Microsoft Resorts to Buying Off BB User Audrina Patridge

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Oct 2008 09:59 am EDT

Ok Ok...we won't go TOO HARD on Microsoft for this, since they did donate $10k to Ellen's charity, but come on, we all know The Hills' star Audrina Patridge is a BlackBerry User and that she's not *actually* going to use the free Windows Mobile-powered smartphone they hooked her up with. 

I commend Microsoft for the effort thought. From my observations when I'm out and about, it seems the topic of smartphones pops up in conversations almost as often as politics and the weather (I think it has to do with the fact so many people leave their mobile phones out on the table or are always on them when out for dinner/drinks). But with the majority of mindshare these days falling primarily on BlackBerry smartphones and the iPhone in North America (G1 seems to be gaining some steam too), anything Microsoft can do to keep people mentioning the Windows Mobile name is probably a good idea. And it obviously is working! I did post this video afterall. Though I think I would have found just about any excuse to post it for your viewing pleasure (and ladies, you can click on over to WMExperts if you want to see some male dunking action). Enjoy the video... I know it made my day, and it's barely 9am! :-)

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Microsoft Resorts to Buying Off BB User Audrina Patridge


But she looked FINE doing it. I bet Ellen was thinking dirty thoughts when she saw Audrina come out in that bikini. :)

Boo...the water wasn't even deep enough to go past her shoulders...rubbish...she should have been fully dunked....instead of giving her a new phone she should get some cake, she's far too skinny ;)

If you ask me Audrina needs to eat a sandwich!! I'm surprised she didn't break something when she was dunked! Damn nuttin but ribs! HA!

Is it really common for people to leave their phones on the table when out for dinner/drinks? All that really tells me is that people are more interested in what MIGHT HAPPEN with their phone than they are in was is ACTUALLY HAPPENING right in front of them. I always thought that people were rude (or oblivious) to NOT set their phone to vibrate is such situations. So, not only are they not setting their phones to vibrate, their doing the opposite?

Maybe I'm just way off base. Can someone explain this to me?

I always set my phone to vibrate if I'm out at dinner or something. But I also do leave my phone on the table if I'm with my good friends or my boyfriend sometimes. I don't think it's rude. It really depends on the situation though. If I am with people that I don't know too well, it definitely would be rude to be looking at my phone whenever it vibrates. Also, no matter who I am with, I would never check my phone in the middle of a conversation. But sometimes there are comfortable silences where it's okay to check your phone every now and again. Now if you were connected to your phone, browsing forums, texting, etc. throughout the entire dinner, that would be a different story.

And Audrina definitely looked like she hurt her foot while landing!

That tank was NOT deep enough. She hurt herself. Look at how she lands and the look on her face then she cant get out / is hopping on one foot. Plus she even said afterward she had to lay low for a few days because of her foot. Lol, sucks to be helping ppl (charity etc) and get hurt doing it. Not fun for anyone.

and on that note.. i bet it didn't help the windows smart phone gain any report with Audrina lol