Mike Lazaridis discusses BlackBerry "super phones" and RIM's 10 year plan

By Michelle Haag on 9 Jan 2011 07:44 pm EST
Mike Lazaridis

The BlackBerry "Super Phone" is coming, just maybe not tomorrow. Mike Lazaridis sat down with PCMag at CES 2011 to discuss a bit about RIM's future and what we can expect in the coming years. During the interview Mike confirmed the plans to bring QNX to BlackBerry smartphones, but also said that current multi-core processors aren't quite what they need to make this happen. “Battery life, size, weight, thickness, cost” are all factors here, and until those are all up to par for what RIM has planned, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing QNX on our devices. Future QNX devices are coming, just no word on when exactly. RIM isn't in a hurry. "First they made RIM a global business, now they're delivering the PlayBook, and super phones are on the to-do list", he said. Mike alluded to the next 10 years of BlackBerry, and the growth they are preparing for in BlackBerry both in handheld devices and tablets.

We spent the last three years building a global company. Putting in all the infrastructure, building the relationships, building the supply channels, the infrastructure, the distribution, the manufacturing capacity, that's what we did! And we continue to grow, right? What we're setting up is for the next 10 years of BlackBerry. We just finished the first 10 years, actually closer to 12 - the first decade of BlackBerry. Now we're setting up for the next decade of BlackBerry. Right? That's what we're doing.

I think it's because we're always thinking ahead, we're always planning ahead. I think in this kind of business you have to have a lot of planning. It's one thing to take a reference design and package it. It's another thing to build a platform that can grow with your customers' needs, that can grow with where the market is going as opposed to where the market is today. To provide that uncompromised performance for enterprise, for government, for large corporations as well as provide an experience for the consumer that's unique. 

So how do you feel about these statements? Are you optimistic for the future of BlackBerry, or are you starting to get impatient? With RIM re-branding WES to BlackBerry World, all of us on the CrackBerry team are hoping we'll see RIM use this event to announce some BIG things for BlackBerry Smartphones (not just tablets) this May. Maybe Mike L is just setting us up to blow us away. I for one am excited to see what RIM brings us this year, and for years to come. They definitely have a solid foundation world-wide to build on, and I can't wait to see where they go. For the full interview, check out the link below.

Source: PCMag

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Mike Lazaridis discusses BlackBerry "super phones" and RIM's 10 year plan


All I need is 4G. I am keeping my 9700 until a 4G Balckberry comes around. Not switching anytime soon.

Since there isn't any true 4G technology, it only will be true for it to be a decade before it actually arrives. Being patient is what we must be do, for those that aren't, well, they'll always be impatient and will waste countless $$$$$$.

Just my opinion.

i agree with you @nuni71 im not a touch screen person but if they come out with a serious touch screen phone maybe storm 3 that can compete with theses crazy android phones i might just give it a try. hope fully they can get these great devices they have planned for us as soon as possible because there are a lot of serious competition our there and they are slowly losing their market share.

what they are doing as a company is very smart we in north america are only looking at this from one perspective there are still a lot of markets with out 3g and are very far from 4g so they are trying to get into those markets which most companies are not doing, the smart phone market is not only in north america and Europe but its become world wide and they want to have access to all parts of the world.

just turn that playbook into a super phone and give it a awesome catchy name and i will be happy for the next year or two.

Slowly losing marketshare? (Where are you basing that fact from???). PlayBook into a phone, then only happy for a year or two? Do you even understand what the PlayBook is actually capable of?? It is going to change the way 'smart' anything is done. 4G, okay I'll give you that. Please don't say RIM needs to rush anything, what they are attempting is HUGE, takes time. If you leave before IT happens, cool... You'll be back. ;-)

well i was hoping to get a QNX BB sometime this year but i guess not...oh well still not jumping ship as long as the next BB is better than the one i have now

One thing I have learned about Mikey is not to believe a damn word he says ... lol We will see one sooner than everyone is predicting now; before the end of 2011 I bet.

Jumping Ship. I was really hoping for a QNX phone announcement at CES but it looks like I will be able to grab a Droid and come back to BB before Rim gets their dual-core phone out the door. The only thing I am worried about is battery life on the droid.

You better be worried about battery life. Very irritating seeing anyone with an Android or iPhone carrying their chargers with them and have to charge them on my computer. Really, they are all looking for a USB port all day to get a charge. If a phone doesn't last a full day, then it's DOA.

