internal hardware were the same as the Z10's..?

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So stupid had to post again, so if i want to stick with BlackBerry i gotta shell out another $500 dollars for another phone, phone less than a year old is already inadequate? When i got my z10 i figured it wouldn't be fully baked, thought the updates would fix that as long as i kept patience, guess i was wrong, man blackberry sure likes to screw their loyal customers

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Yes i knew what it was, i was expecting it to enjoy the same kind of functionality i had with iPhone 5 and apple tv, but thought it would be better because don't need a box like apple tv

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"Instead, only Wi-Fi Direct will be supported on the BlackBerry Z10 while the BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Q5 will have both Miracast and Wi-Fi Direct."

This was not something I was hoping to use. I don't have any other miracast devices and what I have seen was flakey. I personally don't think the current version will catch on. The dream of miracast is nice. The delivery so far I have seen is poor.

The Z10 is the PlayBook and Storm of the new BlackBerry. They had plenty of time while they weren't releasing BB10 to update the design and hardware, but they instead decided to throw it over the wall knowing that it wouldn't support a key feature of their mobile computing vision with BB10. I will never be an early adopter of this companies products again. Should have learned that lesson with the PlayBook, but I guess I bought into BlackBerry Isn't RIM hoopla, but it is and they operate and treat their customers just as poorly as RIM did.

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Being a tech junkie, I can see one part of me us upset that a phone near 8 months old has tech that isn't upgradable.

Here's how I argue those points. One, I own no devices that support Miracast. Two, it was never promised to begin with. And finally, I will get WiFi direct which I own at least one device of.

If anything, I rather have wireless charging on the Z10 if it was possible.

"So we are never give up!" on my TKBerry Z10

SO typically Blackberry. Wish their was more to say than that, but sadly anyone who's been following BB for the last 5 years knows what I mean.

That seems a little bit strange. I suppose Miracast was an after thought for the Z10. Oh well. I have the Q10 and Q5 is coming in the mail soon. The Z30 will have Miracast too, can't wait for that device!

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How can BlackBerry justify the Z10 as a "multimedia" device for the "masses" without Miracast?
Fancy using hardware that couldn't support it... Looks like the rumoured firmware update want be coming either...

Because few people use Miracast in the grand scheme of things.

Complain about no Instagram, Netflix, Blackboard, Office etc.

This is not anywhere near likely to be missed by most

Where have you been? This is the latest in a long line of "your device won't support this new feature' from BB.

Indeed, just adding up on the pile of straws. Why should the Q5, a "lower-end" device, include it then? Especially if it's such crappy technology, shouldn't they have just excluded it from everything?

Either there's a selling point, or there isn't a selling point. To defend it not being in the Z10 (because Miracast sucks) while the Q10 and Q5 have it (because they're capable, but Miracast still sucks?) is really missing the point.

Well although I don't think I would ever use it, still what were they thinking of using an outdated chip lol, did they really save all that much money, or was it time. They couldn't release the Z10 because the NEW chip that went in the Q10 wouldn't of been ready and they would of had to push the release back again. So the customers pay the price I guess. Again I probably wouldn't of used it and I love my Z10 like crazy but really why why why why!!!!! More bad press, So OVER IT

Except their are devices way older than the Z10 that have chips to support it. BlackBerry just put in an ancient chip from the PlayBook probably to save a little bit, but it just makes them look like good ole RIM!

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I'm getting a kick out of the people losing it over a function they didn't have in the first place, nobody promised it on the Z10, and from what I can tell isn't even widely used yet. Heck a lot of people didn't even know what it was! But how dare they not give it to us. They should probably offer all BlackBerry owners free hardware upgrades to make up for this (because that's what Samsung and Apple do everytime they come up with a new device, right? right?)

People are acting as thought it was something that we had, and then BlackBerry decided that they were taking away.

I think most people, including me are more mad that they would limit a BRAND NEW device by using two year old tech. That is why I am a little mad, I may never use it like you say but now I don't have the option to.
Still have my HDMI cable :)

Just give me (ill pay for it) the Multimedia cradle and I'll be a happy camper :)

like a lot of people have said it was never promised so how are BBRY letting us down.
it is not a thing i would use any ways so no great loss

Tongue firmly in cheek, but to all of you screaming that's it's not fair, why are you getting so worked up. You know that this is BlackBerry and by the time 10.2 comes out - three years from now - you would have already bought a new phone that has this miri-thing installed. Lol

On a more serious note, again, this shouldn't be that surprising that a product from BlackBerry isn't getting something - thats been happening all the time with their products - it's not that surprising.

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I never heard of miscast before today. So I could care less about that. I have heard of coffee and am disgusted that my z10 can't make a coffee! Can someone give me Thors number?

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Before you all burn BlackBerry at the stake, again.
Let's ELI5 the two.

Miracast is like a screen extension from your device to a display. It's like extending your laptop screen to a monitor.

WiDi (wifi direct) is like a screen extension from your device to a display. It's like extending your laptop screen to a monitor.

See what I did there.

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WiDi is a Intel protocol. So no matter what device you have. They both do the same effin' thing.

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Lol! Nevermind the fact that Miracast uses Wifi-Direct technology, but that'll just confuse things...

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WiFi Direct is not the same thing as WiDi.

Z10 is getting Wifi Direct. This will only permit file transfer between devices. It won't permit video mirroring like Miracast.

WiDi pemits video but Z10 isnt getting that.

I meant it's not the same as WiDi but it does support screen share and "casting"

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Keep reading. Miracast operates over WiFi Direct. WiFi Direct is just a kind of connection. Z10 is getting the ability to make Wifi Direct Connections but not the ability to make Miracast transfers.

