Time for some air combat on the BlackBerry Q10 & Z10 with Mini Squadron

By James Richardson on 27 May 2013 07:32 am EDT

I was surprised to see Mini Squadron show up for the BlackBerry Q10 before the Z10, but with the more traditional BlackBerry possibly being the better selling of the two devices this year I suppose it makes sense. *Update - Z10 support is now available*

Anyway, it's an awesome air battle game. You control your plane (of which there are over 50 to unlock) using an on-screen joypad on the bottom left of the display. Over on the right is the button to fire your guns and that's the controls - kept nice and simple.

The aim of the game is to shoot down all the enemy planes - who will also try and shoot you down. There are some bonuses to pick up along the way but the whole game experience seems to flow beautifully on the Q10.

Flying your plane too high will make it stall and crashing into the ground clearly isn't a good move. The game is accompanied by some nice classical music which kind of mellows out the whole busy combat situation.

Priced at £2.00/$2.99 I'd say that if you like a good old shoot 'em-up then this one is well worth the money.

More information/Download Mini Squadron for BlackBerry 10

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Time for some air combat on the BlackBerry Q10 & Z10 with Mini Squadron


This IS a better quality of post. Much better than a First.

Is this game coming to z10? The world awaits a response....

Posted via CB10

I bought the game on my Z10 already. Good to know that it's on the Q10 now too. Like others, I think it might be better to map at least the weapon button to a button on the keyboard for the Q10.

Had this game on the Palm Pre, but got stalled at a certain level that I couldn't pass... too bad, I quite enjoyed it until then.

Thanks for the review! Sorry for the Z10/ Q10 confusion. We accidentally launched the BB10 version of the game requiring an OS of 10.1 , which most Z10 owners don't have yet. Updated it this weekend to require only 10.0, so should be available for everyone now :)