I was holding off on upgrading to see if RIM was gonna give Android a run in the near future. I guess not. Looks like I will getting an EVO this week.

Android has some nice tricks, but once the novelty wears off you'll learn that its basically all the same.

Sure it all looks new and shiny and cool, but within a month (once its become 'my phone') and you've stopped fidgeting with stuff and have it set up... All you have is pretty much the same as what you got.

You may think that it has an awesome screen for all that cool interweb video stuff, but you'll never use it except to show other people that it can do that, because it annihilates battery life.

How about all those cool games ? Same deal.

All that high-specs and a big screen buys you at the moment is shitty battery life. Sure it has potential. But until you have the juice to keep it running all day, its just not worth the switch to me.

The only time I used my galaxy S's epic HD screen was for satnav (and dear god was it a bitch getting the GPS to work) and the only stuff that used the processor was to chug through flash ads.

Also, because there isn't push on the back end, if you want to use any IM apps, you'll be stuck just using that screen, not using any other part of the phone.

So yeah... Droid won't get you anything except more of the same.

I'm not saying it bad; in fact I still really like android. If I didn't want to try a playbook, I'd have got a Galaxy Tab on release day. Android just didn't get me anything new, and took away my keyboard and the ability to write documents properly on it. Its very pretty tho.

Give Android a run...??? I laugh at you my friend. Ask yourself what you want from a phone, what you NEED, and then go from there. BB's OS is far superior to Android OS for what I want and need. Looks like you want useless apps, tons of lag, and mass data usage causing just ridiculous battery life. You'll enjoy alright... CU back soon. You know it too! ;-)

You'll be back sooner than you think. I work for T-Mobile and I've either had or played with every Android phone and I always go right back to my BB. The games, the touch screen and all that other jazz is cool at 1st, but after a few weeks the phones get boring and useless. Having to charge your phone 2 or 3 times a day because the battery just can't hang is beyond annoying...........

What RIM is doing is great and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

His remarks are a foghorn that it is time to forget about BB phones. While he is worried about 10 years from now, Android and Apple are taking market share at an incredible pace. Rim may not be around in 10 years. It is also starting to look like by the time the Playbook comes out, it might be old news with all the tablets announced this week.

It seems that RIM isn't worried in the least about losing they're customer base. Because they are planning to get them back with the upcoming devices. I hope their multi year plan works out.

He keeps saying about all of the planning that is necessary in this business and how you must keep improving your product - did they plan on having a 2 year drought in 2010 & 2011? What kind of planning is that??? I will be leaving BB in 2011; oh, I may be back in 2012 or 2013 if they finally bring something special out, but damn them for "making" me leave - why would you do that to loyal customers?

Drought? Records were set for sales in the US and abroad during your so-called drought. And forecasts were increased for 2011, which are nearly guaranteed to be exceeded as well.

Drought...LOL...that's just goofy for anyone to say.

"I've been with blackberry for over 3 and a half years. I'm getting really impatient for a new device. I came from the 8320 to the 9700. I was looking at other phones the other day, and this guy showed me his Samsung galaxy S. Needless to say, I was blown away! I was sold until he told until he told me he had to charge his battery 2-3 times a day!!! Please RIM, please come out with the Bold 9000 Refresh!!!!!

I agree. Those Android phones are nice. They have a lot of nifty features. I'm still hanging onto my BlackBerry for now because of the speed of typing due to AutoText, QWERTY keyboard, and the speed of being able to copy and paste.
I use my iPod Touch for my touchscreen needs. I still find myself using my BB more than my iPod.

It only blows you away when you see it showing off the battery heavy features that you never use in practice.

Take it from someone who bought a galaxy in release week. Mostly, its just a phone same as any other.

Blackberry never said they would be cool, or offer awesome features. They have always been about giving you by far the best daily driver. Even for you cool kids with your face book, BB offers the best experience IMHO because it has a) a keyboard, and b) push.

Push is just amazing. Polling is for people who spend half their day finding somewhere to charge their phone, and when you are polling for email AND facebook AND twitter AND IMs... Any time you turn the screen on, you loose a point of battery.

Basically, just remember that all the cool features are at this point just tech demos. Its not a feature until you can do it all day everyday.

All I have to say is that's weak RIM...
Android and iPhone will be gobbling the little bit of consumer market share you do have. Once that dinosaur/vintage image of BlackBerry is ingrained into consumers minds, it will take a decade to just convince them you are still a player, QNX or no QNX.

