Mini 101: How To Get Symbols In BlackBerry Messenger

By Adam Zeis on 8 Sep 2008 09:20 am EDT

So by now you've seen many of your Blackberry Messenger contacts have added all kinds of funky symbols to their names, so your screen looks something like this:

If you remember Kevin's post, you know that the BlackBerry logo was discovered and passed around Crackberry Community. I guess technically it's a BlackBerry logo that's missing a few dots (arguably looks like a Microsoft Windows logo?!) but it's the indicator icon RIM uses for 3G coverage and it's cool nonetheless and BBM users have adopted it as the BB logo. Here is the quick and easy way to snag it along with other cool symbols for yourself.

The easy ones first.  You can snag the heart, club, diamond and spade simply by copying these symbols:

♥ ♣ ♠ ♦

and pasting them into an email and sending it to your device.  Copy each one and create an AutoText entry (Options > AutoText).  Then edit your name in Blackberry Messenger, type in your AutoText and you're done!  That's all there is to it.  Check out the screens for a step by step. This approach will work with loads of other symbols as well, so play around and see what you can get working. 

Copy the symbols above and email them from a PC to your device,
or copy them from a friend in Blackberry Messenger.  
Create a new AutoText entry with a unique name
and paste the copied symbol

Edit your Blackberry Messenger info and use your new AutoText

If you're still itching to get your hands on the BlackBerry logo, you'll have to take a slightly different approach. Method 1: find a BlackBerry Messenger buddy who already has it or check the comments on Kevin's Blog Post and ask someone to help you out (there are lots of friendly folks who will add you on BBM just to swap symbols).  Then just copy it and create an AutoText in the same manner and you're set. Method 2: Visit this forum thread on your BlackBerry. When you visit on your computer the BB logo doesn't look like much, but if you view this thread from your BlackBerry's web browser it will show up as the BlackBerry logo and you can C&P it from there.

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Mini 101: How To Get Symbols In BlackBerry Messenger


To quote Kevin:

"I guess technically it's a BlackBerry logo that's missing a few dots (arguably looks like a Microsoft Windows logo?!) but it's cool nonetheless and BBM users have adopted it as a BB logo."

I beg to differ on this one. On my Rogers Bold when I have 3G coverage the same BlackBerry logo appears between the 3G and signal strength. Whn I go into Manage Connections>Services Status I am able to copy and paste the BlackBerry logo from there under Mobile Network.

I think this is the official symbol that was toned down to fit the tiny area in the top right corner of the display.

That's my point-of-view. LOL.

Love the site. keep up the great work Kevin.

Sorry I meant to Quote Adam. And I'll give credit to Adam for all his work done on

My apologies it's Monday morning. LOL

Here you go all just copy and email these to yourself and save them in your autotext.

 ☂ ☃ ☁ ♡ ☇ ⌣ © ® ¶ ¿ § ø œ Œ Þ ™ ♥ ♣ ♠ ♦ ☎ ♍ ♑ ♉ ♐ ♈ ♒ ♋ ♌ ♎ Σ Λ Γ ☑ ☀ Æ ⇆ ☎ ✆ ✉ ♊ ♏ ♓ ‪ Δ Ψ Φ Θ Ξ Ω ♢ ♤ ♧ ♡ Π​ Σ † τ λ ※ ▲ △ ▼ ▽ № • ◦

I tried e-mailing them to myself but on the options button there is no copy, even when im highlighting the symbol? i relly want these! pin 20a23b46

DOES ANYONE HAVE A JEWISH STAR OR PEACE SIGN SYMBOL IF YOU DO could you please send it to me ill paypal you a dollar for it thanks add me if u get it

Hey everyone, I have all the above icons but I'm looking for skulls, or anything else you guys have...

