MiniNotes - A feature loaded replacement of the stock MemoPad application

By Jared DiPane on 16 Sep 2010 09:19 am EDT

Whether keeping track of pin codes, lyrics, shopping lists or any other type of memo's, many of us use the stock MemoPad application on a regular basis. One of my biggest complaints is that it is extremely basic, and limits what is able to be done with how much potential it has. Well, it appears as though the folks at BB4 Software agreed and they have developed a replacement application called MiniNotes.

This application takes the MemoPad experience to the next level, allowing users to customize many different aspects from the wallpaper to the font size and style to the color, flag style and various categories. Once the notes are entered, they are saved to your SD card so you won't have to worry about losing them during an OS update or an accidental device wipe, and these notes are also able to be exported to a text file if needed so you can easily view them on a computer. With as many features as it has included, the application is a breeze to navigate and with a price tag of only $2.99 it is something that should be found on nearly everyones BlackBerry device.

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Reader comments

MiniNotes - A feature loaded replacement of the stock MemoPad application


Downloaded from app world and can't change the fonts, does this mean I don't have the Torch version???

Try downloading from their site. I did that for the Storm and then went to the App Store and bought it. I just registered it later when Crackberry sent me my code.

Is it something unique to minute or is it .txt - like BBNotepad?
OR something completely different?

Hmmm, can save as a text file on sd but cannot open it from sd. So if I want to work on something I have to have 2 copies?

Only on trial so far...

Does this new app do this?
I never worry about losing the BB and losing my data, because when I turn the PC on, BES has already taken my BB's data (either contacts, tasks or notepad) and all is available on Outlook.

I'd switch ASAP if this is supported...

There does not appear to be a trial, which is kinda a downer. I know that other organization programs have a 7-day trial. While this is only $2.99, it's still a waste of money if you're forced to buy it and don't like it better than the stock BBMemo app

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I just got my first smarthphone, a bb torch, and I want to get the mininotes app, that cost 2.99, is that an only price or do I have to pay monthly for the application. I appreciate your help. Thanks.