Just dead wrong. How many countries do you think have consumers that can buy new devices yearly? Not many. Blackberry represents a solid phone, OS, and experience in a single device that you can have and update for YEARS. Their consumer marketshare is phenominal, and GROWING (fact). If you choose to leave, please do so quickly. ;-)

"I think it's because we're always thinking ahead, we're always planning ahead. I think in this kind of business you have to have a lot of planning. It's one thing to take a reference design and package it. It's another thing to build a platform that can grow with your customers' needs, that can grow with where the market is going as opposed to where the market is today. To provide that uncompromised performance for enterprise, for government, for large corporations as well as provide an experience for the consumer that's unique. "

Thinking ahead? I don't think so... You haven't even come close to growing with your customers needs. People want faster phones, with a bug free OS, and the ability to keep up with iPhones and Android phones. The smartest strategy would be to push off the older blackberries to 3rd world markets and concentrate on innovation in your larger market just like all the other electronics companies do, by offloading existing stock to 3rd world countries.

Yeah, because third world countries starving and dying of disease are just dying for BBM.

***Privelged American Alert***

You genuinely don't get it do you ?

'People' don't know shit about shit.

A very VERY small group of people are bawling about getting higher and higher specs, because they like boasting about their phone being more awesome than yours. The only people who ask for more mhz don't understand what that means in reality.

In practice, more processing power doesn't make any difference until you have stuff to use it, but it always melts battery life.

What the vast majority of people (the ones who don't take to the forums to voice how feeble a processor is) want is a phone that they can use all day at work and not even think about charging it until they get home.

Nerds are a bitchy, whiney, never satisfied and VASTLY disproportionately vocal minority.

RIM continues to shift millions of blackberries, despite people like you saying they are awful and pathetic since about 2008.

Enterprise users are basically mutually exclusive to internet nerds, which I feel is why there are so many people even here who wanna tell you how much blackberries suck.

You don't mind if I keep this rant and post it from time to time? There is no way I could have said it better!

What you don't get is that if there weren't "nerds" wanting more features and more processing power you would still be stuck with your BlackBerry 7000 series device with almsot no features but mail and PIM.

I can guarantee you have a Facebook account and am willing to be that you have FB on your BlackBerry as well. Well guess what, that wouldn't be capable without the want and need from a consumer.

If RIM doesn't start responding with devices that consumers are "wanting and needing" then they will be left behind in this race. Sure they may return years from now with a device that is great but there will be competition from Google and Apple still as well as any other company that may come out between now and then. They are foolish for thinking that their brand can withstand 10 years of non-competitiveness and so are you.

Sorry bucko. Nerds and consumers are not the same thing. Not even close. By the time nerds move on, consumers are just taking notice (if at all) -- SO though nerds have a lot of influence in massive adoption of tech, they aren't the end-all. The mighty nerd has tried and failed on many occasions for his preferred technology to take hold...what about Linux as an example? Linux hasn't gone anywhere, but it sure hasn't become what the flocks of nerds were hoping for 15 years ago!

What DOES rule is effective marketing. It can work even for subpar technology. Apple has proven this time and time and time gain, up to and including ipad (huh?? no camera on an ipad?? wtf?? even my 65 year old mother-in-law thought this was dumb...). But she still got in line with the drones at Christmas ;)

I agree with what you say here, but I'm not gonna lie. Generalizing the person as a "internet nerd" is kind of stereotyping isn't it?

My job as an IT Pro basically qualifies me as a "nerd" but I stand by my BB for the reasons that the phone isn't wasting power for a proc that isn't needed, especially when the phone is fast enough for what we need it for. The only thing I would suggest, just to keep the phones fresh, is to add more memory to the phone. I own a Bold 9700 and I've loaded BB6 onto it. As the second leak definitely fixed some memory leak issues, but having, say 512mb of on board RAM would pretty much ensure the phone can be upgraded PAST BB6.

We all don't know what RIM has up it's sleeve next, but I can say that we have the most reliable phones right now.

The majority of gadget/smartphone freaks visiting blog and commenting don't know shit about business.

These spoiled instant-gratification kids don't know what long term means.

Yeah, RIM lost marketshare in the US. When tough competitions enter a market and introduce new stuff, it is bound to happen to established players like RIM (and Nokia). It is simply reality. But it's not the end of the world for these players.