PIN# 24376E9F

Just tried this on the BOLD and it doesn't work for BB messenger's name, works everywhere else, running .134

Update: Needs to be pasted into the name, Autotext for some reason doesn't work at all on the Bold for User Info

i know you posted this a few months back, but my friend had a recent problem. all you have to do is paste everything on the memo pad, then go to auto text, name the icon, replace: paste the icon, go to your bbm edit my info and type in the name of the icon you replaced with, then press the space bar until it shows up. let me know if that worked for ya. most people have that problem.. pressing the space bar after

Technically it is NOT the Blackberry logo because it is missing like 3 dots. instead of call it the BlackBerry logo, I would like to call it the Blackberry 3G logo. If you are connected to the 3G network you will find at the top rite hand corner it will say 3G followed by the 4 dots.
Now, if you want to get it, simple. While you are connected to the 3G network, go to the BB menu and select "Manage Connections" from that select "Services Status". Under Mobile Networks you will find 3G and the logo. simply hilight it and copy it and paste it anywhere you want :)

any ideas on how to get the official logo with all of the dots into bbm? it seems people dont recognize it as the logo, ive gotten bbm's saying "what is that weird symbol next to your name"

I just follow the steps on how to put it, and I went autotext then created a new one, and put "bblogo" to be replace with the actual bblogo, then I save it and went to my BBM and edit my info, and put the bblogo next to my name but I still dont see it. I'm using a Curve 8320. can any body help put, my pin 246FCDCC.

thanks a lot.

its very close to the real symbol and you can copy and send it as an email to your bb, from here too () inside the brackets is the bb symbol, your bb will recognize it..

For people that cannot get the symbol to display on the BBM signature, after you type bblogo, you need to hit the "space bar" to turn bblogo to symbol.

The blackbery itself also have a set of symbol

Q W é ® þ ý ù í ó ¶ à ß ð F G. H J ” L Z X ç ¿ ¡ ñ … $ 0

É ë è Ë ® Þ ™ þ Ý Ÿ ÿ ý Ù û í Ó ¶ Á § ß Ð ð “ « » Ç ç © ¿ ¡ Ñ ñ …

You can go to notepad, hold down a letter and scroll the trackball.

thank you for the help. i was wondering how exactly you did this. it worked fine for me on a 8330. more and more im loving my BB.

All the symbols you're talking about are just ASCII Codes, which you can create in Word, copy & past it to an email, and send it to your blackberry.

From then on you proceed as shown above!



When I was younger I had sooo many ASCII codes shortcuts memorized..

alt 168 - ¿

alt 173 - ¡

etc etc... where did those brain cells go?!


in word you'll find for every symbol the corresponding ASCII-Code explained. (otherwise, there are lots of lists, just search for ASCII on google)

for example, the '™' can be created by Alt + 0153 :-)

Have fun while trying all the symbols! :-D


Can anyone figure out how to get this the "N" from windings into bbm? It is a jolly roger(skull and cross bones.) I running version with html emal. It doesn't recognize it. or is there another other way to create a similar logo?

With all the smart people around here, i bet someone can figure it out

I have tried multiple ones outside the Native bb symbols.
Like the "N" wingding skull and crossbones and no luck so far. tried the male sybol ♂ etc but it doesn't show up on the device as is it just shows the Box  anyone know how?

i can send the symbols to me phone but its only lettin me copy it not paste it???? veryyyyyyyyyyyy confussed

I am in the same boat. I emailed the symbols to my 8320 (and my wife's 8100) and can select each symbol and copy them. But, after that, I can't paste them anywhere.
Anybody have any good suggestions?

Credit to ContractorSlim in the forum...

The problem with the copy and paste problem u are having is that you aren't actually highlighting it you prob just have it selected. So this is the way u copy on the curve;
Hold the shift key and then scroll over left or right.

It will look funny because it will be highlighted and so will the bottom part of the first letter after it. Very easy but not for people who don't know how to copy things! U have to understand it is a symbol not a picture!

After doing this, it worked perfectly!

I have repligo installed, I have the Pearl 8130, and for some reason I cannot paste the symbol into the auto text, any suggestions?

Hey Guys-

Add me to your Messengers (2545D416) and I will share all of the symbols I've obtained with you (about 45 total). Someone sent them to me via messenger so as I receive more, Ill be glad to share. I'm having an issue emailing the wingdings to my phone. They transfer over as letters and boxes when I receive the email so im still on a mission.

I am wondering if someone can please send me the blackberry logo...Pin is 2444CBDA...Greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Guys, theres much easier method of getting the logo. Just go to "Manage Connections" icon, select "Services Status", then scroll down to Mobile Network and it should indicate 3G with the logo next to it. Copy that text and paste it in your contact info in BBM.


