MiniPaint Beta- Have Some Fun With Your Pictures!

MiniPaint For BlackBerry
By Bla1ze on 22 Nov 2009 06:23 pm EST
Looking to have a little fun with the photos on your BlackBerry smartphone? Josep over at MiBlackBerry pointed out a cool new beta application that may interest some of you out there. MiniPaint allows for on device editing of your photos to assist in creating some funny results, as seen above. You can add clipart, text and even resize the photos all from your device.

The application being beta, does have a few issues but nothing that isn't easily workable. First off the navigation is a little hard to get used to as you physically need to use the "enter" key often as opposed to actually pushing the trackball in to submit changes. Also, when saving pics you will have the MiniPaint logo on all them but hey, it's beta, it's free and a commercial version will be available at a later time with even more features added to it.

MiniPaint has support for OS 4.5 and up, BlackBerry Storm remains and untested device so if you download it and it works, send some feedback letting the developers know.

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MiniPaint Beta- Have Some Fun With Your Pictures!


Dont be fooled. When you get to the main page it will give you the news feed with product updates. Go to the downloads in the column on the left side for an email link to be sent.

In regards to the commerical launch of the application. RIM forced them to rename the app as it was prev. named BBPaint, due to the app world rules, it is now MiniPaint.

That would seem to be the logical choice if you can't call it BBPaint. Or maybe even PaintBerry.

its alright but its not very user friendly, you have to use the enter key a lot to get things to work cause if you hit the trackball then it brings up the Options menu and just allows you to close it, also when using any of the features they appear on the right side of the screen and if you scroll up past the top of the list of them then the cursor disappears and you have to click close to get out of it. few glitches to work out but seems like a decent addition to App World when it gets there

Doesn't work well at all. Touch screen is challenging, you can't hide the keyboard, and there doesn't seem to be a way to select/deselect easily. App deleted!

The concept is a great one, but, the application itself is poor. My Tour kept on freezing and it wouldn't let me add text (unless I was doing it wrong).

Oh well, I'll just wait for the updated version!

I mean if you really wanna add some clip art to your pics then yeah it's a great app. I'd still love to see a cool app where I could do some cool things like the iphone has with color splash or even being able to morph the picture like you can with a web looking in a fun house mirror. Now that would be a very cool app I'd pay $ for!

"Works" on Storm (in compatibility mode) but not in regular mode. Can't move clipart or view text. This is the *only* program of this type that I could find! I really wish it would work!

I played around with it. It took a while to figure out the controls, that you had to use 'Enter' a lot to use the menus... I accidentally exited out of image projects i was attempting to make. Minor bugs here and there but i personally think this app has a lot of potential to be great!! And the app isn't bad now!! Great for adding text to pictures, adding glasses, wigs, and cutting/cropping photos/images...

kinda cool cant figure out how to save the "new" image it gives me the option to save changes but when i go back to my pics only the original is there

I have been looking for an app like this for my storm! I can't wait till you update this for a storm version!

It does work for the storm, it just isn't that user friendly.
you have to use the storm like it has a trackball.

Just d-loaded it; no complaints. For what it is, it's pretty decent and images saved right to my memory card w/o a problem. If you have enough space and would like to add to your growing plethora of bb apps, get it.

Tried twice and never did get the e-mail link. No matter since the website says it doesn't offer for the Storm yet. But promises to.

BB 8900 running on OS and I've tried the MiniPaint app. It's good, but pauses alot so I'd have to wait a few seconds to move again. Nice app tho.

I can't tell from the MiniPaint website, but while there does appear to be a brightness icon, I don't see anything that would allow one to tweak the RGB settings of a picture. Given that BB Bold photos are waaaay too pallid blue -- with not enough red -- I would gladly pay for this app if it came out of beta with such a setting. I could live without the clip art.

I just dl'd the app and it's awesome. I can see myself having TONS of fun with this one. Most app's don't offer this type of interaction, for me, it's better than any game I have on my BB8330!

I tried downloadind this app thru the website and no results the link that was sent to me keeps givivng me an error message... I will try later

Now (December 17, 2009) we have a beta release of MiniPaint exclusive for BlackBerry Storm.

Please visit our web site for more information.