What they need to do now is to make sure their next big step is in the direction the market is going. For RIM, that next big step is QNX and TAT-inspired UI. But, and that's the shocking part to the instant-gratification kids, that next step needs time to materialize. It can't just become reality by shouting "cheese".

Yes, some users, like some of the whiny gadget nerds here, are switching to Android or iPhone. That's why building a global business was crucial to RIM: it allows them to keep expanding and become more resilient. And at some point, they gonna release a new devices to try to win users back.

That's how the game works. It works in steps. There is no one magic phone that blows everything else away and can please every nerds and every Average Joe's alike. Even the iPhone's marketshare have plateaued or dropped at some point. You win some, you lose some.

There's no reason to go all whiny and drama queen about it. If you nerds like Android or iPhone, then go ahead and switch. No big deal. Chances are, you're gonna switch again when the next new thing comes along and that next thing could be from RIM.

Wow. Every time Mike L says something I lose more and more hope. While they are planning, others are doing! None of the dual core phones coming out at CES seem to be too thick but they managed to fit in a dual core processor.

This is what I've been saying for the longest time. Lazaridis does absolutely nothing to inspire any confidence or interest in RIM. It would've have been better for him to keep his mouth shut.

I've only recently jumped on the smartphone band wagon with the 8530 curve so I be good with that and the PB for the next 2 years or so.

I started with a BB7520 then went to a 8130 and now have a 9650 and all along these phones have served me very well and each time it does it better and faster.
Thank you RIM and I am looking forward to what you have for me next.

+1! My same phone timeline as well. I have a 9780 now though. Nice to see RIM prgress steady and EFFICIENTLY.

you know what to all u blackberry haters or naysayers, just go shove it. Mike L is right, this is a business and any big business is looking for the good of the company and planning ahead is always good for a company. someone said that blackberry forgot about 2010 and 2011? how ?they came out with 2 completely new design of phones the Torch and the Style.They may be slowly losing market share now but when you own 31% of it you as a company better be looking into the future. and planning is part of it, i think blackberry will be around for a Long time.

LOL...you're goofy. Nothing about those charts indicates a "death spiral" lol...the only thing I see is an even fight between 3 tough competitors AND that, as Android is the newest kid on the block, it has enjoyed the most recent surge in interest (that just makes sense, doesn't it??). What i CAN take from this, is that despite the onslaught from Apple and Google, RIM continues to grow and stands up nicely against them. This is a three-horse race, where everyone is tied for first!

I just got my first BB, the Torch 9800, liked it enough to buy the Style 9670 and that was full price and I gave up the EVO 4G to do it. Android has a lot of bells and whistles, and you can customize it but it lacks several important things. It takes a long time to get the upgrade of the OS, if your 1 1/2 year old phone will get it at all. Most of the manufactures put some time of UI on it to make it usable and you have to do a lot of work to make it run efficiently. You cannot just close the App you have to kill it/shut it off. Many things run in the background that eats resources. No, I don't miss Android, I like BB OS6 along with my iPhone 4.

If RIM is content to miss market cycles, like Palm, for instance, then they might as well sell themselves off to HP or MS right now.
The market will not wait around, we’ll just find the next best alternative and move on.
Sad, as once the iPhone5 comes out, i’ll be retiring my Palm Treo.
I still have a bold 9000, as a business phone, and was hoping to upgrade this year.

Sell to HP or MS??? Don't forget the consumer market for RIM is ssecondary! They still OWN business and government marketshare. They will be fine. You are not first on their list... Sorry.

I've been sitting with my original Storm waiting for something to entice me to stay with RIM. Leaving Verizon is not an option so we'll be seeing you RIM. You've got to be kidding me that I'm going to stick with this POS waiting until who knows when? While Mr. Lazardis is waiting for the planets of the technological solar system to align everyone else is discovering systems light year away. Seriously, "super phones are on your "to do list?"

Mike needs to take some business lessons from other great companies!! If you must shut down research and development to concentrate on getting to a global market you have to have a new products to wow them with it seems all that rim has worked on is the playbook a great looking device that looks promising, but Mike you forgot you are a phone company too and you let alot of phone users down with weak upgrades(refreshes) and way to long for a new touch screen on verizon so you dont leave me much choice but to concider other phone brands. This sucks because I want a 4G phone and even though I'm several miles away from a 4G signal, its just a couple of switches to be thrown before its in my area.

