Mike Lazaridis puts in $100M to open Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre

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By Adam Zeis on 20 Sep 2012 11:06 am EDT

We haven't heard too much from Mike Lazaridis since he left RIM back in January, but tomorrow he'll put another mark on his career. Lazaridis has put $100 million towards the Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre which is set to open in Waterloo tomorrow. The center is designed for science and technology research and development of "things approaching the size of an atom" and, according to Lazaridis, It's "absolutely" going to be the Bell Labs of the 21st century. Mike and his wife also donated a large sum to the University of Waterloo to expand their science and math departments.

"It's getting more and more difficult to make smaller devices as we approach the size of an atom, but it's also getting more expensive to build those devices," he said. "You know you're at the limit when those two things happen. The only way we can break through those barriers is quantum computing." 

Lazaridis is still a RIM board member, but will now be able to get back to his roots with his involvement in the new Nano Center. 

Source: Businessweek 

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Mike Lazaridis puts in $100M to open Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre


That's awesome. Let the MENSA club congregate. As much as we've called them out, deep down they're still good guys. Let's not forget they're responsible for RIM getting QNX.

That is a nice cottage he has. I live near his place and all you see is a glass house above the tree line. We've walked down the beach there past his place and Mr. Mike has an elevator shaft that runs from the house down to the beach. Must be nice....

Mike should have done this 5 years ago. Then RIM would be the #1 smart phone company now. But Lets hope for the best

think (or at least wiki) before you speak. Take a few minutes and look into how long he's been throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into the University of Waterloo, among other initiatives in future technology and science research in Waterloo. This is SO more than research into smaller smartphones. These things are trivial in the larger vision he has.

Hey folks, Mike didn't leave RIM. Mike stepped down as CEO and is holding the Vice Chairman position. He is probably still working feverishly to make BB10 a success, though Thorsten has reigns on the company.

Yes, Mike is a great guy -- incredible warm and giving with a passion for great things. Let's never forget that he is responsible for putting all the pieces of the puzzle for BB10 -- QNX, TAT, Torch Mobile, are only a few of he many great acquisitions RIM made the last 3 years to position themselves to make that transition to BB10.

I hope Jim has success elsewhere, but the Co-CEO thing had to end so RIM could move one. It took courage and guts to step back, but Mike knew it was the right move. He also hand picked Thorsten, who has just the right stuff to make this difficult transition possible.

He's doing more for the future of Canada/Ontario than any other person I can think of. This focused investment will have a huge impact in the long run. Good on him.

I've said this before, don't forget how Jim and Mike changed mobile communications. They had incredible vision and created this unbelievable new smartphone market.

People took hits at Jim and Mike and put the Rim brand down for years but everything we have now would not be possible without Mike Lazaridis research in the small office that he rented a few decades ago.

Jim helped grow the company and growth cooled significantly now that we have free software and cheap hardware. Moving forward, I think people will return to Blackberry because RIM is redefining what a smartphone should be.

1) The chosen OS should be designed for embedded systems, not servers!
2) The tools must be open and standards compliant
3) Users should not be locked down to ecosystems
4) The device and data should be thoroughly secure(not just browser). Radiowaves don't travel in a straight line!
5) The device and UI should fluid and hot!
6) Battery charge should last the entire day at the least.

QNX + Eclipse + POSIX API + TAT UI + BBM + 1800mAh.

The perfect recipe for the next decade. Let's just hope the launch is marketed and executed well.

I have always admired this generous genius. He gets what is important in my view.

People like Mike will help the next great discovery come about.

I live in Portland, Oregon but thank you Mike.

Posts like this is why i respect RIM so much never have I ever loved a company for doing what it does for the country like RIM did, my home town is Kitchener-Waterloo and i have never had the pride of a hometown company till i worked there. When i got shown all the stuff they did for my area i took a step back to really take a look.

I am so glad to see even tho he is not really an active part of the company he still has his ideals to give back to the area that gave him all his success when he started.

RIM branded for LIFE
BlackBerry By Choice

* BlackBerry by choice *
Mike has always been a visionary. Yeah he was late to turn RIM around but this sounds very innovative.

I can't wait for Savitz to spin this into a reason why not to buy the stock.

I can just anticipate the headline.

"RIM Board member blows 100 Million on Nano Technology Research centre: Apple to benefit"

If Apple benefits that's a good thing seeing the influence Apple has past the technology sector. If it wasn't for the 1st iPhone who knows what awkward direction touch screen phones would have gone or tablets for that matter. If Apple benefits, Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre will benefit as well as subject of the designed project itself.

Friend of mine worked on this cottage. Wish him all he best in the new adventure, hopefully he makes another great impact on advancement in technology.

Can't wait for bb10

Hurray! The new Quantum-Nano centre looks magnificent attached to the Math Building. It's right in beside the Student Life Centre, so I get to see it everyday! :)