Here you go all just copy and email these to yourself and save them in your autotext. Some of them are hard to tell what the are but if you enlarge them they will make more sense. Cheers.

 ☂ ☃ ☁ ♡ ☇ ⌣ © ® ¶ ¿ § ø œ Œ Þ ™ ♥ ♣ ♠ ♦ ☎ ♍ ♑ ♉ ♐ ♈ ♒ ♋ ♌ ♎ Σ Λ Γ ☑ ☀ Æ ⇆ ☎ ✆ ✉ ♊ ♏ ♓ ‪ Δ Ψ Φ Θ Ξ Ω ♢ ♤ ♧ ♡ Π​ Σ † τ λ ※ ▲ △ ▼ ▽ № • ◦

I'm trying to save symbols into the auto txt on my 8100 and it doesn't seem to be working for me. Is this operator error or is there some trick I don't know about? any help/advice would be appreciated!

Can some one help me put more symbols in the "SYM" area or page.And also looking for my PIN. How to look for it or how to create it?

Windows Messenger as a really cute bat icon - I would like that on my BB. Can someone please help me out with this?

I would also like a peace symbol.

My PIN is 2084F3D6


Hey! i was looking for the peace symbol too. can you send it over to me too please :)

My PIN is: 25707C93


Hey! i was looking for the peace symbol too. can you send it over to me too please :)

My PIN is: 25707C93


Hey! i was looking for the peace symbol too. can you send it over to me too please :)

My PIN is: 25707C93


Hey guys i'm looking for the skull and crossbones symbol, can somebody send it to me? 30312E0D
Thank you!

I have the bold why can't I get them to show up on my blackberry? they show up as a box I can't see the symbols!

Hey the 3 blackberry symbols you put up come out like black boxes on my blackberry any idea how to fix it thanks

i will pay $10 via Paypal if someone adds me on bbm and send me the jewish star bc it wont work on my bold through email. just shows up as a box. thanks 20d4478a =]

I have a blackberry 8700 but cant seem to add the trademark symbols beside my there something I'm doing wrong or is there some type of shortcut that I shouls use I was sent some symbols by friend.. so I was wondering if someone can help me out

Hey, I was looking for a peace sign,&& a star!? Anyone has it please send it to me at pin:241f1647 pleaseeeee :)

Hi there,
I would love to get some more symbols for my curve 8310 PIN 2458D2F3. I am new to this sharing thing so please be gentle :)

I have a few symbols for my storm but I would love some more! Like the peace sign or skull and cross bones.. or anything so if anyone can help me out my pin is 3061F793 :) thanks

if anyone has any symbols like a peace sign/star of david/apple or anything fun, id really appreciate it if you sent it my way! pin:3045E931

I've been trying to email the jolly roger (aka skull/crossbones) symbol to my bb but when i open it it's just blank. can someone please add me on BBM and send it to me via bbm? ☠

Thanks in advance.


i have a bb bold but the autotext doesnt actually do anything wen i type jst says what i typed and doesnt anyone? PLEAASE :(

can anyoone out there please send me any symbols that they have....i just kind of got my curve and i am new to this thing. my pin is 2429D61F...thanks so much

If anyone has the skull or peace sign and doesn't mind sending it to me I would reallly appreciate it !

(: thanks.


If anyone has the skull or peace sign and doesn't mind sending it to me I would reallly appreciate it !

(: thanks.


Hey looking for symbols...
Anyone with any of these if you can PM me!
Thanks in advance!!!

skull, peace sign, lightning bolt, tiara, star and rose.


All the symbols posted below will work in bb, because I use them. They will work in
BB Messanger, Emails, Aim Messanger, Yahoo Messanger, Twitter, Memo Pad, Notepad etc...
The only place I find they don't work is sms text.
Remember when using the symbols you MUST space after typing what you named the symbol
when you saved it in autotext. Spacing activates the symbol.

To grab this list, highlight it, paste it into an email and email it to YOUR phone.
Once you recieve the email, start copying each symbol
1 at a time and paste them into autotext. Refer to the visual diagrams on page 2 of this thread.
If the symbols don't work for you, you've done something incorrect.