I hate to say it, but I'm with the other comments that if RIM doesn't get moving on some innovations it won't be around in 10 years. It should be alarming to RIM the rate in which corporate customers are dropping BB in favor or other platforms.

I just sold over 1/2 of my RIM stock. Still a Blackberry lover though.

maybe the new storm 3 will be a glimpse into what they mean by super phones we need a storm 4g phone with a front facing camera and HD picture quality lets go RIM we need something to push us in front of the rest

From how i read its just some marketing hoo-hah they want to make it sound extra special. It's another way of saying next generation using a more power cpu etc etc.

Just like how another company uses retina display or clearblack display.

How long has OS 6 been in planning roughly? I could understand it being 3 years after all it took about that long apparently to build the torch from start to finish.

I know in april RIM bought QNX? was this due to complications with OS 6. A knee jerk reaction regarding Apple and windows competition in the tablet market and quickly diving in to get in early?

I still believe their 10 year plan was really only enhance due to the positive reactions to QNX and the direction this is taking the company. Was their 10 year plan be as positive as it would be without QNX - had there been plans to integrate another os from scratch in their plans - Was QNX the base they needed.

I'd really like to know how much life there is in OS6 and how many new devices they plan on releasing with it - I personally think OS 6 is great and I love the torch but I'd hate to see people buy into a platfrom only to see it quickly disappear. One things for sure, QNX is a shining light for RIM and OS 6 was the step in the right direction and I like that both systems will play nice together.

Hopefully we'll see some talk on some newer smartphones like the storm 3 with surepress.

I truly believe they are headed for GREAT things! I have the luxury of having a wife that doesn't care for BB, so she's got the EVO, & I get to play with it when I want, & from experience I can tell u that Android is mostly just flash. I'd rather own a BB, so I currently have the 9650, & a STYLE. Her battery sux, often she has to keep it plugged in at home. It alsi sux tp pay $10 to Sprint for 4G when I'm miles away from it. But mostly I just posted to let yall know that Android gets OLD fast! Trust me,you look & feel more classy with a BB!

Mike Lazaridis is saying the right things. The so called 'superphones' aren't here yet...for anyone. To me, he's just letting us know that RIM plans to go in that direction. Right now, 4G is still the buzzword of the day.
As far as market shares go, yes, iPhone and Android phones have gained mass market share. But consider this: 5 yrs ago, BB and Palm WAS the smartphone market. All of these iphone and Android fans were still use Motorola and Nokia cell phones. MOST of the market share they own, they created. While some BB users switched, BB is still expanding, not shrinking.

Personally, I haven't found anything that my friends can do on their nonBB smartphones that I can't do on my Curve. (I still don't care for the touchscreen.) That's not to say that I don't wish my hardware wasn't better. As long as RIM keeps providing devices that I can upgrade to, I see no need to leave. Now if only they could get better devices to Sprint.

I'll give you one, view all attachments on a decent size screen. Heck, view attachments without waiting long for a download of the attachment. The reason why I focus on this is because its one of the reasons business users are interested in non-BB devices if they can't get the Torch. +1 on the better devices to Sprint.

I am not a long term RIM consumer, switching from the dying Windows Mobile platform to the brand new Storm 2 in November of 2009, thinking it would continue to be promoted and updated with new operating systems and improvements. It has functioned credibly, though not spectacularly for the last year. In less than a year it is essentially end of life, not eligible for an updated OS 6, and even more frustratingly has had problematic upgrades of the now outdated OS. Now that I'm eligible for an upgrade it's very difficult for me to justify staying with RIM as they have fallen so far behind the competition in every way, and have no clear game plan or agenda to change. My phone is not company mandated so I do have choice as to what I use, and sadly blackberry will not be among the companies I chose.