While this is fitting a pattern and teaching me to keep my mouth shut instead of promoting BlackBerry...

My two year old high end Samsung smart TV does not support miracast so it is no loss and I do not plan updates. Same goes for every display I know in my vicinity. I think the masses in contrast to tech addicts will not miss it. They also do not notice WPS missing in iPhones

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How can this be ?! As far as I know the Q10 has the same internal hardware than the Z10 except for the screen ! Why is BlackBerry driving it's company in the wall ! ? always decieving their loyal customer ! I bought the Z10 being BlackBerry Flagship model ! Not that it is already outdated ! It's not really about Miracast support, but for the fact that BlackBerry doesn't care about their loyal customers ! I mean even the downgraded Q5 will have Miracast support so where is the problem? I don't get it !
Anyway another Screw-Loyal-Customer announcement ...

The bright side is that Blackberry is telling you sooner that they are screwing you over. It didn't string you along for 2 years then screw you like the playbook.

Hmmm, it's an old marketing trick. Sell a device and release another device a few months later with one or two new features (all in the marketing plan). This is to give you a reason to buy a new device. Samsung does it all the time.

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You can still mirror hard wired. It's more reliable anyway. Compared to wireless mirroring hard wired has little to no interference.

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Wtf is going on with these people? WIRELESS DLNA AND MICRO-HDMI PORT, why isn't that enough?!? Sure it would've been great to have miracast but it's not really that much of a problem.

So why bring Google into this conversation? Since the Nexus7 doesn't have the same limitation as acknowledged by you (with the hack).

Because it was a similar technical oversight. Can end users get it without the hack? No. Then it is not supported and to the majority, doesn't exist. Just like how Instagram on BlackBerry 10 doesn't exist to the majority. 

Ok...can end users get it with a hack using the Z10? As of now, no (i hope in the future somehow). So the comparison to Google's Nexus7 is not right, as it can be done using Nexus7. Anyway, it is what it is... :(

Why don't you tell everyone the truth ?
The Nexus 7 does Support Miracast with the recent 4.3 Update.
The Z10 can NOT support it, because the hardware in it . BIG Difference Blaze. u sound like a tool sometimes.

2013 version supports it officially, previous generation does not have official support. What's not truthful about what I said? If you want the previous generation to work, you need the XDA hack for it. I've stated that all throughout these comments and so has lawguyman.

You're that the phone is outdated already? We have DLNA and micro-hdmi, is not like the device is crippled.

Hey we got BBM. Not much of anything else just BBM. I'm getting tired of seeing friends and family with bleeding edge tech and all I can say is I can send you a text and see if you read it. Ok rant over.

BlackBerry 10 Slider where are you??

I've literally never heard of miracast. Seems like it's a screen sharing app after reading up a little. Is there any difference between it and the other systems out there?

What is Miracast...
Honesty never heard of it until this thread.
Nice to have everything but let's be realistic the Q10 and now Q5 are newer devices than the Z10.
I would hope the new devices have newer tech than older ones

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I agree. Perhaps the article should have said -- Q10 and Q5 get Miracast capabilities.
Anyway, as much as I like bleeding edge stuff, this isn't a deal-breaker for me. I'm sure Miracast will get better as the tech and standards improve. I'll wait for that with my next phone. Still want to see lawguyman's video though!!

I think I'll delete Crackberry...I didn't know about miracast or care about it, or even particularly want to know about it, but now I know I won't get it I'm annoyed. Lol

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Lol! So true! I have a feeling most the people upset about it are in the same boat. "Miracast? What's that? Google-google...oh, that's what it is, I won't get it?? Curse you BlackBerry!"

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Lol so many people want everything :) but they even don't bother use the available alternative (or even better one).

For examples I have mu computer with 4 tb HD, now I can connect it to my z10, and have All my files accessible anyway (over let or wifi).

Put few bucks get a blutooth mouse and a micro to hdmi cables then you enjoy z10 screen on home tv, hotel tv, offices tv, and projector. You don't have to limit your self in such a way just now. If they tech get popular, may be your want another BlackBerry z50 maybe. Why frustrated by this? Get a way Roud better way.


I remember how the game developers during BB Live were talking about Miracast on the Z10 would be more convenient than the current micro HDMI.
BlackBerry is really beginning to disappoint by releasing a product without a proper vision for it.
Miracast is not of any use to me, but it sure sucks to know that BlackBerry is not building products that would have a life longer than the competitors because they (competitors) are stuffing their products with the latest hardware.

Guys I think the only real disappointment so far with blackberry is its lack of apps...honestly the fone browses faster than the iPhone, has a pretty good camera and still has the best keyboard....all this stuff about not having miracast sucks but really it's not the problem blackberry should be focusing on....i think we all just want the ability to go to the app store and download the latest fun app without having to side load some less quality version or not have it all together

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I agree 100%. Apps apps apps. Do people really think that the carriers will use Miramar or Wi Fi Direct as a selling point? No...I highly doubt it. The majority of smartphone users want to text, chat, email, Tweet, post to Facebook, take pics for Instagram, record for Vine, Snap chat, and watch YouTube.

Let's be real with what people really want. Take care of the "Technology Illiterate"
first. Then let the techy stuff be the extra gems. Not having Miracast isn't why BlackBerry is where they're at.

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Yet again they fall behind. Oh well more reason to go to the competition. That's what you get for putting out half arsed hardware, that is run of the road.

So off the top of your head, name me five other devices that support Miracast. No looking online either...

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