MindBerry: Mind-Mapping Software for your BlackBerry. Contest: 20 Free Copies to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jul 2009 11:49 am EDT

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a copy of MindBerry!

A few weeks back we dropped word of MindBerry in our BlackBerry App Round-Up. In case you missed it then, MindBerry is mind-mapping software for your BlackBerry. For those who use mind-mapping software regularly, this app is a no brainer to have on your device. When you're on a plane, in a cab or anywhere your laptop/computer isn't available and you have that inspired idea that you need to map out immediately, you'll be glad to have MindBerry in hand. If you're not familiar with mind-mapping, you can learn more about it from this wikipedia page. Features of MindBerry include:

  • Fast, intuitive navigation, MindBerry using the BlackBerry trackball or the numeric keys to navigate from a node to another node.
  • Support Folding/Unfolding with Spacebar key.
  • Use shortcut to access all editing features.
  • Drag and Drop selected nodes
  • Cut'n'Paste selected nodes
  • Scrolling mindmap using Trackball
  • Decorate nodes with icons, colors, fonts, styles.
  • Attach note to mindmap.
  • Can edit long multiline nodes
  • Save and Load mindmaps to/from BlackBerry Media Card or Device Memory
  • Send mindmaps via email.
  • Import and export both Freemind and MindManager.  
Win a Free Copy of MindBerry: At $16.95, MindBerry isn't what you'd call a "cheap" app, but for those who appreciate mind-mapping it's a worthwhile investment. You can download a free trial, and the developer Glam Software has also given us 20 free copies to give away to lucky members of CrackBerry.com. Just leave a comment to this post for your chance to win (entry ends Sunday Midnight PST). And if you're looking for a mind-mapping challenge, I'd love to see your mind maps of how you would best organize our CrackBerry forums!

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MindBerry: Mind-Mapping Software for your BlackBerry. Contest: 20 Free Copies to be Won!



Wow all these contest are awesome! And I thought I was going to have a crappy day at work. I'm keeping myself well distracted lol.

This application is worth the price of it although would be very valuable to me and my work. Mind/Concept mapping software are essential tools and having a mobile application would be great, especially something integrated to my BlackBerry.

@brianjking me on twitter or brianjosephking at gmail dot com

Thanks, cheers!

Never heard of this, but willing to try something new. Give the trial a go and then hopefully win a copy

Until recently I didn't use mindmaps in my daily routine. Now I actually do use them at work and simply love them. So please Let me win one of them free copies :-)

However to lose it seems to be OK. Mind mapping has been my saving grace to old age. I'm glad to see it come to the BB

I dare this app to actually map my mind. Anyhow, I don't think it'll achieve anything, but I'm up to try it. :)

Winmobile has had it for a while. I'm glad to see its made it to the BB. It wouold be be cool to win a copy!

Can't wait to have mind mapping on my BB. I used to have this on my old iPaq - and miss not having a good solution now that I've upgraded.

just use a piece of paper and pen to do this? Maybe when you don't have that handy, you can do it on your BB?

Oh please let me win this one. We use this at work and I would love to be able to view these on my phone for and in meetings intead of always having to have a hard copy!

Mindberry looks like it is an easy and useful tool for creating Mindmaps, and could round off what I would call 'vital' business applications for Blackberry. I learned Mindmaps while taking online college classes, creating very involved research papers and now use them for many things. Think of how this application can be used to create quick and logical meeting notes without much interaction. Good job Mindberry!

Sounds like a very nice app.
Using phone for business and personal I could see using this app. all the time. Please consider me.

... looks like this is what I need at work and at home to remember how a got to those decisions that don't make any sense now!!

Mind mapping software - Just what I need, I get SO lost in there and can't get those pathways on my GPS !

I have always been interested in this software but couldn't justify spending $16.95 for it when I have so many other things to pay for such as shelter, food and utilities! As the sole source of income for three people which includes a gorgeous 5-year old boy, I must be very judicious with money and must give up what I want a lot of times. That's just part and parcel of being a parent!
As such, I would be very interested in this software. I find it fascinating how the mind works and to be able to map it would be even more interesting...to see how one idea connects to the other, and to see how all ideas mesh together. I would absolutely love it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enter the contest, in any case! It's very generous of you.

I could put this to good use... I had a similar app on my old Palm device... been struggling with the limited options I've had for BB since.

I've used MindJet on my desktop -- awesome piece of software. This saved me hours during brain storming sessions on several projects. I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like on my Storm!

I never really win anything on here, but I'd love to try out the trial for this anyway. If I win, bonus.
I could really use this type of software on my phone.

When I think of mind mapping software, I always picture mine as a straight line with a dead end. :)

I'd like this software, though, just to prove that thought wrong.

Oh I could use this. With this I could read your mind. If you have it too we could read each others mind.
How cool is that?

I do a lot of mind maps on paper or even in Word (or my hand)...I'd love to have a free copy to try on my Storm, please and thank you!

I'm not sure what this is used for... i'm curious..how do other people use this is their lives?

I downloaded the trial, and it's now up. Very easy to use on the device, and it does output files with a free mindmapping application on the pc side. My fingers are crossed!!!!!

You dnt knw how much I've been wanting this
Plzz I can use for school and life
Oh godddd plzzz make it be mee to win
I'm begging you.

This is just one more thing I have never heard of until I joined CB.Com!! This sounds like somethig I oculd use. Thanks.

I use mind mapping software on my desktop! This would be outstanding on my bold!

Crackberry.... you are the best!!

That would actually be a really useful app to have at work. You don't even know how many times I had an idea for something and had no where to denote it.

I have mindmapping software on my computer that I use for writing and other stuff and it is amazing. Having this on my Blackberry, too, would be wonderful!! What will I need my PC for? Oh, yeah. I still have to earn my paycheck! Crap!

I'm a recent psychology grad entering the professional world (blackberry at my side). This app sounds awesome and useful!

This would help me get down those "middle of the night" ideas while they are fresh and get them laid out in the right way. I could really use this.

Wouldn't mind a copy on my storm. As a researcher, it would be nice if i got a eureka moment on the bus before or after work.

I'm so looking forward to this! Been mind-mapping for almost 15 years, and while the bb is great, this app will make it greater! Mind-mapping on the go!!!

Wow, I never thought this kind of stuff could be done in blackberry.
This app would be useful, because sometimes ideas can pop-up anytime anywhere. With this software, the ideas can be kept for later purposes.

Mindberry---->Crackberry---->Free Giveaway---->20 free copies---->Close eyes---->Choose winners---->Announce winner = BIGBOCK

Have you ever tried to turn a mind map into a flow chart or org chart, not the highlight of my day. But none the less, mind map is easier in the early process.

I use MindJet & didn't know if there is one for the Berry..
Finding out there is a mind mapping app for the Berry is just music to my ears!
Would love to win a copy..