RIM Founder Mike Lazaridis Speaks About the BlackBerry Bold 9700 In Germany

By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2009 11:00 am EDT

While press releases for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 were fired off around the world yesterday, the "official" unveilng took place in Germany. At this point we know that numerous carriers will be picking up the device November (think everywhere the original Bold is sold, and more (Bell), some even offering pre-release ordering for it. This video, while not carrier specific, shows off the device rather nicely and even cuts to RIM's Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis explaining the new features and services built into the new BlackBerry Bold 9700.

While we know the Bold 9700 is coming soon, not all carriers have released pricing information at this time. Once we start to get listings of all carriers' pricing, we'll be doing a round-up so you're all in the loop in regards to what we can expect to have to pawn to be able to afford this new device. In the meantime, take comfort in knowing carriers are even acknowledging the BlackBerry 9700 is indeed coming.

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RIM Founder Mike Lazaridis Speaks About the BlackBerry Bold 9700 In Germany


In the pics on rim from their website it shows all the side buttons being black. In this video they appear to be the same fake chrome like on my 8900. Am I looking at this wrong?

OMG Mike is so full of isht!!! "Push Email gets delivered to your BB the instant it shows up in your mailbox." That's a crock... NOT FOR BIS CUSTOMERS BUDDY!!!

God I wish these people would be more truthful. And what's up with the 6th grade sounding book report of a speech. What is this "show and tell"?

Also, 624MHz proc and 256MB IS NOT REVOLUTIONARY by any means. It might be for RIM, but most certainly not for everyone else. RIM needs to outgrow these type of baby step advancements. Mike and his hockey buddy are holding back RIM's true potential. Stop making the same old tired and repackaged hardware and OS. The clock's a tickin'.

you are right, 624 mhz and 256 MB ram is not revolutionary but as far as i know the only other smartphone which has comparable specs is the iphone. Any HTC device uses a CRAPPY qualcomm chipset which might have a fast frequency but is in no way, shape or form comparable to the 624 MHz processor RIM uses, as far as performance goes.

also, the revolutionary part here includes the form factor. you try putting in all that hardware into the side of the 8900.

Year after year, technology gets smaller and smaller. Of course it's expected for them to fit it into a smaller form factor. The Bold was after all their first 3G AT&T design and they even kinda failed on that one. You remember how long it took AT&T to release it because of software issues? Bottom line is, they've gotten into the habbit of making the same thing year after year and people ARE starting to get tired of it. They need to rework the infrastructure and the OS on the phones. Then they will be playing the game again. Until they can provide near-instant push to ALL of their subscribers, their Push technology IS NOT #1.

Oh, and the part about the speech, my gripe is that Mike seemed like he was reading a Tech Brief on the handset. I mean, come on... the guy should know his devices inside and out, not show up reading a book. :rolleyes:

No talent for communication at all and no innovation... The 9700 is a nice to have bold 9000 but nothing really new ...

It is a presentation man.... what did you expect them to say... We suck as a company???....

Because trully they don't!!! Compared to ALL other smartphones they are the BEST for Business Users!!! And of course they are NOT STUPID also. You think that any company, not just RIM would come out and say... we created the Ultimate phone with 1000 Mhz processor, nvidia's new HD chipset, Wi-Fi B/G/N, AMOLED screen, Bluetooth 3??? No FREAKING WAY... because then what would they sell???

I meant that everyone would buy that phone and that's that. No new phone models after that for some time, since the top of the top would already exist in one phone. Companies are taking slow steps in what new they are offering in their phones for marketing purposes and to make money of course by producing different models that are better is something and worse in something else.

And what it the repackaged OS about???? You want a NEW OS??? Get Android!! 5.0 that the 9700 is featuring is awesome!

Recorded in Bochum, Germany, where the new Bold 9700 is produced. (The production line there was bought by Rim earlier this year, after the former owner Nokia announced to move to Romania.)