 Blackberry Logo - Don't worry how it looks here. It works.

Ϟ Lightning bolt

© Copyright

™ Trademark

℠ Service Mark

® Registered Trademark

№ Number Sign

☎ Phone

☏ Phone Outline

✆ Payphone

♀ Female Symbol

♂ Male Symbol - Will translate a little different in bb.

☺ Smiley - Happy Face

☹ Smiley - Frowning Face - Looks weird here but will
translate correctly in bb.

♩ ♪ ♬ ♭ Music Notes

✉ Envelope

★ Star

☆ Star Outline

√ Checkmark

✗ X marks the spot.

♥ ♣ ♠ ♦ Card Suits

♡ ♧ ♤ ♢ Card Suit Outlines

☀ sun, ☁ cloud, ☂ rain, ☃ snowman

But none the less, you requested them, here they are.

☮ Peace Sign

☠ Skull and Crossbones

☯ Yin & Yang

☩ Greek Cross

☦ Christian Cross

☧ Chi Rho Cross

P.S. Please don't ask me to send you this list. I don't have the time to send to each individual.
It is just as easy if not quicker for you to highlight and email to yourself or highlight and
paste into a .txt file and save.


Thanks for posting your symbols! as I copied the symbols then sent them to my mail box, many of the symbols not all, are displayed as small square boxes??? how can I open or get the actual symbol to display? thanks for any help My pin is 310d695c

Open the email, place the cursor next to the symbol.
Click your menu key and choose "SELECT"
Roll the track ball to highlight the symbol.
Click the trackball and choose copy
Close the email or switch app. and go to Options / Autotext.
Click the menu key and choose "NEW"
Where it says Replace:
Name your symbol here.
Where it says With:
Click the trackball and choose paste.
You will see your symbol. Click the trackball again and save.
If you don't see the symbol when you paste it, you haven't copied it correctly. You will need to go back and copy

Alternative to copying: Hold down the left shift key and roll the trackball to select.

Would anyone pls email some funky, cute, or just different bbm symbols... Or pin me 309D7997 thanks so much..


i need a peace sign please someone send it to 24b76f6c....if u send me more i will not get mad!!! lol

I seen in the pictures and it showed that there was red symbols .. like the red heart..clubs..spades..bblogo.. howd yu do that ?

I got a 9700 bb and want as many symbols as I can find if someone can please send them to me that would be great

PIN 218583FC


Can some send me symbols like the bb symbol and other cool symbols for my display name.

which font in the character map do i use to get the symbols on my phone? i try to copy and paste them then email them to my phone. but they arent recognized when i open the email. i just see black squares. help!!

really want different symbols (like skull n peace sign). i have the main ones.

pin me 214CFE53

been had most of these months ago !!!!!... i use them all the time in my twitter post & facebook updates !!!!!!

When in 3G network, go to manage connections, service status. scroll down to "3G [Blackberry logo]", press menu -> copy.



when i copy and paste mine and send them via email they look like chinease writing but they do work i just dont know what they are until ive done them i have 5.0 os and the tour 9630 so that might be why try updating your os

i really want these emoticons/symbols but it doesnt say copy or n e thinq. kan anyon ehelp me plz.. i have a BB STORM* pin me plz. 306629BC

Dianita <3

i really want these emoticons/symbols but it doesnt say copy or n e thinq. kan anyon ehelp me plz.. i have a BB STORM* pin me plz. 306629BC

Dianita <3

i really want these emoticons/symbols but it doesnt say copy or n e thinq. kan anyon ehelp me plz.. i have a BB STORM* pin me plz. 306629BC

Dianita <3

Finally I got it to work on my Storm.

Here you go.

1 Save them in your blackberry.
2 Do a select then highlight,then copy
3 Go to BBM open a chat window , menu then edit auto text create
a new auto text.
4 Replace
use the name that correspond with the symbol or use unique
5 Paste then then back space to clear symbols you're not using
Save then do others as you like . Must be done one at a time.

6 Go to BBM open a chat window type in the unique name hit the space bar you should be good to go.

Can someone please send me the Blackberry symbols...I have a Blackberry Curve 8330.

Thank you sooo much!!!

