Mike Lazaridis Keynote Presentation at Mobile World Congress

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Feb 2010 12:18 pm EST

Day 2 of Mobile World Congress has been a busy one for RIM, with BlackBerry Developer Day taking place at the App Planet venue (looked like a great turnout when I was there!) and RIM's Co-Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis taking center stage in this morning's keynote session. I grabbed Mike L's keynote on video so you can kick back and watch all of today's announcement like you were there in the crowd. 

In addition to announcing BES Express and giving us a glimpse of RIM's new WebKit browser, Mike Lazaridis introduced RIM's take on Super Apps (more on that to come in another post/podcast) and also spent time in the beginning reinforcing that spectrum is a finite resource and that RIM continues to care about respecting a carrier's bandwidth in its focus on data efficiency. Check it out and be sure to drop your thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show! 

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Mike Lazaridis Keynote Presentation at Mobile World Congress


No, you're being told that RIM will deliver the same performance without sacrificing what has made them successful. And when other handsets start to encounter difficulty because of the manner in which they handle data, BlackBerries will continue to function.

If you accept his premise. On the other side of the argument is that bandwidth is not finite, which of course we know it is not. The service providers will need to continue to enlarge thier pipes to keep up with demand. Not force us all to sacrifice what we are doing with our devices.

If you don't think bandwidth is finite then you have clearly never tried to use a smartphone in New York or SF lately and while 4G will increase the amount of bandwidth available there will still be limits to it, both from a technical and financial standpoint and to blindly assume that carriers will keep giving people more bandwidth is at best childishly optimistic.

Incidentally, he isn't saying not to do things with devices, he is saying that it has to be done efficiently, in car terms he's saying to get one with a good mpg not that it can't have a high top speed.

Well said Skeevecr. Going with the theme of your analogy...we should rename the iphone and call it the ihummer instead!

Bandwidth is not finite at this point. Perhaps in the future when it is maxed out, which I doubt will ever happen, but not today. Wireless ISP's can continue to build out there networks and add capacity. As technology continues to progress, bandwidth will also increase. Mikes "sales pitch" here is just that. A sales pitch for blackberry's. Which is fine, but to say that we have reached the max capacity is false. ATT, to your reference, has added bandwidth in NYC and SF and service has improved. The carriers will charge us to recoup thier investments, but that is to be expected. Its called capatilism.

I don't think you understand what he is saying. Spectrum is something that cannot be built out in turns of bandwidth, IT IS finite it has a limit and each spectrum can only carry so much data. So as technology changes and requires more data the spectrum becomes useless to carry this data at speeds that are acceptable to users paying for it. For example 802.11A Wi-Fi still works but it's so slow it's useless with todays content that we are transferring. Eventually until another technology is introduced to transfer data wireless we don't have the spectrum to support the data use if it continues to grow they way it has. The spectrum wont run out so no one can use it but more like your now trying to push a watermelon through a pop bottle opening where as before you were only try to push a cherry, you can do it but it will take a bit. This is why there are big auctions to new spectrum being released and everyone wants their hands on it.

So what Mike way saying is a sales pitch I agree as well as addresses a problem before it's a problem. Why not continue to use the current spectrum but use it more efficiently before tossing it to the side. It's like gas all of a sudden people are worried about shortages and electric cars were made more a priority why didn't we force a change 30 years ago, before it was a problem! It's for one basic reason that people don't change unless they stand to lose something. It's people like yourself that pretend there is not a problem then are the first to complain when there is not a solution or your data does not come down fast enough.

I think Mike makes a great point on top of marketing it to get some sales, why not wouldn't you? What's the worse that happens? You save data and bandwidth?

I understand your point exactly. But I dont agree with your analogy of cars and gas shortages, although I know that is what Mike would have us believe. Technology will continue to evolve and as such, I dont believe Data will ever be in short supply. Where it has in the past, the ISP's have increased band width to compensate. New 4G technology and then whatever comes after that will make wireless the eventual replacement for fiber optics. Mike is rationalizing why BB's are such poor performers in terms of media streaming ect. I totally understand what he is talking about, I just disagree with his premise. If what he says is correct however, I guess one day you can look at BB's like the Prius. An economy performer and who knows, maybe you will pay less per month to use one.

Off course this is a sales pitch...it's an advantage for RIM and these guys are smart to leverage this advantage. With the current rate of smartphone growth people will have to get use to paying for the data they use. That is capitalism...carriers will maximize profit and will charge more to data ihoggers cuz that data bandwidth could allow them make more money from three blackberry users instead. Just look at some of the pro-rated rates for electricity in some jurisdictions....it's no different...the more you use the more you will pay...the day of reckoning is coming. Wireless carriers are not stupid and RIM isn't either.

