MinuteSaver: Free App Helps Save You On Minutes!

By Bla1ze on 10 Jul 2009 08:47 am EDT

Sure, it's a rather simple application but really it's quite effective, especially if your carrier uses per minute billing. FabianMH has released his latest application which is aptly named MinuteSaver. MinuteSaver will do one thing and one thing only - cause your device to vibrate every 55 seconds to let you know that you are indeed reaching another minute used on your device. By using this application you can keep track of your per minute charges rather easily which in the long run could amount to quite a bit of money saved from your carrier.

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MinuteSaver: Free App Helps Save You On Minutes!


Looked like a cool app so I saved it along with a couple of other freebies from the site but when attempting to load it via my desktop mgr it doesn't work

I really can't think of a more useless app than this. Seriously, you need a vibration every minute to know that you've used another one? What then? Are you making tick marks as you talk?

You can just as easily check the details of your bill with the cell phone provider or look at your call log after the call has ended to see how many minutes you used.

@bfarneth I don't know but it looks like you didn't completly understand the use of this application. Not everyone has unlimited minutes and some of us have 500 free minutes or so and if you don't watch out then you go over your free minutes.

Again - check your cell phone bill details or check the call log after the call is complete and see how many minutes were used. I don't see a reason to have a vibration every minute while you're talking.

Even if that did help you, how are you going to keep track of the minutes as they buzz on? You'll need a way to track that too.

It's an annoying app for people who don't bother to get details with other resources. If it helps you out, great, but I honestly can't see any legitimate reason for this.

I used to enable this feature on my motos... back in the days of analog and 50 minutes/$40/month. I found it helpful, but mostly annoying.

I suppose there's a market out there for this, but it's on a BB for crying out loud. I'd compare the person who needs this app to someone who splurges on an expensive high-performance car and then can't afford to change the oil regularly.

In any case, I'm glad people are out there banging out apps to attempt to reach out to all walks of BB life.

I agree with the above posts, but also, what are we to do when the 55 second buzz hits?


No thanks, better ideas posted here already.

I've been disappointed with the release of apps from Fabian (the guy who released this app). There was a app. that was released that turns on your phone when your battery is running low and aren't able to make calls. We don't need a app. for that...you can do it via the advanced options-wireless upgrade built into the native os.

Sorry for making that app.
It's a bit easier to click a single button. Many users like it, so I will still continue to write apps.

....Fabian's app are apps that makes sense. They are small apps, but they are apps that we need and use. Please continue , Fabian, doing what you do. You are appreciated.

@ Fabian

Dude no need to apologize to me, I know there are many people who have downloaded this app. and also the other one I was talking about. So obviously they do serve some sort of purpose, no matter how needless they seem to me or anyone else. I was just expressing my own opinion about them, which I still think are pretty useless (at least to me).

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