PIN: 30F578BD

New to blackberry and trying to get some symbols. Skull and crossbones brass knucks etc. If ya got anything pin:210D8B94 thanks in advance......

Hey i have been trying to copy and paste icons from my friends but for some reason i don't know if it is copying cuz every time i go and try to paste it i don't see paste in my menu am i doing something wrong please help me out....THANX a million!!!! i also have the 8310 curve is that the reason??

heyy does n e 1 have da skull n crossbone and da brass knuckles i kan have i REALLY want them.. =(

Pin 306629BC

i was wondering if ne one could tell me how to get the symbols like the snowflake or something
pin;; 21426454

i was wondering if ne one could tell me how to get the symbols like the snowflake or something
pin;; 21426454 anyone can add it :)

I had the curve but recently upgraded to the tour. I had a badass collection of symbols...I saved them to email and then tried to email them to my new phone. For some reason my phone won't recognize the email, it won't even let me open it! :o(! Any tips on how to resolve this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also if you have some cool symbols and are willing to share please add me:311302A8. When you add me please let me know you are from CB symbol thread. Thanks in advance!

Can anyone please help me find skulls wit crossbones or just skulls itself & every symbol known to blackberry mankind ;) I have the bold 9700 please & thank u !!! Pin:21B3D095

Hey I see you guys are BB sharing. I wanted to know if anyone knew how to change the color font in their bbm & if anyone has the crown/tiara, rose, peace symbol, star crecent? if so can you guys bbm it to me my BBM is 31400AB8 thanxs

-bluEByrdy :)

can someone please send me the skull n peace sign? beenn trying to email them to myself but they turn up as black boxes :S

my pin is 316fe632


Any like flowers or peace icons anything? I'm new to this and its my firSt time on it so plz if u can my bbm pin is 31754FF2 thank you soo much <3

Hi, I would like really cute symbols... Most of my bbmers have really cute cherries, flags, flowers, etc.. Is there a specific website I can get the symbols? Please hit me up n let me kno.. My pin# 21DCFA7D thanx!!!!!!

New to this site and was reading peoples comments about symbols and ive tried copying them and pasting them into an email and sending them to myself but alas it doesnt show up when i open it on my bb.. so i was wondering if someone could be so kind as to bbm me the symbols? that would be greatly appreciated =)

PIN- 20A7F879

can someone send me the peace sign and yin n yang symbol in a pin message cuz it wont work when i email it to myself :(
here my pin: 3140C71E

thanks! katey :)

Hey everyone! I'm new to the BB world n I would greatly appreciate any characters/symbols you could send me plz n thx. Pin:320CC852.

Did anyone get a hold of the Skull n Cross bone or peace sign? If so could u send them plz? pin:320CC852.

Hi, I'm brand new to the Blackberry world and would love to have a peace sign or Star of David in my BBM name. Everytime I email myself the list, the peace sign comes up as a black box. Can someone please send it to me? I'd really appreciate it! My pin is 31311E31

Thanks so much!

Anybody the air jordan symbol? Or the NIKE symmbol or maybe the yankee NY symbol much appriciated thnx

skull - peace-ying-yang signs i am new to the site, can some one pretty please send them to me pin: 31B59F81!!

Thank you!!!!

if someone has thetime could u send me some icons, i would be very greatful,
many thanks in advance


Can someone please send me the skull and crossbones and possibly bats? Anything Halloween themed please!



i know this is hard but does anyone know it a symbol of the character domo is out there let me know please:)

I just want the clover icon does anyone have that? Can smeone ok I lied i want them all can someone send them to me 3220590A

thanks Barry B

Go to this site with your bb copy paste these blocks into a conversation and ping smileys will appear.

These can be saved by selecting the one you want
then copy over to autotekste then edit and then add new.

ga met je bb naar deze site kopieer deze blokjes plak ze in een ping gesprek en er verschijnen smiley's.

Deze kun je opslaan door de gene te selecteren die je wilt
dan kopieeren dan naar autotekste bewerken dan nieuw en dan toevoegen.

          

  
  

If anyone can send me all the new smileys and teach me how to save them that would be awesome 2206B70C pin it ! :) Thanks

I've added the symbols but when I add the symbols the brackets show up too eg. (♦) how do I get rid of the brackets?