Mike Lazaridis Speaks On RIM's Future!

By Bla1ze on 31 Mar 2009 06:42 am EDT
Mike Lazaridis Speaks On RIM's Future!

With CTIA kicking off in Las Vegas, Andrew Berg of WirelessWeek got some time with President and Co-CEO of RIM, Mike Lazaridis before things got too busy in an effort to get his insight and thoughts on what the future may hold for RIM.

An interesting read for anyone who wants to know what the Co-CEO has on his mind, while nothing earth shattering was revealed about RIM's future or upcoming devices it is good to see the reaction to some of the more pressing questions asked. Overall, reads as a great interview but doesn't really hit the mark as some of the questions asked appear to have been danced around. But I guess being the President and Co-CEO of RIM you can slide a little on the answers and say you were protecting your companies interests? Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

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Mike Lazaridis Speaks On RIM's Future!


talk about 'dancing around the questions' I forsee a new Prime Minister ;) ...For those of us in Canada.

...or was that interview totally worthless?

Sure, you've attracted new Blackberry customers with the Storm (like me), however you can still lose us forever and ever if certain things don't change. 128 megs for apps and OS on the storm is a joke. Better hope App World lives up to the hype, also!!

The real interview went like this...

"Hi. I'm Mike Lazaridis. I am a liar. I got fined millions of dollars for cooking the books at RIM. I also think that making phones that are a little less "ready" for market than they used to be is just fine. Get used to it. Carriers will still pay us all kinds of bank for moving phones and we get all those BIS BES fees... suck it up. Did I mention I lie a lot? Thank you.

I should have done anesthesia... nobody lies to the anesthesiologist. Know why? Because you will die if you do... I don't tolerate liars too well...

I wish the interviewer would have grilled him on wth is up with the Storm OS. All the leaks, yet nothing official, rolling on 4 months. Seems like RIM is dropping the ball.

Maybe we'll have our government step in and take over if they dont think hes doing a good job or if hes lying to the public...hmmm..lying to the public, another good reason why government should take over..just think of the endless possibilties for the backberry now, lol