It's dance time - Ministry of Sound Radio comes to BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 25 Apr 2013 06:02 am EDT

If you are into your dance music then you really need to check out the Ministry of Sound Radio application for BlackBerry 10. We've, seen quite a few radio apps already but if dance is your thing then this one will be on your device for sure.

The user interface is kept simple - yet attractive, with white writing on a black background. One feature I'm pleased to see integrated into the app is that when you start streaming it will ask if you want to go ahead with doing so over the mobile network. Clearly if you are on a limited data plan you may be better off sticking to Wi-Fi but it's great that the warning is there.

As well as just streaming the radio you can also listen to pre-recorded music which is good to see. With a sharing option you can invite your friends to check out the tunes using any of the apps you have in your BlackBerry Hub.

In addition - as you will see below there are some sweet BBM features:

  • Listen to radio and recorded shows
  • Chat with Ministry of Sound Radio
  • Listen with friends via BBM
  • You can even change your friends tracks via BBM

More information/Download Ministry of Sound Radio for BlackBerry 10


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Nice. Appears to actually be powered by Nobex which is awesome.

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Apps are coming thick and fast

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This is actually beautifully designed native app.

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Couple weeks ago!

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Lol this apps been out for a bit. I've been using it already since I'm not just a member of ministry of sound. I'm also a DJ. Yep its a great simple app with good access to music and related

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I really happy to have this since Digitally Imported isn't going to support BB10


You can listen to digitally imported using the TuneIn Radio App.

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It's been around for a long time. I love the app

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Great app, thanks for the heads up


Funny enough it was already installed but I needed an upgrade so it was worth checking the link. :)

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It says 'Unavailable for this device' on my Z10.

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I do have to agree that this is a great app, and powered by Nobex so quality for sure.


So friggen awesome, this app. Plus, BB10 give away contests on air. This is my development sound track.

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Awesome! Just what I wanted.

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What great way to start the morning. Love MOS.

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Uhn tiss Uhn tiss Uhn tiss

Louis Belshaw


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Does anyone know if it's possible to play this through Neutron mp?


Not availiable in the U.A.E :(

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EDM madness, love this app

Sent from the Mother Ship...

Fadiga Youssouf

It's weird but this apps is not available for my Z10... can you help me on this?

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Michael Parasdas

It didnt work on my Z10. How come? I scanned the barcode at Blackberry World, then when it appeared on my device it says DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED:( Please help...


Search for it in blackberry world.