Been a blackberry owner since November 2009. Seen most of my friends jump from BB to either Droids or the iPhone and NONE have returned. Chose Blackberry, because the phone had the safest and best email system and did mostly everything all the other phones did. The problem with BB is they have ignored the social network/browsers who use their phone when they're bored. You don't shop, read, browse sites on BB because the browser is a total POS. iPhone and Droids slap BB up in that department. The only knock the non-business cellphone user will have with Droids is the battery life. If that's the biggest knock, there's really no problem. If you own a car or have a job, you can charge your battery 24/7 and not worry about the battery dying on you. One thing the Storm 2 has taught me is to always carry a spare battery. Some of the things you don't need to worry about with a Droid or iPhone is closing down apps, battery pulls, freezes, hourglass, rebooting everyday. Some people just want to go back to the pre-blackberry days when you turned on your cellphone and just used it. Believe it or not, Droids and iPhones do just that. I will be honest, I would DIE to have a phone that isn't so high maintenance as my Storm 2 is. Sadly, BB is outdated. Sadly, the common cellphone user will be forced to choose between a phone that's simply easier to operate. BB doesn't provide us with a friendly user experience. Or at least not to those who want to use their phone as a social networking device as well. There's a reason people are jumping to Droids and iPhone. It's not by accident. I'm not complaining about the Storm 2. I love the phone, but I know it's a slow phone compared to the competition. I would like to browse some sites with more frequency or at least have the option to without waiting a few minutes for the whole screen to pop up.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I am tempted to go Android only because RIM is letting me down in new devices. I have a Bold 9000, it is a big phone with THE BEST keyboard on a smartphone. I only run a few apps and no social feeds on it. I still run low on RAM every couple days, therefore I have to battery pull every couple of days. This is irritating. All I want from the Bold line of phones is a refresh to same size or larger with a taller touch screen and more application memory. That is what the Motorola Pro is!

As for RIM's future, sure having a 10 year view is good, but it must be a guide and not a law for the business. Things change, technology changes, things happen. They should keep a small team of R&D tweaking some of the older devices for better specs and such.

Really, how difficult would it be to make the Bold 9000 with OS6, more ram, and *POSSIBLY* a touch screen, yet keep a true qwerty keyboard? I know some would not care for it, that is fine, RIM does make an interesting series of form factors; Pearl, Style, Torch, Bold, etc. Why not tweak up a new BOLD that is large for big-handed people like myself? That is exactly what sold me on the Bold 9000 in the first place!

Mike L. speaks excellent business and shareholder talk, but for small companies like mine, we do not have such a need for corporate rollouts and such from RIM. We are a small firm that personally purchases our phones and I support them on MS Exchange/BESX etc. So where is Mike L. looking out for small business? He may not be due to our small dollars that go to him, but that would be a let down for us. I have 5 BB users, but I can see that changing if we get no bones thrown our way in the way of new updated phones.

All I have to say is if the iPhone battery life is good, then RIM should be able to do the same. I have a blackberry 9630 and a 3G S. For my usage, I go a full day without needing a charge from either. Now, this is with using the iPod app on the iPhone. If I don't use it, I can generally go mid into the next day. With the blackberry, it tends to be a lot of bbm and texting that drains the battery. I honestly use the iPhone for browsing now instead of BB. I would say battery life on the iPhone is decent. Much better than my experiences with some Android devices. But, I think there are some Android devices now that get battery life similar to iPhone. So, the capacity exists. Maybe its software tweaking that is needed. In any case, this argument is not a good one from RIM. I appreciate that they are concerned with battery life, but seems to me they are waiting for a perfection that won't come soon enough. Put OS6 on something at least to give another touch screen option.

I've started my looking for a new device when I'm eligible to upgrade from my Storm2. I started my BB experience with the Storm, and went with the Storm2 once it was available.

I haven't seen anyone here post what Android gives me that I'm missing on BB. Everyone comments about how Android is better, but I don't see FEATURES. Better cameras, yes... I'd love for RIM to realize that many consumer use the phone as their main camera, and a 3 MP camera doesn't cut it anymore.

I like BB, don't get me wrong... I don't like how I've been treated by RIM. No upgrade path from the Storm2. I'm stuck on a dead OS which isn't going to get supported. Why should I buy a new phone, and have a new 2 year agreement, when they are showing off devices (PlayBook) based on QNX. What... you want me to buy a phone that's outdated to replace my Storm2, which is outdated. Heck... will OS 5 devices be able to bridge with the PlayBook even?

I get what RIM is doing, but what they don't realize is the consumer market upgrades *MUCH* quicker than business markets (for instance, my company - a large Fortune 200 company - recently upgraded to MS Office 2007). Business markets need stability... no bugs. Things need to be worked out. With that said they adopt at a very slow pace and stay behind the technology curve. RIM doesn't seem to understand that they need to serve both markets. Put out some new "of the moment" phones for the consumer, and keep around the steady, sure fire devices for the business / government market.