BTW, if it can be maxed out it is by definition finite.

I was noticing this, too. It wasn't "We at RIM", it was "we at BlackBerry" whenever he was referring to their company.

I like the jabbs at apple. I have been saying the same thing for a year now. Apple my have over 100,000 apps, but most of them are gay pointless apps. Blackberry does have the best productivity apps.

Yeah I know what you mean...I've lost track of how many fart apps there are for the iphone. Seriously, Steve Jobs has to be a little embarrassed about this.

Interesting stuff and, of course includes some arguable embellishment, but that's to be expected in a forum like this. All-in-all though, I'm excited.

That being said, somebody PLEASE give Mike some public speaking training, that was not very impressive!

Data efficiency? Data usage will only continue to grow and grow and grow. I hope RIM doesn't expect that trend to be magically reversed somehow...

You seem to have misunderstood Mr. Lazardis' speech. He's saying that data usage is going to grow to a point where demand outstrips supply. And the data efficiency of RIM will allow them to function in that environment while others experience delays and failures.

what a loser! he's making up excuses to cover up the fact that BB's just co no longer handle the large amounts of data that is the reality of the modern wireless world

No sense at all....

All Mike is saying that the BB can handle large amounts of data better than other devices due to its compression technology. They do not stress the network and handle the compression of the data at the BES/BIS before sending it out.

Since you seem to have difficulty with basic comprehension, perhaps you should watch the video again or get somebody to explain it to you.

To put it simply, efficiency does not equal restriction.

Okay...stop replying to this guy...it's a little embarrassing to see all these post to try to make this guy understand. Obviously not worth the effort!

He is saying exactly what needs to be said. It is 100% accurate

I am a System / Network Administrator and I do appreciate every word of this report.

Anyone who says anything else, is lying and has no idea what they are talking about. This is the true state of IT and network mobile availability.

very well said.

I use 2+ gigs per month easily on my tour and have no issues, whatsoever. I tried that same amount on the eris and it was choking and battery life was terrible. RIM has and will continue to improve on how its users take their data needs mobile. Their commitment to this fact is the reason why they continue to be at the top of the smartphone industry.

My fellow CrackBerry members:

Mike Lazaridis has delivered at the Mobile World Congress what is arguably the most important keynote presentation of the 21st Century.

RIM has demonstrated that it is the pioneer in mobile technology, that it provides the most cost-effective and efficient data usage mobile device in the smartphone industry. With the addition of BES Express and the web-kit browser, RIM has propelled itself to the indisputable leader of mobile telecommunications. Mark this day in history my friends, because what Mr. Lazaridis has so eloquently presented at Mobile World Congress is nothing short of a miracle.

The BlackBerry mobile smartphone has and will continue to be the most popular and respected mobile device in the world. Not even Apple or Steve Jobs can dispute this irrefutable fact. Where Apple has compromised efficiency and security for fleeting pseudo-innovation & eye-catching apps with little or no utility in the professional community, RIM has reliably demonstrated its unwavering commitment to bringing true innovation, unmatched security, and proven apps with unparalleled utility and ease to the BlackBerry consumer's experience.

RIM has raised the mobile industry's consciousness to a height unprecedented in human existence. The professional enterprise community as well as the public consumer has only begun to reap the benefits that RIM's engineering department has conceived and delivered. Ladies and gentlemen, you prayed for a miracle and you now have received it at the Mobile World Congress. RIM has achieved the impossible today, and Mike Lazaridis brings you such news with utter humility and grace. May God Bless the world today. RIM has single-handedly saved humankind.

... I prefer the download till you crash method then the "Limit the users ability to use intensive applications, video and flash so that the carriers will love us more and support our phone, even if its at the users expense." Now I can see why Google is trying to push the carrierless phone market in America.

It's quite disappointing to see just how limited some people's basic comprehension actually is these days, all he is saying is that carrier's bandwidth is finite and handsets should use that bandwidth more efficiently so that more can still use those intensive applications without the network grinding to a halt like it already has for at&t in new york.

Yeah...totally. How the hell is google going to solve this problem...android is just as bad as the ihog. One of the result of iphone bringing easy to use phones to the masses. I'm not surprised at some of the un-informed opinions. One of the few pitfalls of democracy...even the un-informed are allowed to have an opinion.

Browser: We'll kinda catch up eventually, later. Here's an edited video to prove it. We wouldn't want to do a live demo because we don't want to use bandwidth unnecessarily.

Speaking of bandwidth, we throttle your phone for the greater good. Be one with the pipe.

Oh, and BIS users...sorry about your luck.

Did you notice our new trackpad and wifi?