Microsoft Releases Tellme Voice Search for BlackBerry

By James Falconer on 23 Apr 2008 01:34 pm EDT
Tellme for BlackBerry

Have you ever wanted to search directions, traffic info, movies, businesses or anything else for that matter by simply speaking into your Berry? Enter Tellme from Microsoft. This cool new app will let you find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Just for fun, lets say I was looking for a health food store in my area. All I'd have to do is hit the Tellme icon on my Berry and say 'Health Food Store', or something to that effect. You get my point. Voice activated search.

At the moment Tellme only supports the 8100, 8800, 8820, 8830 and 8310 BlackBerry devices. If you have one of these visit or on your BlackBerry web browser. By the looks of things here, it looks like Tellme is only available to Sprint and AT&T customers at the moment.

I'll be covering this in the upcoming roundup this Friday, so be sure to look for more details soon!

Editor Update: Lots of discussion is popping up about TellMe in the Forums. Be sure to check out these relevant threads:

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Microsoft Releases Tellme Voice Search for BlackBerry


If Microsoft could do the same soft that they have on their phones for voice command/voice tag to Blackberry phones, i will take it right away. The blackberry voice command soft is not just good enough, doesnt work with everyboddy with or without accent.. This new soft released from MS for Blackberry give me some hope:)

I just downloaded this to my Verizon 8830 and it seems to be working just fine, minus the GPS features, of course...unless you've got a puck.

The icon is absolutely terrible on a dark back ground, though.

from tellme site....

Is my phone supported?
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Currently, the Tellme download is available for select AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and Helio phones. Of course, you can always use Tellme by calling 1-800-555-TELL, which works for all phones and all carriers.

Yep, I have Bell Mobility (canada) and it won't even log in. It's stuck at getting GPS and even if you choose to "skip GPS" it won't get any further.

Ok i d/led this cool app and it wouldnt work with my 8310. I tried to do a battery pull and still nothing could be that im running the 4.5 beta os but not sure. The program installs fine but when i go to run it, it reboots the phone.

Does the same thing for me. I'm on an 8310 running 4.5. Too bad. Oh well, I like the features of the 4.5 more than this thing.

I have been in contact with TELLME and they are askign for a copy of the beta os so that they can try it out and see what happens ......any input on that.

damn it, it won't work with 8300. What kind of nonsense is this?
Oh don't go blaming microsoft for crashing your crappy 4.5 beta.. 4.5 is not near complete yet and it has bunch of bugs.