What's going to happen, I fear, is that RIM will kill themselves on the consumer end, which leads to individual users not satisfied with corporate offerings, which leads to switches to other OEM's.

Give me a touchscreen device (on all carries), with an 8 MP camera, running QNX, and we are good. Deliver it before I pick up a different OEM's phone / tablet and you've lost me for at least 2 years. If I like the other experience, it's harder to get me back.

I have a Storm 2 and for the most part have liked it. But lately have really noticed all the bogging down it does when I really need it to work, like using the browser or Google Maps etc... And yes I have always had to charge my battery at least twice I day, because I use it instead of it just sitting there waiting for phone calls. If by mid year 2011 there are not plans to be bringing out a QNX based OS on a BB phone I will be jumping ship! These new android phones coming out, and with Verizon 4G LTE it just doesn't make sense to me to stay with a slow OS that I have to reboot at least once every couple weeks. I'm not worried about the battery life because I'm already use to charging my BB every chance I get anyway. Not saying I will never come back to a BB, but this year I may have to leave while I wait for the 10 year plan to get going.

You notice how all the Storm 2 guys are posting a day late, thats how slow they are LOL. For all you guys that don't want a touch screen phone then for sure the best bet is to stay with BB. For us that want a touch screen BB is just falling further behind every day!

RIHAMMON- If you like browsing on the web when there's nothing better to do, or if you're looking for something on Google, BB browser is like a 4 cylinder car, while the Droid runs like a motorcycle. There's no comparison. BB is too slow to run Google Maps, GPS, and many other features on the web to compete with Android and iPhone. It's embarrassing to tell you the truth. If that's not important to you, then stick with the battery pulls and just shake your head. I am EXTREMELY disappointed with BB's decision to delay browser improvement. People are used to superior products. BB is simply NOT superior for the average Joe. The only department BB is superior in would be the business portion of their clientele. A Storm 2 user is stuck with a BS camera that occasionally freezes the screen. We're stuck with texting bugs that also freeze the screen. We're stuck with constantly cleaning our memory. We're stuck with slow browser speed. We're stuck with battery pulls on a daily basis or using an app that reboots our phone while we sleep. The scary part here is the Storm 2 was supposed to be THE phone for Verizon which could compete with Droids and iPhones. That's definitely not the case. The worst part is we are tossed to the side like garbage. Our phone is going into the toilet, because there will be no Storm 3 in 2011, obviously.

TX- LOL. Cold, but true. I'm not responding to this on my Storm 2, that's for sure. The hourglass would still be up. Amazing how great the Storm 2 COULD be if RIM tweaked it, or tried to at least.

Was there no keynote address at CES by RIM? If there was, does anyone have the link because I'd really like to it..

I could swallow this if the OS's and phones they released were bug free. Slower or lackluster performance is fine, as long as it's stable and reliable. On my Storm 2 I get random freezes and lack of response to touches. On both my Storm 1 and Storm 2 I get periodic issue with older Calendar entries being deleted from my Berry - and my understanding is that issue is common to virtually all Berries.

Bottom lime is I don't give a cr@p about Mike's super plans for super phones. I was sold on the hype that Berries are "the" business devices. Until they're stable and reliable I'm afraid they don't live up to that hype.

- R.

Mike Lazaridis : our plan for next 10 years is, to sit and look what apple makes and then we copy it and sell it with Blackberry logo on :))

You are mistaken sir, Apple hasnt really pioneered anything, they just package already existing technology into a device and tell you they invented it and you want it. Then all the I-suckers gobble it up.

As a consumer buying a product that has such a short life span, do I really care what RIM's 10 year plan is.... NOPE! I do care about what product best fits my needs. RIM better figure that one out or I will be using an droid / I-phone soon

New year, new phone. I ditched BlackBerry for Android, but not for the reasons most ex-berry users typically give. What attracted me to BlackBerry was its focus on efficiency over flashiness. Just like Microsoft did with Windows Mobile 6.x, RIM is taking away efficiency in favor of "trying to look cool" and they are failing at that. As a result, great devices like the Bold 9000 and the Curve 8900 get refreshed with downgraded devices, smaller keyboard on newer Bolds and and underspec'ed Curve 85xx followed by a Curve 3G that still isn't on par with the 8900. RIM has also gone from devices built tough like tanks (without being as ugly as Nextel devices), to cute and petite phones that can't take one accidental drop, even inside a protective cover. On the software side, I've seen efficient hotkeys being dropped for no good reason, a pathetically slow browser, mediocre Wi-Fi reception and mediocre AWS 3G reception. So, BlackBerry is not as efficient as it used to be, yet it still has failed to deliver the coolness factor iPhones and Android phones have. Thus between coolness and efficiency, I'd rather have a device that gets at least one of these right than a BlackBerry which isn't getting anything right.

As for Lazaridis speech, it was utterly useless! If you have been disappointed with RIM, his words won't change your mind in the least bit, and if you were already excited about BlackBerry, you won't get any more excited by what he said.

I only have one word for this 'FAIL'......Hopefully they will come out with something by the time my next contract is up...and i can come back to BB....2 years and we will see...

I think good-oll mr BIG mike is getting things done the wrong way... His 10-year strategy in quarterly changing business doesnt sound like supersmart... Actually the other way!! I do believe that there are peoplez in rim who docare, do think, do live with there eyes open.. My believe is mr mike aint 1 of them... Remains to be seen how the year turns round,BUT- predictions aren't promising for rim...Anyway 1thig is certain in business.. MIKE aint STEVE , and STEVE aint BILL..
So, i'll wait for them finnish dudes to got things goin again...

TUFFY- Do you pay your bill or do your parents pay? For the money I pay Verizon, I would like a product that is as effective as the next phone. What's with this "superphone" nonsense? Why is BB calling phones that are on the market with better features "superphones" and what not? How about the phones are smartphones that function better than their ours do? That's the bottom line. These DROIDS and iPhones are better. They are faster. They are more flexible. Instead of sitting around and accepting mediocrity, we BB users need to start complaining. Make our voices heard. We're sick and tired of putting up with high maintenance phones that DON'T perform as well as their competitors do. There's a reason why BB has seen a decline in members. Unfortunately, I'm done as well. As soon as iPhone arrives on Verizon, I'm gone as well.

I do believe Rim is going GoodBye just like Palm. If Mike thinks the world is going to wait for his business plan to formalize he better think again. Just look at the progress Android has made since its inception, and don't think that Apple is going to sit on its ass and let Android eat their Lunch. This is all happening rapidly. Waiting for hardware to develope so it is suitable for the BB QNX platform is just plain stupid. The business world is moving to Android & ios at a much faster pace. Come on Rim, put something out there to keep the customers in the fold. The Torch & OS6 was a good start, but not good enough. I bought a Torch but switched back to my Bold 9000 because the Bold is Much easier to use. The Torch concept is good but needs developement. Everytime you pick it up it dances to all kinds of screens that I don't want and I find myself working harder just to get the phone to where I want to be. The Playbook is a very nice device but for Rim to spend all its resources on its developement to the detriment of the phone customer is ludicrous. I will never buy a Playbook but I might very well buy a Motorola Atrix because they are leading the world of technology and can deliver it. Once you lose a customer it's much harder to get them back especially when the competion is leading the pack and not playing catch up! Last but not least, how can you have a 10 year plan in this ever changing technology world, it will be obsolete in 10 months.

I like a lot of the gee wiz stuff that the new Droid phones can do. But for me I don't have to have all the glitz to have a great phone experience. For me I want RIM to fix the few things that do mess with my experience. I have a Storm 2 9550 which I got when my original storm died. I liked the addition of WIFI and a bit more memory on the S2 and generally feel its a better phone than the S1. So what I would like is a new Storm with 1 gig processor, front and rear camera, ability to store apps on the card, flash support, and a better web browser. Sounds like a refresh to me more than a quantum leap right? But thats all I need to be happy with my berry.

Yeah...would be great..but I am not waiting ten years for it...or even 1 or 2...it should have already been here..at least rumored...

Has anyone from RIM ever said anything that has generated as much conflict as Mike did. What was he thinking saying that eventually they would get something new out. I don't recall ever seeing so many long responses before. Fact is most of us are consumers and being told we have to make due with outdated technology while they figure things out seems ridiculous. I have been with BB thru a pearl, a 9000, and now a 9700. But unless something substantial comes down the pipe before summer when I can upgrade, I am afraid I will jump ship as well. It would be nice if RIM addressed the general upgrades that essentilly everyone would like. I would feel like they are concerned about their consumer base and not just selling low end BB's to the masses in India. They want to connect to the consumer public. Well put more into it than just a few BBM commercials.